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This page is about the cut weapon type. For a list of weapons you can throw, see Throwable.

Throwable weapons were a new class of weapons that were being tested internally by Valve, but were either cut or abandoned for unspecified reasons.


Throwable weapons were classed as either being "primable" or "chargeable" and this functionality was to be determined via one of two attributes; is_throwable_primable or is_throwable_chargeable.[1]

If the player is in water that is above eye level, they would not have been able to use a throwable weapon.


Several varieties of throwable weapons have been discovered.


  • Entity Classname: tf_projectile_throwable_repel

A throwable airblast. Throwing it would cause it to apply airblast force to any enemies within range of it, pushing them away and making their view shake as well as damaging them.[2]


  • Entity Classname: tf_projectile_throwable_brick

A brick. Hitting an enemy with it would deal some damage and shake up their view.[3]

Target Dummy

  • Entity Classname: tf_projectile_target_dummy

A portable target dummy. Throwing this would create a standard tf_target_dummy entity.[4] For the purposes of internal testing, the models/props_training/target_engineer.mdl and models/props_training/target_demoman.mdl plywood target models were used. Just as they do in training mode, the targets would break into gibs when enough damage has been done to them. It appears that they scrapped the idea before adding in the model selection for the target dummy. How this model selection would have functioned, for example if it were to make the target dummy's class change to mimic that of the thrower, is unknown.

Concussion Grenade

  • Entity Classname: tf_projectile_grenade_concussion

Return of the Concussion Grenade. It seems Valve had been playing around with trying to bring the Concussion Grenade back somehow. This version would have functioned identically to how it would have initially.[5]

Teleport Grenade

  • Entity Classname: tf_projectile_grenade_teleport

The Teleport Grenade would teleport the user to wherever the grenade was thrown.[6]

Gravity Grenade

  • Entity Classname: tf_projectile_grenade_gravity

Also referred to in a comment as a "Chain Grenade"[7]. A trap style grenade, it functioned similar to a black hole, dragging anyone within range closer to it.[8]

Throwing Knife

  • Entity Classname: tf_projectile_throwing_knife

Throwing Knives were tested as well. They would do crits if they hit someone from behind and much like arrows and some other certain projectiles, throwing knives would stick out of the person you hit.[9]

Smoke Grenade

  • Entity Classname: tf_projectile_grenade_smoke

Similar to the aforementioned Concussion Grenade, the Smoke Grenade would have been a second go at trying to bring back the Smoke Bomb from the early development days. Being within the smoke cloud would have granted the thrower the unused TF_COND_OBSCURED_SMOKE condition. With this condition the player has a 75% chance to avoid any damage and cause a MISS! effect to appear above their head.[10]


The only evidence to the existence of the Snowball is the MODEL_SNOWBALL enum entry from the arrow_models enumerator used to store model defines for certain projectiles.[11]


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