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Sunshine main.png
Información básica
Tipo de mapa: Punto de Control
Nombre del archivo: cp_sunshine
Lanzamiento: Parche del 7 de julio de 2016
(Actualización Meet Your Match)
Variantes: Sinshine
Desarrollado por: Rebecca «phi» Ailes
Kimberly «iiboharz» Riswick
Sebastian «Seba» Grus
Tim «SediSocks» Brown Lees
Objetos del mapa
Healthico.png Botiquines: Smallhealth.png ×9  •  Mediumhealth.png ×10
Ammoico.png Cajas de munición: Smallammo.png ×8   •   Mediumammo.png ×16
Vista general
Sunshine overview.png
Sello de Mapa
Item icon Map Stamp - Sunshine.png
I'm feeling good about this layout.
Phi acerca del diseño del mapa

Sunshine es un mapa contribuido por la comunidad, creado por Phi. Está enfocado en un ambiente competitivo, y fue diseñado para un juego 6v6. Presenta el diseño estándar 5CP con un punto central (mid o medio), dos segundos (second) y dos finales (last o último), con puntos de aparición delanteros que se activan al capturar los puntos. Se juega actualmente en ESEA, ETF2L, Y UGC. Contrario a lo que muchos creen, Sunshine no está inspirado en otro mapa 5CP, pero pone el segundo punto en una estructura de forma en espiral con dos pequeños puntos de choque que van hacia medio.

Sunshine fue convertido en un mapa oficial en la actualización Meet Your Match, y una versión de Halloween se lanzó con la actualización Scream Fortress 2015, con el nombre Sinshine.


Punto de Control 3

  • Torre de campana: La torre de la campana sirve como punto de control medio. Se accede desde los lados con aberturas frontal y trasera para disparar.
  • Spawn terciario: Hay un punto de aparición terciario en ambos lados de la Torre de la campana. El spawn se activa al capturar los Puntos 2 o 4.

Punto de Control 2 y 4

  • Faro: Ambos equipos tienen un faro del color del equipo que sirve como segundo y cuarto punto de control.
  • Plataforma de Snipers: Tras el faro hay una plataforma que puede usarse como zona para Snipers.
  • Spawn secundario: Hay un punto de aparición secundario a la derecha del faro. El spawn se activa al capturar el Punto de Control 3.

Punto de Control 1 y 5

  • Spawn: El cuarto de aparición tiene dos salidas a la izquierda y a la derecha. En el centro hay un vidrio donde se puede ver dónde esta el enemigo.
  • Plataforma del misil: La plataforma está en el punto 1 y 5. Están protegidos por un lanzador de misil y una pared, pero está expuesto en los lados.
  • Corredores: Los corredores al punto de control tienen un camino alternativo bajo tierra.


Artículo principal: Estrategia de la Comunidad para Sunshine

Tiempos del Punto de Control

Punto de Control Multiplicador Segundos
Punto de Control 1 y 5 ×1
4 ,600
3 ,067
2 ,509
2 ,208
Punto de Control 2 y 4 ×1
14 ,000
9 ,333
7 ,636
6 ,720
Punto de Control 3 ×1
22 ,000
14 ,667
12 ,000
10 ,560

Notas de cambios

Esto es las notas de cambios antes de que el mapa se añadiese al juego.
Registro de cambios:


  • Blocked sightline from cafe to second
  • Raised said door 8u
  • Moved cover from cafe to mid in order to make standing on tetris unable to see players pushing through cafe
  • Moved and raised doorways exiting cafe in order to support pushing through more
  • Moved high ground next to lighthouse down by 48u, aligning it with the high exit from lobby
  • Extended out high exit from lobby to make fighting easier
  • Changed cover in flowers/valley in order to prevent players standing on fences, and seeing too much
  • Moved barrel arrangement on shutter door side of last back 32u
  • Raised fence between choke and second by 32u to block sightline
  • Opened up the wall between left and right lobby
  • Fixed visual glitch with one way windows in last spawn
  • Simplified cubbyhole in bottom lobby
  • Pushed upper side choke into last forward a bit, created new space for teams to play in – entrance is now closer to last
  • Extended fence next to upper side choke to ceiling to prevent players from standing on top
  • Major changes to shutter door side of last: if you enter shutter door, you can no longer be spotted from players in last and you have a safer entrance area around pack
  • Moved shutter door over significantly, eliminating line of sight from shutter into last
  • Shifted around geometry in shutter side lobby to better work with sightlines and encourage teams to use shutter side more
  • Filled in useless area that used to connect to what used to be secret
  • Edited displacements on mid to make the sightline under the church unusable
  • Added planks underneath church to make sightline under church from choke to choke unusable
  • Shortened openings on long sides of church to make visibility from shack more limited


