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I told ya don't touch that darn thing!
The Engineer bemoaning the lost turrets

Several turrets (or such related things) were designed and created during Team Fortress 2's development, although all were ultimately scrapped before the final release. These unused turrets appear to be the descendants of the spawn room turrets from Team Fortress Classic.


  • The miniturret and turret have designs that don't match the current artstyle of TF2, as they were placeholders recycled from Half-Life, another Valve game.
  • A turret more in line with TF2's current art style was created, but all that remains of it is a texture sheet.
    • An unused watchtower prop in the models for the Mercenary Park map has an untextured turret as part of the model; it matches the previously mentioned texture sheet. This model was meant to be TF2's spawn room turret before the idea was cut.
  • The TFC turret files can be found in the model list of the Source Filmmaker. It can be used in the program as an editable model and it can only be placed this way.


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