Medi Gun Beta 1

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I healed the man who will kill you!
The Medic

The Medi Gun Beta 1 is a scrapped secondary weapon for the Medic that was tested in the Team Fortress 2 Closed Beta. It uses the Medi Gun model.

Like the default Medi Gun, this weapon is capable of overhealing teammates and disguised Spies up to 150% of their base health. This overheal will not decay over time as it does with other Medi Guns. As a trade-off, this weapon heals at half the rate of the default Medi Gun.

Healing and function times

Healing and function times
Healing (in combat) 100% 12 / s
Healing (out of combat) 300% 36 / s
Function times
Effect duration 8 s
Charge fill speed 2.5% / s (1.25% / s)
Maximum charge time 40 s (80 s)
Values are approximate and determined by community testing.


  • This weapon's functionality is very similar to the Overhealer, another scrapped Medi Gun with non-decaying overheal.