Mecha Level 4 Sentry

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Mecha Level 4 Sentry
Mecha Level 4 Sentry
Basic Information
Health: 100,000[1]

The Mecha Level 4 Sentry is an experimental boss from an old Mann vs. Machine prototype from 2009 simply called "Raid". The mini-boss version is a big green sentry on a Payload cart. The final boss version is a large RED sentry with a teleporter on its head. The Mecha Level 4 Sentry has 6 known attacks, a charge attack, a nuke attack, a laser beam, a rocket attack, a stickybomb attack, and an arrow attack. Additionally, the boss has different states: normal, blocking, and enraged.

Its charge attack would be similar to the shield charge,[2] knocking players back and dealing 150 damage[1]. While charging, the Mecha Level 4 Sentry takes no damage from the front.[3] The nuke attack would charge up for a certain amount of time first[4], then become lethal. Being hit by the nuke before it becomes lethal would set the health of players hit by it to 60.[5] The laser beam attack would do 40 damage and build up damage the long it hits a player.[6]After an unspecified amount of damage[7] taken by the laser beam, the player would be set on fire for 5 seconds[8].[9] The beam do extra damage to buildings.[10] The rocket attack would shoot 5 rockets[11], which can be deflected by a compression blast. The stickybomb attack would create a ring or spoke of stickies,[12] then detonate after 3 seconds.[13] The arrow attack would launch crit-boosted arrows dealing 200 damage (but functionality exists to make them deal the target's non-overhealed max health + 5, in order to allow a Medic to save them).[14]

When doing certain attacks, the boss could be stunned by dealing enough damage to the head[15] or dealing damage after certain attacks, such as while doing the nuke attack.[16] While stunned, the boss takes 10 times the damage.[17] Heavies cannot stun the boss due to dealing too much damage[18] and the boss throws out a medium ammo pack when stunned.[19] After being stunned, the boss enters the enraged mode,[20] buffing certain attacks (such as turning the rockets[21] and stickies[22] turning into Critical hits). Enraged state ends after doing the rocket or stickybomb attack[23] When in the blocking state, the boss takes no damage from the front.[24]

The existence of this boss was first discovered in the form of filename strings found in some .lst files from before the May 13, 2013 Patch when all .lst files in the tf\reslists folder were deleted.

The filenames found are all for various sounds relating to a "robot boss". The names of the sound files give hints as to what abilities this boss would have had in combat.

  • tf\sound\misc\boss_charge_up_nuke_attack.wav
  • tf\sound\misc\boss_nuke_attack.wav
  • tf\sound\npc\minion_start_build.wav
  • tf\sound\npc\robot_boss_acquire.wav
  • tf\sound\npc\robot_boss_charge_up_nuke_attack02.wav
  • tf\sound\npc\robot_boss_footstep_01.wav
  • tf\sound\npc\robot_boss_hurt_01.wav
  • tf\sound\npc\robot_boss_launch_grenades.wav
  • tf\sound\npc\robot_boss_launch_rockets.wav
  • tf\sound\npc\robot_boss_nuke_attack.wav
  • tf\sound\npc\robot_boss_scanning.wav
  • tf\sound\npc\robot_boss_stun_recover.wav
  • tf\sound\npc\robot_boss_stun_start.wav
  • tf\sound\npc\robot_boss_stunned.wav
  • tf\sound\npc\robot_boss_voice_01.wav
  • tf\sound\npc\robot_boss_voice_02.wav
  • tf\sound\npc\robot_boss_voice_03.wav
  • tf\sound\npc\robot_boss_vulnerable_01.wav

As well, filename strings for a pre-MvM Soldier bot were found in the same reslists. Whether this was the same model as the one in MvM, or if it was a potentially earlier version, potentially using the early MvM bot heads found in the Source Filmmaker tf_movies\models\props_facemovie\botheads directory is unknown. It is also unknown whether or not this bot was one of the general enemies one would have fought in the Raid mode, or if it was specifically for the Mecha Level 4 Sentry boss fight.

  • tf\materials\models\bots\classes\soldier_bot_body_blue.vmt
  • tf\materials\models\bots\classes\soldier_bot_body_blue.vtf
  • tf\materials\models\bots\classes\soldier_bot_body_red.vmt
  • tf\materials\models\bots\classes\soldier_bot_body_red.vtf
  • tf\materials\models\bots\classes\soldier_bot_head_blue.vmt
  • tf\materials\models\bots\classes\soldier_bot_head_blue.vtf
  • tf\materials\models\bots\classes\soldier_bot_head_red.vmt
  • tf\materials\models\bots\classes\soldier_bot_head_red.vtf
  • tf\models\bots\classes\bot_soldier.ani
  • tf\models\bots\classes\bot_soldier.dx80.vtx
  • tf\models\bots\classes\bot_soldier.dx90.vtx
  • tf\models\bots\classes\bot_soldier.jpg
  • tf\models\bots\classes\bot_soldier.mdl
  • tf\models\bots\classes\bot_soldier.phy
  • tf\models\bots\classes\bot_soldier.sw.vtx
  • tf\models\bots\classes\bot_soldier.vvd


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