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The P.D.Q. is a scrapped melee weapon for the Engineer that was tested in the Team Fortress 2 Closed Beta. It uses the Wrench model.

The P.D.Q. does not have the ability to be used to upgrade buildings, and instead increases the Engineer's rate of construction by 150% when hitting the building with this weapon.

While the P.D.Q. did not make it into the game, both of its concepts did. The Combat Mini-Sentry deployed by the Gunslinger cannot be upgraded and builds faster than a normal Sentry Gun. The faster build rate attribute materialized into the Jag, although the Jag is still able to upgrade buildings. Further, the animations used by the Jag are labeled pdq_


  • The name is a reference to the abbreviated acronym for "Pretty Damn Quick", alternatively "Pretty Darn Quick" or "Please Do Quickly", sometimes appended to the end of an instruction or command to communicate urgency.


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