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The Syringe is a scrapped melee weapon for the Medic. The Syringe is a stylistically oversized piston pump, barrel, and needle. The Medic is seen wielding it in the first trailer for Team Fortress 2.

Functionality of this weapon was how the Medkit from Team Fortress Classic worked. The weapon was removed before release in favor of a lock-on-beam style of healing which would be easier to recognize for its purpose, and would fit in with the goal of providing easily identifiable class silhouettes. As a result, it was replaced by the Medi Gun, and the Medic was given the Bonesaw for his stock melee. Additionally, it was decided that the Medic would need to stay in the thick of battle instead of hanging back away from the action. The Medi Gun solved this by being easy to use, as to allow Medic players to focus on survival while healing teammates.


  • The model for the Syringe still exists fully textured in the VPK, under the folder w_syringe.
  • The Syringe model can be seen in a level 2 and 3 Dispenser.


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