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* Merasmus' Prop spell is a reference to a community game mode called [[Prop Hunt]]. Prop Hunt is a server-side mod where the players on one team are disguised as props and find a place to hide, and the other team searches for them.
* Merasmus' Prop spell is a reference to a community game mode called [[Prop Hunt]]. Prop Hunt is a server-side mod where the players on one team are disguised as props and find a place to hide, and the other team searches for them.
*Merasmus has what appears to be a tattoo of Soldier's class emblem on his left bicep as seen in [[Grave Matters]].'
*Merasmus has what appears to be a tattoo of Soldier's class emblem on his left bicep as seen in [[Grave Matters]].'
*In various comics, Merasmus is described as a "she", "ma'am", and "witch", suggesting he is in fact a ''she''.
== Gallery ==
== Gallery ==

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Kill Icons
Killicon merasmus.png
Killicon merasmus2.png
Killicon merasmus3.png
Killicon merasmus4.png
Killicon fire.png
Basic Information
Damage Done:
Affected By:
• Battalion's Backup: Yes
• Bonk! Atomic Punch: Yes
• Candy Cane: No
• Chargin' Targe: Yes
• Dead Ringer: Yes
• Gunboats: No
• Mini-crits: Yes
• ÜberCharge: Yes
Found On: Ghost Fort
Cower, fools! Merasmus is here!
Merasmus the Magician

Merasmus the Magician is a Scottish wizard. By his own claim in Unhappy Returns he is six thousand years old. He is the keeper of the Bombinomicon and the RED Soldier's former roommate. In the Bombinomicon comic, when the RED Demoman was seven years old, he discovered Merasmus' castle in the Highlands while seeking work. Merasmus told the Demoman to sweep the library of his castle, but told him not to look at a certain book. Ultimately, the Demoman lost his left eye to the Bombonomicon, and Merasmus was forced to remove it lest the Bombonomicon would haunt the eye forever. Years later, the magician's tumultuous relationship with the RED Soldier was revealed, and he summoned MONOCULUS (the haunted eye) for the RED team to fight.

During the events of Soldier Needs a Home, Merasmus kicked the Soldier out of his castle for being a nuisance. When he found later that the Soldier trashed his home and evicted him, he took on a ghostly form and decided to attack the Soldier's team.

Later, Merasmus moved in with Tom Jones, who was murdered by Soldier. After calling the police, Miss Pauling tricked Merasmus into checking Tom Jones' pulse, and Merasmus was believed to be responsible for the murder and held for questioning.

Merasmus was later shown to be in prison, now with several tattoos (one of them the Soldier's class emblem) and a slightly different skull hat, where he relayed to the other inmates the tale of Grave Matters.

Merasmus (stylized as MERASMUS!) makes an appearance in the game as the boss the players must fight in Ghost Fort.

Merasmus is voiced by Nolan North[1].


Merasmus will spawn on Ghost Fort's control point every few minutes when there are at least 10 players playing on the server. The players have 1 minute and 30 seconds to defeat him before he leaves. While he is alive, the point resets to neutral ownership and cannot be captured. Merasmus's health is displayed as a bar on the screen, under the time.

When Merasmus spawns, he pushes all nearby opponents away and destroys all stickybombs around him, also knocking back all stickybombs he comes in contact with. Merasmus has a wide variety of attacks, and can teleport throughout the map on random intervals. Merasmus can melee players with his staff, roll bombs at them, and perform a magic attack which sets selected targets on fire and launches them skyward. Merasmus can also hover over the control point and use the Bombinomicon to spread bombs a wide range around the control point. Whenever Merasmus is hovering in the air while performing this attack, all damage dealt to him will be critical hits. Merasmus uses this attack far less often than any of his other attacks.

Every time Merasmus teleports to another location on the map, the Bombinomicon will choose a few players and transform their heads into bombs. Players cannot attack after being turned into bombs and are stuck in their humiliation pose until the bomb detonates or they are killed, but their speed is also boosted. The screen and the Bombinomicon will instruct the player to find Merasmus and run into him. If the player reaches Merasmus with the bomb, it will stun him, stopping him in his tracks. The player who transported the bomb will become invulnerable, speed boosted, and crit boosted for a short time while getting tossed upward from the explosion. If the player fails to reach Merasmus in time, the bomb will detonate, damaging the player and surrounding members of the opposing team by 100 HP. If the player kills anyone, those show up on the killfeed and grant the player a point. At all times while stunned, all damage Merasmus takes will be critical hits.

