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TF2 Well Map.jpg
种类 控制点
文件名: cp_well
开发者: Valve
环境: 工业
设定: 白昼,晴朗
危害: 火车
Healthico.png 医疗包: Smallhealth.png ×6   •   Mediumhealth.png ×5
Ammoico.png 弹药盒: Smallammo.png ×6   •   Mediumammo.png ×11
Menu photos cp well.png


地图上有三个建筑,其中第一个和最后一个均带有 2 个控制点。第二个建筑带有一个中立的控制点。以地图中心对称。中心区域有 6 条火车轨道——两方的区域各有 2 条,以及中立建筑也带有 2 条。实际上只有中立建筑的 2 条轨道有火车通过。

军团要塞 2 的地图 Well 与 TFC 版本的 Well 相比有许多大幅度的修改,但仍保留着两个基地、狙击点和中立建筑。



控制点 1 & 5

  • 控制点: The control points are on a raised circular platform in a large room, and behind it is the rear-most respawn of the point's corresponding team.
  • 出口: The large room the point is situated in has two exits on each side of the wall opposite the respawn. Almost directly above these two exits are another two exits (one on each side) that quickly join together and lead to an area overlooking points 2 and 4.
  • Catwalks: Surrounding the room are the catwalks which run along the walls on the second floor level. These enter to from the command room overlooking the point and lead all the way around to an area behind the point and a balcony above the point.
  • Command Room: The command room is the room that the entrances to the catwalks lead to. It contains many computer consoles and a large window which serves as a vantage point to the control point room.

控制点 2 & 4

  • Control Point: Control Points 2 & 4 are the control points second closest to each team's forward respawn and are located inside the lower lobby of the corresponding team's building. It is accessible from two sides (the left and right), with the other two sides being a wall and a bulletproof glass window. These points have an average capture speed.
  • Inner Lobby: Next to the first forward spawn and behind the control point is the inner lobby. It has two entrances to the final point room and a set of stairs which lead to a platform surrounding the area. On both sides of the platform are exits to the battlements.
  • Third Floor: The third floor is the highest point of the building, there is a hole in the middle which drops down to the inner lobby. It is accessed from the battlements and has an entrance to the command room.
  • Swing Doors: There are two entrances to each main base, which are called the swing doors. They are the only entrances to the main building and enter on both far sides of the complex.
  • Well Room: The well room is the room between the swing doors which has a drop down pipe to the water ways.
  • Battlements: The battlements are on the second floor of the base and have windows which overlook the yard areas. There are four exits, two of which lead around to the inner lobby, one of which to the well room, and the other which leads up to the third floor drop down above the inner lobby.
  • Yard: Outside the swingdoors and between the main buildings and control point building is the yard. The yard contains two train carts, the waterway, and two entrances to the central control point building.

控制点 3

  • Water Room: The waterway in the yard leads to an open room directly connected to the interior of the neutral building, which exits out to below the point.
  • Entrances: There are two ground-level side entrances on the left and right side of the point. The side entrances of both one team and their enemy are separated by a stationary train car. When entering these entrances remain cautious, trains regularly run through these entrances.
  • Bridge (Point): The point itself is situated on a bridge over the rail lines that is accessible from four platforms - one going to each corner of the room. The platform connects the walls closest to each enemy base together and there is a small opening in the wall on each end of the platform leading into the Battlements.
  • Train Rails: Along the ground level of the Central Building are two train rails which run through the Entrances. Beware as trains often running through them.
  • Battlements: Across from the central point are the battlements which overlook the spawn yard, a common spot for Snipers and Soldiers to safely pick off enemies.


主条目: 社区 Well(控制点)战术


控制点 玩家人数
控制点 1 和 5 ×1
2 .000
1 .333
1 .091
0 .960
控制点 2 和 4 ×1
12 .000
8 .000
6 .545
5 .760
控制点 3 ×1
24 .000
16 .000
13 .90.999999999999
11 .520


Achieved.png 一般成就

在 5 分钟或更短时间内赢得 Well

2FortDustbowlGranaryGravel PitHydroWell (CP) 上玩完整的一局。

Leaderboard class scout.png 侦察兵

Well 地图上开局之前,杀死一个玩家。


  • 将地图的回合时间增加到10分钟。
  • 修复了地图中的门会被玩家卡住的错误。
  • 修复了工程师建筑可以放在最终控制点区域内的漏洞


  • 将地图 ctf_well添加到默认 mapcycle.txt 文件中。
  • 将地图 ctf_well 添加到了默认 motd.txt 文件中。

2008年6月19日补丁 (火焰兵更新)

  • 新增了一条从基地中央大厅通往交战区的路线。
  • 重新设置了基地大楼内的医药包和弹药箱位置。


  • 修复了 CP_Well 中的一些漏洞以及性能问题。


  • 固定修复了一部分模型和玩家模型问题。
  • 第二控制点的防守重生室的门设置为单向门。
  • 注释:Mac 中的一个已知的 skybox 问题。

2011年4月14日补丁 (无帽更新)

  • 所有在第二控制点周围的重生室的门现在均为单向门。


  • 新增了改进性能。