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Hehehehehehe. You don't see a lot of these!
The Sniper on his old weapon

The Club is a scrapped melee weapon for the Sniper. It is a damaged fishing club with a splintered portion near the tip, and a lanyard at the end of its handle. It was originally the Sniper's default melee weapon and was eventually replaced by the Kukri. Its textures appear to be lower quality and mapped incorrectly. The game's code still refers to the Kukri as a 'club'.


  • The club is also known as "fish whacker" from one of the game's melee concept art pictures.
    • This references the item being a fishing club, also known as a fish bat, a tool used to bludgeon large fish into submission to reduce thrashing.
  • The Shahanshah was referred to as the Beta Sniper Club 1 while it was being tested in the beta.