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Sunshine main.jpg
种类 控制点
文件名: cp_sunshine
开发者: Rebecca "phi" Ailes
Kimberly "iiboharz" Riswick
Sebastian Grus
Tim "SedimentarySocks" BL
Healthico.png 医疗包: Smallhealth.png ×10  •  Mediumhealth.png ×10
Ammoico.png 弹药盒: Smallammo.png ×4   •   Mediumammo.png ×14
Sunshine overview.png
Phi 谈到这张地图的设计

Sunshine(艳阳海岸) 是一张由“Phi”制作的社区贡献地图。这张地图是竞技模式以及 ESEA,ETF2L 和 UGC 比赛常客,其设计思路也是专注于 6v6 竞技。地图采用了标准 5CP 设计,即1中点、2次要点和2终点。每次向前占领一个点,其重生点也会向前推进。与一些人所认为的相反,“艳阳海岸”并不是直接受到其他 5CP 的启发,而是将第二控制点设定在一个塔型结构的顶部,其周围有两条小道可攀升到中心位置。

艳阳海岸于遇见你的对手更新被制作成官方地图,尖叫要塞 2015中也有该地图的万圣节版本,名为Sinshine(罪恶海岸)


控制点 3

  • 钟楼:钟楼作为中间控制点。它可以从前面和后面的开口进入。
  • 第3重生室:钟楼两侧各有一个重生室,当一方占领了第2或第4控制点时,该重生室就会变得可用。

控制点 2 & 4

  • 灯塔:每个队伍都有一个团队色灯塔,作为第2和第4个控制点。
  • 狙击手平台:灯塔后面是一个平台,可以作为狙击手的观察点。
  • 第2重生室:在灯塔的右边有一个第2重生室,占领控制点3以后便可以使用。

控制点 1 & 5

  • 重生室:重生室有左右有两个出口。中间是单向玻璃,这样你就可以看到敌人在哪里。
  • 导弹发射台:平台设有第1和第5个控制点。它们被导弹发射器和一堵墙保护着,但左右两侧暴露在外。
  • 走廊:通往控制点的走廊有一条地下备用通道。


主条目: 社区 Sunshine 战术




  • Blocked sightline from cafe to second
  • Raised said door 8u
  • Moved cover from cafe to mid in order to make standing on tetris unable to see players pushing through cafe
  • Moved and raised doorways exiting cafe in order to support pushing through more
  • Moved high ground next to lighthouse down by 48u, aligning it with the high exit from lobby
  • Extended out high exit from lobby to make fighting easier
  • Changed cover in flowers/valley in order to prevent players standing on fences, and seeing too much
  • Moved barrel arrangement on shutter door side of last back 32u
  • Raised fence between choke and second by 32u to block sightline
  • Opened up the wall between left and right lobby
  • Fixed visual glitch with one way windows in last spawn
  • Simplified cubbyhole in bottom lobby
  • Pushed upper side choke into last forward a bit, created new space for teams to play in – entrance is now closer to last
  • Extended fence next to upper side choke to ceiling to prevent players from standing on top
  • Major changes to shutter door side of last: if you enter shutter door, you can no longer be spotted from players in last and you have a safer entrance area around pack
  • Moved shutter door over significantly, eliminating line of sight from shutter into last
  • Shifted around geometry in shutter side lobby to better work with sightlines and encourage teams to use shutter side more
  • Filled in useless area that used to connect to what used to be secret
  • Edited displacements on mid to make the sightline under the church unusable
  • Added planks underneath church to make sightline under church from choke to choke unusable
  • Shortened openings on long sides of church to make visibility from shack more limited