  • reduced file size drastically (repacking!)
  • increased performance, optimization, and FPS across the map
  • can't stand on wooden palette on last to see over boxes into lobby anymore
  • clipping on structure behind last point refined
  • aligned texture on metal beams above last
  • changed all models/props_spytech/computer_wall03.mdl to *_wall04
  • added one wooden palette to block slim sightline from last spawn
  • moved medium ammo on low ground on last back to old spot
  • refined displacements on mid
  • removed two lights at flower in valley
  • removed shadows on wood doors
  • removed benches right outside of spawn
  • clipped off a hiding spot in lobby
  • extended high platform in valley towards mid slightly
  • added box near high platform in valley to allow scouts to jump
  • widened wooden ramp up to mid platform slightly
  • expanded high ground next to lighthouse slightly
  • filled in gap underneath wooden stairs next to mid forward spawn
  • fixed a case where you could see the nodraw side of a brush
  • extended the high ground near the staircase near choke on last by about 48 u
  • fixed spectator cam on BLU last being linked to the RED last point instead of BLU
  • added spectator cameras on second
  • removed props in scaffolding under roof in lower lobby (above the healthkit used in rollout)
  • removed tiled “brick” props on blu side near flowers and mid
  • removed unnecessary brushwork on ceiling through cafe
  • removed garbage props in cafe
  • removed smaller arch doorway detail bits nearby pack on second and in flowers
  • detailed the mid building some more – everything is blockbulleted and clipped, don't worry
  • optimization pass, lots of hinting
  • massive prop fade pass
  • lighting changeups, less blinding whites now

rc8 (from rc7)

  • removed double door
  • instead, made it a single thin door
  • pushed entrance point back a little bit
  • eliminated sightlines to shutter
  • lifted box up to protect against sightline that went over it
  • added barrel on side of prop pile in order to prevent the corner sightline
  • moved boxes in tile room over a slight bit to prevent sightline from spawn
  • Tyler’s door, aka the small door situated at 45° off of tile room, has been moved slightly
  • spawn changes
  • moved resupply cabinets forward slightly
  • angled doors perpendicular to the large wall on last rather than parallel
  • lowered right door, staircase is now outside spawn instead of inside
  • one-way windows à la snakewater
  • eliminated secret
  • subtly changed capzone on last
  • removed computers you could stand on behind last
  • fixed teleporter bugs
  • extensive clipping pass and prop clippings
  • extensive fps improvements, will not be perfect but it will run better than rc7
  • occluders optimized
  • hint brushes worked on extensively
  • more prop fades
  • prop optimization - removing certain poly-heavy props and various little clutter
  • streamlined various roof edges
  • fixed many texture bugs and lighting errors
  • no more spinning lighthouse
  • polish
  • deer


  • fixed cubemaps
  • various little things


  • Added new route to last, removed a route
  • Hopefully made the announcer work
  • Slight HDR
  • 3d skybox
  • Made valley less complex
  • No more rocks
  • Simplified bloating custom textures a little
  • Optimization
  • General fixes here and there and here and there
  • More secret deer


  • reworked lots of little tiny areas
  • expanded lobby
  • smoothed various portions of the map
  • better clipping
  • more optimization


  • Detailed the entire map
  • Rearranged various health pickups
  • Added gully-like 'secret' area to last
  • Expanded platform on side of last
  • Changed geometry of lots of areas in general
  • Tons of custom content (and deer)!


  • detailing
  • tons of other little things


  • Reworked a LOT of the 2nd point overall
  • Changed the flank route to a more open, available route
  • Shortened main choke
  • Simplified other routes from 2nd to mid
  • Smaller capzone on mid
  • Better and more smooth clipping and routes around and under point
  • Pit at second moved closer to the point
  • Underground route straightened out a bit
  • Platform at last extended out a bit
  • Spawntimes changed slightly
  • More deer
  • Various other little things
  • General optimization


  • changed mid entirely
  • more OoB architecture
  • changed lobby a bit
  • added paths and ramps to previously inaccessible places
  • tons of little other things


  • detail sprites and alpha painting
  • a little tighter choke between mid and 2nd
  • a little brighter indoor areas
  • marked capzones
  • various little things
  • signs


  • made the map. wheeeee

Historial de Actualización

Parche del 7 de julio de 2016 #1 (Actualización Meet Your Match)

  • Se ha añadido Sunshine al juego.

Parche del 16 de agosto de 2016

  • Se ha actualizado cp_sunshine para arreglar algunos problemas de recortes.

Parche del 12 de octubre de 2016

  • La escalera de la espiral de segundo ha sido bloqueado contra las balas.
  • Se ha añadido un paquete mediano de munición a medio cerca al punto de choque.
  • Se ha removido que el arco de madera yendo a segundo desde el valle se corte.
  • Se ha reducido el tamaño del arco de madera.
  • Se ha bloqueado contra las balas algunas escaleras en zonas bajo el mapa en último que podían agarrar proyectiles.
  • Se ha removido una escalera en último.

Parche del 21 de octubre de 2016

  • Se ha arreglado un problema de material perdido en cp_sunshine.


  • Existen varios recortes de ciervos escondidos en todo el mapa. Estos también pueden verse en Cauldron.

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