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本篇文章讲述的是一个游戏模式,如果你在寻找物理物体,请见 控制点(物体).

控制点 (CP) 是一个"主要" 游戏模式,由基础地图组成,本模式围绕着占领点和防守控制点.



控制点通过站在点上来进行占领,占领速度取决于有多少玩家在占领:两名BLU玩家占领一个RED点将会比只有一个BLU玩家占点更快。侦察兵的占领速度相当于两名玩家,士兵榴弹兵携带钉棍时也有同样的效果,这是一个控制占领点速度的限制(请见 占领点时间)。






  • 伪装间谍只能在伪装成己方时占领控制点。
  • 隐身的间谍不可以防御或占领控制点。
  • Über 状态下的玩家不可以占点,但是可以阻止敌人占点。
  • 侦察兵在原子能饮料作用的情况下,既不可以阻止敌人占点,也不可以占点。


主条目: List of game modes




Style Description Examples
Linear Both teams start with an equal number of two controlled points and a central point that starts out controlled by neither team. At the beginning of the round, each team's control points are locked while the center point is unlocked and can be taken. Once a team takes the center point, the opponent's nearest point unlocks and can now be taken as well. From then on, no more than two points can be unlocked at a time; taking a point locks the point behind it and unlocks the one in front of it if it exists. Control points close to a team's spawn point are captured more quickly by the enemy team. Symmetric control point maps will go into Sudden Death (or Stalemate) if no team captures all the points before time runs out, but if time runs out with a capture in progress, Overtime will occur, allowing play to extend should a capture be completed. Badlands, Granary, Process, Foundry
Domination Both teams start with no controlled points; all points are neutral and unlocked for capture. Once a point is taken by a team the other team can attempt to take it back; all points are available for capture at any time and have equivalent capture times. Domination maps enter Sudden Death or Stalemate if time runs out before a team has taken all the points. They do not enter Overtime; once a team has all three points they win regardless of how much capture progress the other team has. Standin


进攻/防守地图,也是使用的对称性控制点地图,不对称的是,蓝队进攻,而红队进行防守。红队开始时控制着所有点,蓝队只有在占领了所有红队的点才算是获胜,红队成功阻止蓝队占领所有点直至时间到即为获胜。控制点也许只能按照规定的顺序(有一些地图为例外,比如说 Gravel PitSteel)。如果控制点被蓝队占领,该点将会被锁定,并且红队无法夺回,并且在每一次占领时间都会增加。因其在点上简单的安排,进攻/防守会对新玩家更简单些。


Style Description Examples
Linear single-stage BLU must capture all control points in a set order. Gorge, Mountain Lab, Mann Manor
Linear multi-stage BLU must capture a group of control points in a set order to move to the next stage. Reaching the final stage and succeeding is required to ultimately win the map. If BLU fails to win a stage, then the map is reset to stage 1 and the teams switch. Dustbowl, Egypt, Snowplow
Pyramid-style BLU must capture three points. The first two points may be captured in either order. Once both points are captured, the final point is unlocked. Gravel Pit, Junction
Centralized-style BLU's objective is to capture the central control point. There is another set of control points available, one of which is open for capture at a time in a set order. Capturing these auxiliary points makes it easier to capture the final point. Steel
Medieval-style Similar in principle to pyramid-style, with the main difference being that once the final point is unlocked, it must be taken within a specific time limit; otherwise the final point relocks and the initial points reset to RED's ownership. Time is not awarded upon recapturing the initial points. DeGroot Keep


主条目: Community Control Point strategy


参考: List of maps

Control point maps carry the cp_ prefix; community maps are identified with an italic font.


名称 图片 文件名
5Gorge 5gorge1.png cp_5gorge
Badlands Badlands2.png cp_badlands
Coldfront Coldfront5.png cp_coldfront
Fastlane Fastlane1.png cp_fastlane
Foundry Cp foundry mid.png cp_foundry
Freight Freight1.png cp_freight_final1
Granary TF2 Granary Map.jpg cp_granary
Gullywash CP Gullywash 3.png cp_gullywash_final1
Metalworks Cp metalworks b22 5.jpg cp_metalworks
Powerhouse Cp powerhouse.png cp_powerhouse
Process Cp process middle point.jpeg cp_process_final
Sinshine Cp sunshine event.jpg cp_sunshine_event
Sunshine Sunshine main.jpg cp_sunshine
Snakewater Snakewater mid.jpg cp_snakewater_final1
Standin Cp standin B.jpg cp_standin_final
Vanguard Cp vanguard.png cp_vanguard
Well TF2 Well Map.jpg cp_well
Yukon CP Yukon overview.png cp_yukon_final


名称 图片 文件名 类型
DeGroot Keep Degroot Keep Castle.png cp_degrootkeep 中世纪
Dustbowl TF2 Dustbowl Map.jpg cp_dustbowl 线性多阶段
Egypt Egypt 01.jpg cp_egypt_final 线性多阶段
Gorge Cp gorge.jpg cp_gorge 线性单阶段
Gorge Event Cp gorge event.png cp_gorge_event 线性单阶段
Gravel Pit Tf2 gravelpit.jpg cp_gravelpit 金字塔
Junction Junct 01.jpg cp_junction_final 金字塔
Mann Manor Mannmanor cp 01.png cp_manor_event 线性单阶段
Mercenary Park Yetipark 5.png cp_mercenarypark 线性单阶段
Mossrock Mossrock main.jpg cp_mossrock 线性单阶段
Mountain Lab Art Pass Winner 3DNJ.jpg cp_mountainlab 线性单阶段
Snowplow Cp snowplow.jpg cp_snowplow 线性多阶段
Steel Steel Main.png cp_steel 统一


October 10, 2007 (Initial Game Release)
  • Added Control Point mode.
  • Added maps: Granary, Well, Dustbowl, and Gravel Pit.


  • Added map: Badlands.

2008年4月29日补丁 (Gold Rush Update)

  • Added Stopwatch Mode to Tournament Mode which is automatically used on Attack/Defense maps.
  • Fixed rare client crash on level change during control point capturing.

2008年6月19日补丁 (Pyro Update)

  • Added map: Fastlane.

2008年8月19日补丁 (Heavy Update)

  • Added map: Steel.

2009年2月24日补丁 (Scout Update)

  • Added map: Egypt and Junction.

2009年8月13日补丁 (Classless Update)

  • Added map: Yukon.

2009年12月17日补丁 (WAR! Update)

  • Added map: Gorge.


  • Added map: Freight.

2010年7月8日补丁 (Engineer Update)

  • Added map: Coldfront.

2010年10月27日补丁 (Scream Fortress Update)

  • Added maps: Mann Manor and Mountain Lab.

2010年12月17日补丁 (Australian Christmas)

  • Added map: DeGroot Keep.


  • Added map: 5Gorge.

2011年10月13日补丁 (Manniversary Update & Sale)

  • Added map: Gullywash.

2011年12月15日补丁 (Australian Christmas 2011)

  • Added map: Foundry.


  • Fixed missing materials in the control point HUD on attack/defend maps.


  • Fixed a client crash related to the HUD control point maps.


  • Added maps: Standin and Process.

2015年7月2日补丁 (Gun Mettle Update)

  • Added maps: Powerhouse and Snowplow.

2015年10月28日补丁 (Scream Fortress 2015)

  • Added maps: Gorge Event and Sinshine.

2015年12月17日补丁 (Tough Break Update)

  • Added map: Vanguard.

2016年7月7日补丁 (Meet Your Match Update)

  • Added maps: Sunshine and Metalworks.