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That just ain't right!
The Engineer thinking twice about his creation.

The Repair Node is a scrapped alternate building for the Engineer, replacing either the Teleporter or Dispenser. It is a dusted rose-colored device with a radar-dish and red light on top, and a gas canister attached to its side.

When built, the Repair Node would periodically repair all nearby buildings before temporarily ceasing function in order to recharge. The main goal of the Repair Node was to allow the Engineer a way to leave his nest and perform other duties while giving his buildings a chance of survival against Demoman and Soldier attacks.

Despite its purpose to repair, it, like all buildings, is destroyed when sapped and left unable to repair any buildings. It is unknown if it had the ability to remove Sappers attached to surrounding buildings, however, the Repair Node could be sapped if it ran out of energy used to repair other buildings and most likely could not remove this Sapper unless another nearby Repair Node was not sapped. One of the attributes of the Repair Node was that its repair ability did not stack linearly, so that two Repair Nodes working in conjunction provided less than twice the repair rate, and so on.

The Repair Node was cut due to its tendency to break gameplay. While it made bases harder to destroy, it also revealed just how dependent the game was on Teleporters and Dispensers; taking either out ruined the class's effectiveness towards their team and greatly slowed the game's pace.


Assumed none. Repairs damaged buildings within a predetermined radius.



The completed Repair node in the teaser.
  • The Repair Node can still be found in the game's files, but there are no texture files for it. The only textured versions can be found in the Engineer Update teaser and official blog.
    • The Repair Node in the teaser is hidden behind a toolbox and a Level 3 Sentry Gun.
    • The Repair Node is hidden on the left side on the image from a blog post.
    • The textured Repair Node screenshot appearing on the blog post shows a Level 3 Repair Node with a red light on top, which is not present on the Level 3 model in the game files.
  • A copy of the Repair Node's blueprints appear on the Engineer Update page, possibly emblazoned with the words "WILL NEVER WORK," a reference to the scrapping of the building.

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