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Suijin main.jpg
种类 山丘之王
文件名: koth_suijin
发布日期: 2013年12月18日
最后更新: 2014年1月21日
开发者: Freyja
链接: Steam 工作坊
环境: 日式悬崖
Healthico.png 医疗包: Smallhealth.png ×2   •   Mediumhealth.png ×1
Ammoico.png 弹药箱: Smallammo.png ×2   •   Mediumammo.png ×8


该地图的重点在于天台作战而且切割也非常宽大。制作此地图时的其中一句座右铭是“clip only if you have to”(若您有必要就切割),所以遥远的岛屿、天台、藏身处等地区是免费的游戏。

Suijin 是与日本内容包一同制作的首张地图。


通过售卖Gun Mettle战役通行证所获收入的一部分将作为分红被奖励给该地图的制作者。


控制点 玩家人数
控制点 ×1
24 .000
16 .000
13 .90.999999999999
11 .520




  • Made the banners on the walls in the pagoda nonsolid to prevent being caught on them.
  • Fixed a case of zfighting.
  • Fixed a case of floating rocks.
  • Clipped the peak of the roof outside spawn.


  • Release version 1!
  • Fixed broken cap point.
  • Fixed texture seam on skybox waterfalls.
  • Clipped some beams.
  • Lowered the pitch of the gongs.
  • Bamboo!


  • Further optimisation
  • Redid the 3D skybox
  • Did some extra detailing to the cap room, changed the detailing (especially OOB) on red side versus blue side.
  • Various other bugfixes.


  • Thousands of bugfixes;
    • fixed nodraw surfaces
    • fixed weird clipping in a few places
    • fixed light bleeds
    • fixed waterfall particles
    • fixed various zfighting issues
    • brighened some areas
    • fixed lightmap and displacement seams
    • fixed places you can get stuck
    • fixed magical katanas
    • fixed some weird clipping on the terraced path.
  • Extended fence on the cliff to make it clear that it's clipped
  • Some optimisation, a litle improvement in FPS (up to 40% in some areas), but probably the best I can do.


  • Full artpass, however
    • 3d sky needs more work
    • waterfall particles broke for some reason
    • optimisation needed
    • some lighting bugs
  • Made the pagoda square

a8 桜 edition:

  • Made the platform out the back of the cliffside building a little bigger.
  • More caustics.
  • Brightened the cliffside building.
  • Brightened the area under the waterfall.


  • Unclipped the far stone pillar, I see no reason why it should be clipped as getting out there is putting you at a disadvantage and consistency is better than clipping.


  • Swapped the small health in the cliff building with the medium health.
  • Nobuilded rooves due to popular opinion.
  • Players are blocked from leaving spawn until round start.
  • More detailing.
  • Remade the cliffside building.


  • Modelled bridges.
  • Added a railing to the platform with the medium health - doesn't actually protect anything, but hopefully is a visual notifier to the fact that the platform is there.
  • Some displacing and some detailing, and some displaced detailing.
  • Caustics!


  • Made the back waterfall and area under the boardwalk passable, just so there are no arbitary clipping.
  • Nobuilded the area below the waterfall.
  • Changed the back building so that players cannot hide behind the point of the roof.
  • Sunk the point a little.
  • Added small health to the cliff building.
  • Welcome camera and a spectator point.


  • Removed the fence that blocked the sightline down the back of the map, replaced it with some rocks that block the route instead.
  • Prettied up some bridges.
  • Added areaportals to all the buildings.
  • Repositioned the rocks near the inland ramp to the rooves so that the ramp is far more visible.


  • Some more ammo.
  • Switched the medium health and medium ammo below, hopefully indirectly nerfing the height of the map.
  • Added another waterfall, because waterfalls are cool.
  • Modelled Torii's.


  • Changed the rock near the back of the map so it doesn't hide the ramp up to the roof as much.
  • Removed force from kill trigger.
  • Stairs are clipped!
  • Fixed the place where you could get stuck.
  • Blocked a sight gap.
  • Added a fence to block one of the longest sightlines.
  • Added a rock on the rock formations over the gorge that allows other classes to jump back up towards the long building (albeit slowly.)


  • Clipped the windows in the cliffside building.

a1: Release.


  • “Suijin”即日本的水神。


当时加入到游戏里的 Suijin 是一张山丘之王地图,可在工作坊的此处找到。