Fire Retardant Suit

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Y'all might be flame retardant, but ya sure ain't bulletproof.
The Engineer after shooting a fireproof Spy

The Fire Retardant Suit is a scrapped secondary weapon for the Spy that was available for use in the Team Fortress 2 Closed Beta. The Fire Retardant Suit was represented in the player's backpack by an icon of the Engineer's Wrench, however a backpack icon of the Spy's suit bundled and wrapped with a similarly-colored team-colored band that features the class icon of the Pyro was later added to the game. The suit makes no visible changes to the Spy himself.

Two variants of the Fire Retardant Suit are known to have been tested. The first Fire Retardant Suit simply reduces incoming fire damage by 90%. The Fire Retardant Suit Beta 2 does not reduce fire damage, but instead grants the wearer complete immunity to the afterburn effect.

With the Fire Retardant Suit equipped, the Spy gains increased protection against the Pyro, but loses the ranged attack capabilities of his Revolver and other primary weapons.

The Spy-cicle shares the inability to ignite with the Fire Retardant Suit Beta 2, however the duration of the effect is limited to 10 seconds.

Unused content

  • The image representing the Fire Retardant Suit in this article is an unused backpack icon that is still present in team fortress 2 materials.gcf.
  • An attribute similar to that of the Fire Retardant Suit Beta 2 is available for weapons. Unlike the original attribute, this one only takes effect when the player is disguised.