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This article is about the scrapped Team Fortress 2 hit point. For the classic Team Fortress hit point, see Armor (Classic).
Pickup Type: Armor

Armor is a scrapped hit point for all classes. Armor references can be found in scripts files of all classes, as well as the different amount of health points that would properly balance with it. Apparently, armor supposed to absorb a certain amount of damage from an attack, like in Team Fortress Classic. It was scrapped for officially-unknown reasons before the release of the game.

Hit Points Comparison
Class Current Health Points OLD Health Points/Armor Points
Scout 125 75/25
Soldier 200 100/250
Pyro 175 100/150
Demoman 175 90/120
Heavy 300 100/400
Engineer 125 80/50
Medic 150 90/100
Sniper 125 90/25
Spy 125 90/100