At around 50% and less than 10% health, the boss health bar will turn green as Merasmus teleports away and disguises himself as a random prop, while other props are scattered about the map to throw players off. These props will bleed green liquid when attacked, distinguishing them from background elements. If an incorrect prop is destroyed, it will drop a large Halloween pumpkin, which any player can collect. If the correct prop is destroyed, Merasmus will reappear and may be stunned for a short period of time, with the player who destroyed the prop always given limited invulnerability, speed boost and crit boost. While disguised as a prop, Merasmus will slowly heal.

Upon Merasmus' defeat, he will disappear and be replaced by the Bombinomicon. It will remain on the field for a few seconds, and all players can use it to teleport to Skull Island. When the players reach the island, they can climb the hill and collect the Skull Island Topper in the cage. Entering the cage will transport players back to the main field. Defeating Merasmus for the first time will award the Necromannchievement Wizards Never Prosper, while collecting the Skull Island Topper will award A Lovely Vacation Spot.

As of the November 2, 2012 Patch, Merasmus' behavior has been altered. He became easier to defeat, with various classes better able to inflict damage upon him. However, he was given the ability to level up. Like with MONOCULUS, each time he is beaten, he grows stronger in the next appearance, with more health, faster health regeneration while hiding, and increased range to his fire magic. If the players don't kill Merasmus, his level returns to 1. The Skull Island Topper will track the highest level of Merasmus the wearer manages to defeat.


Main article: Community Ghost Fort strategy

A simple strategy is to use the Sniper's Huntsman which will deal a total maximum of 1080 damage upon headshot to Merasmus while he is stunned or spreading bombs across the map. A fully charged Sniper Rifle will do 1350 damage with a fully charged headshot, but will take longer to charge than the Huntsman, making it inconvenient because of Merasmus's teleportation. The player will be safe from the bombs that Merasmus spreads if the player is far away from Merasmus while still being able to attack him with the Huntsman or any other Sniper Rifle.

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Related achievements

A Lovely Vacation Spot
A Lovely Vacation Spot
Get to Skull Island and claim your reward!
Wizards Never Prosper
Wizards Never Prosper

Update history

October 26, 2012 Patch

  • Introduced MERASMUS!

October 27, 2012 Patch

  • Added new audio lines for Merasmus to use when he attacks.

November 2, 2012 Patch

  • MERASMUS! has leveled up at WizardCon!
    • "The Skull Island Topper" now tracks the highest level of Merasmus the owner has helped defeat
    • Increased Engineer, Scout, Pyro and Heavy damage against Merasmus
    • Increased Soldier and Demoman damage against Merasmus while he is in hiding
  • Updated the health bar for Merasmus and Monoculus

October 29, 2013 Patch

  • Lowered Merasmus's base health.

November 6, 2013 Patch

  • Fixed a bug that allowed Merasmus bomb-heads to be passable between enemies.


  • When Merasmus uses his long-distance attack to set nearby players on fire, the Pyro will take damage from the initial attack, but remain visually on fire for the duration of the afterburn. The afterburn deals no damage; however, the Pyro can be specially affected by weapons that will deal Critical hits and Mini-crits on burning players (such as the Sun-on-a-Stick, Detonator, or Axtinguisher) as if the Pyro was on fire.
  • If Merasmus targets an ÜberCharged player to set on fire, the player will be ignited and use a "Fire!" voice response. The afterburn lasts as long as normal fire would when a Medic's beam is trained on the player and deals no damage.
  • If Merasmus spawns after the round ends, the server will crash upon map change.


  • Merasmus is the magician that the RED Soldier angered, causing both teams to be sent back in time to DeGroot Keep.
  • Merasmus' model uses the Sniper's animations[2], though he uses the Heavy's when the dance card is selected.
  • Template:W is a medical condition characterized by emaciation and wasting, generally caused by malnutrition. The name of the disease in turn comes from the Greek word marasmos, meaning "decay".
  • Merasmus' Prop spell is a reference to a community game mode called Prop Hunt. Prop Hunt is a server-side mod where the players on one team are disguised as props and find a place to hide, and the other team searches for them.
  • Merasmus has what appears to be a tattoo of Soldier's class emblem on his left bicep as seen in Grave Matters.'



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