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Standin' around like a bloody idiot!
The Sniper on traditional sniping

The Walkabout is a scrapped unlockable primary weapon for the Sniper.

According to text found in tf_english.txt, the Walkabout would have been available to Snipers after attaining a certain number of achievements. Additionally, it indicates that the Walkabout would have no headshots and a different charge rate.

Unused content

Text relating to the Walkabout can be found in tf_english.txt.

The Walkabout's name:

"TF_Unique_Achievement_SniperRifle" "Walkabout"

Some unique attributes likely related to the Walkabout:

"Attrib_ZoomSpeedMod_Disabled" "No move speed penalty from zoom"
"Attrib_SniperCharge_Per_Sec" "+%s1% charge rate"
"Attrib_SniperNoHeadshots" "No headshots"
"Attrib_SniperZoom_Penalty" "%s1% zoom reduction"
"Attrib_SniperNoCharge" "No zoom or damage charge"


  • The name of the weapon is derived from a rite of passage of the same name, in Australia's Aboriginal culture.
  • The Walkabout's lack of headshots and increased charge rate attributes were later recycled for the Sydney Sleeper.