Frag Grenade

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The Soldier

The Frag Grenade, or Fragmentation Grenade, is a scrapped grenade weapon that was to be used by the Soldier. It's an average Frag Grenade, but with a team-colored paint mark on its handle. The design (but not model) of this Frag Grenade is nearly different from the Frag Grenades as seen on the Soldier.

As mentioned above, The Soldier carries two frag grenades on his belt which may have initially been used, but no longer serve any gameplay purpose aside from either being juggled via the Soldier's various backpacks, Righteous Bison, or Saxxy taunt, or being ripped off his bandolier via the Equalizer's & the Escape Plan's Kamikaze taunt, thus activating the pin so the Soldier blows himself up along with any nearby enemies.



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