  • reduced file size drastically (repacking!)
  • increased performance, optimization, and FPS across the map
  • can't stand on wooden palette on last to see over boxes into lobby anymore
  • clipping on structure behind last point refined
  • aligned texture on metal beams above last
  • changed all models/props_spytech/computer_wall03.mdl to *_wall04
  • added one wooden palette to block slim sightline from last spawn
  • moved medium ammo on low ground on last back to old spot
  • refined displacements on mid
  • removed two lights at flower in valley
  • removed shadows on wood doors
  • removed benches right outside of spawn
  • clipped off a hiding spot in lobby
  • extended high platform in valley towards mid slightly
  • added box near high platform in valley to allow scouts to jump
  • widened wooden ramp up to mid platform slightly
  • expanded high ground next to lighthouse slightly
  • filled in gap underneath wooden stairs next to mid forward spawn
  • fixed a case where you could see the nodraw side of a brush
  • extended the high ground near the staircase near choke on last by about 48 u
  • fixed spectator cam on BLU last being linked to the RED last point instead of BLU
  • added spectator cameras on second
  • removed props in scaffolding under roof in lower lobby (above the healthkit used in rollout)
  • removed tiled “brick” props on blu side near flowers and mid
  • removed unnecessary brushwork on ceiling through cafe
  • removed garbage props in cafe
  • removed smaller arch doorway detail bits nearby pack on second and in flowers
  • detailed the mid building some more – everything is blockbulleted and clipped, don't worry
  • optimization pass, lots of hinting
  • massive prop fade pass
  • lighting changeups, less blinding whites now

rc8 (from rc7)

  • removed double door
  • instead, made it a single thin door
  • pushed entrance point back a little bit
  • eliminated sightlines to shutter
  • lifted box up to protect against sightline that went over it
  • added barrel on side of prop pile in order to prevent the corner sightline
  • moved boxes in tile room over a slight bit to prevent sightline from spawn
  • Tyler’s door, aka the small door situated at 45° off of tile room, has been moved slightly
  • spawn changes
  • moved resupply cabinets forward slightly
  • angled doors perpendicular to the large wall on last rather than parallel
  • lowered right door, staircase is now outside spawn instead of inside
  • one-way windows à la snakewater
  • eliminated secret
  • subtly changed capzone on last
  • removed computers you could stand on behind last
  • fixed teleporter bugs
  • extensive clipping pass and prop clippings
  • extensive fps improvements, will not be perfect but it will run better than rc7
  • occluders optimized
  • hint brushes worked on extensively
  • more prop fades
  • prop optimization - removing certain poly-heavy props and various little clutter
  • streamlined various roof edges
  • fixed many texture bugs and lighting errors
  • no more spinning lighthouse
  • polish
  • deer


  • fixed cubemaps
  • various little things


  • Added new route to last, removed a route
  • Hopefully made the announcer work
  • Slight HDR
  • 3d skybox
  • Made valley less complex
  • No more rocks
  • Simplified bloating custom textures a little
  • Optimization
  • General fixes here and there and here and there
  • More secret deer


  • reworked lots of little tiny areas
  • expanded lobby
  • smoothed various portions of the map
  • better clipping
  • more optimization


  • Detailed the entire map
  • Rearranged various health pickups
  • Added gully-like 'secret' area to last
  • Expanded platform on side of last
  • Changed geometry of lots of areas in general
  • Tons of custom content (and deer)!


  • detailing
  • tons of other little things


  • Reworked a LOT of the 2nd point overall
  • Changed the flank route to a more open, available route
  • Shortened main choke
  • Simplified other routes from 2nd to mid
  • Smaller capzone on mid
  • Better and more smooth clipping and routes around and under point
  • Pit at second moved closer to the point
  • Underground route straightened out a bit
  • Platform at last extended out a bit
  • Spawntimes changed slightly
  • More deer
  • Various other little things
  • General optimization


  • changed mid entirely
  • more OoB architecture
  • changed lobby a bit
  • added paths and ramps to previously inaccessible places
  • tons of little other things


  • detail sprites and alpha painting
  • a little tighter choke between mid and 2nd
  • a little brighter indoor areas
  • marked capzones
  • various little things
  • signs


  • made the map. wheeeee


2016年7月7日补丁 #1 (遇见你的对手更新)

  • 地图 Sunshine 被添加到游戏中。


  • 更新 cp_sunshine 以修复一些碰撞问题。


  • Blockbulleted spiral staircase on the back of second.
  • 将中型弹药包添加至到中点的小道。
  • 移除了从山谷进入第二个木拱门的碰撞体积。
  • 缩小了木拱门的尺寸。
  • Blockbulleted a few undersides of staircases on last that could catch projectiles.
  • 移除终点的梯子。


  • 修复了地图cp_sunshine丢失素材的问题。


控制点 玩家人数
控制点 1 和 5 ×1
4 .600
3 .067
2 .509
2 .208
控制点 2 和 4 ×1
14 .000
9 .333
7 .636
6 .720
控制点 3 ×1
22 .000
14 .667
12 .000
10 .560