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This article is about the map. For other uses, see Mercenary Park (disambiguation).
Mercenary Park
Yetipark 5.png
Basic Information
Map type: Control Point
File name: cp_mercenarypark
Released: October 20, 2017 Patch
(Jungle Inferno Update)
Developer(s): Valve
Map Info
Environment: Jungle
Setting: Daylight, overcast
Hazards: Crocodiles, Pitfalls
Deep Water: Yes
Bot support: Yes
Map Items
Healthico.png Health Kits: Smallhealth.png ×2  •  Mediumhealth.png ×14
Ammoico.png Ammo Boxes: Smallammo.png ×1   •   Mediumammo.png ×11   •  
Largeammo.png ×5
Map Photos
Loading screen photos.
Map Overview
Mercenary Park overview.png
Welcome... to Mercenary Park!
Saxton Hale

Mercenary Park is an Attack/Defend Control Point map released during the Jungle Inferno Update and featured in the Jungle Inferno video. It is a biological research facility and weapons factory that was repurposed as "Yeti Park", but was changed hastily to just a fighting park after Saxton Hale killed the last Yeti in existence.

Certain features of the map depict a bloody running battle with a large, escaped beast, the result of experimentation on large (and peaceful)[1] animals by the Yti-Hale corporation, enhancing them for strength, aggression,[2] and escape ("That was the whole bloody point!")[3].


Note: If you are having trouble with finding the locations listed here, see the Helpful overview section to see their exact position marked on the map.

Visitor Center

  • Monorail station: First BLU spawn.
  • Main Ticketing: interactive space, cafe, and a parrot.
  • Playground: The play equipment in this open space is kept to a minimum to encourage youthful guests to fight over it.
  • Gift Shop: cover near right roll out.

Mann Co. building

  • Supply warehouse for the park.
    • Helipad: First advanced BLU Spawn, which opens when the Receiving Bay is captured. Located right before control point A.
    • Steroid room: Steroid storage is on the other end of the warehouse from the first advanced BLU spawn.

Transfer crane

  • Capture point A -- Receiving Bay -- Beneath the Transfer gantry crane.
    • Capture of this point closes access to the Playground and opens access to the Test Pit (C).
  • Transfer gantry crane. Catwalks between the upper levels of the Mann Co. building and Processing. Operator station can view the point.
  • Transport cages: Yti-Hale Shipping. Two-level flanking of the Capture point. The highest can be reached by jumping.
  • Dock: crocodile-infested water.
Crocodiles on Mercenary Park


  • BLU Second Forward Spawn: Located right before control point B. Unlocked when control point B is captured.
  • Capture point B -- Lab -- (hidden beneath the point are three inaccessible stories of fluid tanks).
  • Monorail station: First RED spawn, which closes when the Receiving Bay is captured.
  • BLU Third Forward Spawn: Located before the staircases leading to the YTI room. Unlocked when control point B is captured.
  • Loading bay: There is a small elevated loading bay positioned right next to the point B
  • Staircase: Leading from the Lab's second floor is a set of stairs that go directly to the Red's first spawn.
  • Server Room: A compact room filled with servers located directly above the Loading Bay on the Lab's second floor. Leading out of the Server Room is a gate that leads out to a section of platforms positioned above the first point and attached to the wall next to it.

Research and Captivity

The broken window in the elevator cage, which faces the control point C.
  • YTI: Institute for Research and Development: Rally room for BLU pushes on final.
  • Elevator shaft: (final choke) This elevator was used to transfer specimens between the ten cages, the Lab, and the Test Pit.
    • The elevator cage is at the upper level (with the broken window); the grated floor is the lower level.
    • Access to Research and Captivity is through the lower and upper-level elevator doors.
    • These doors are blocked to both sides until the Receiving Bay (A) is captured.
  • Platform: An elevated position just behind the C point, the usual location of the Red's defenses.
  • Cave: A flank through ventilation and a cave to the rear corner of both levels of the Test Pit.
  • Rear Vents: A subtle sneak path back to the corner under RED's Spawn gates.
  • Side Stairs: A relatively hidden flank between the two levels.
  • Capture point C -- Test Pit -- Capture wins the round for BLU.
  • Monorail station: Final RED spawn, which opens when the Receiving Bay is captured.

Helpful overview

Mercenary Park's locations
Yellow circle: Control point A and the Mann.Co building (Note that the Mann.Co building is split into two parts which are connected by a pair of catwalks)
Blue circle: General location of the control point B (Not visible)
Orange circle: Control point C and the pit
 Blue diagonal lines: Blu's spawn locations
 Red diagonal lines: Red's spawn room
 Black lines: Used for more clearer separation
1.Visitors center (First Blu spawn)
2.Gift shop
4.Helipad (Second Blu spawn)
5.Transport cages
8.General location of the first Red spawn room
10.Institute for Research and Development (YTI Room)
11.Elevator cage
12.Side stairs
13.Final Red spawnroom


Main article: Community Mercenary Park strategy

Control Point timing

Control Point Multiplier Seconds
Control Point A ×1
30 .000
20 .000
16 .364
14 .400
Control Point B ×1
40 .000
26 .667
21 .818
19 .200
Control Point C ×1
16 .000
10 .667
8 .727
7 .680

Update history

October 20, 2017 Patch #1 (Jungle Inferno Update)
  • Added Mercenary Park to the game.

October 23, 2017 Patch

  • Fixed enemy players being able to enter opposing spawn rooms.
  • Fixed an area near cap B where Engineers could build in an inaccessible area.
  • Fixed spawn room doors sometimes becoming blocked.

December 21, 2017 Patch #1 (Smissmas 2017)

  • Added a forward spawn for BLU when attacking the final control point.
  • Added a connecting stairwell to the mid-structure of the final control point.
  • Fixed area portal rendering issues between the first and second control points.

March 28, 2018 Patch #1

  • Fixed RED being able to shoot through the roof of BLU's starting spawn.
  • Changes to control point C.
    • BLU's spawn time has been slightly lowered.
    • The upper-mid route window now has a small opening for attackers to use.
    • Players can no longer build on the very top of the crate stack overlooking the control point.
    • Increased cover next to the control point.
    • Increased the size of the metal supply next to the cover stack.
    • Added a vent route that exits behind the new cover.
    • Bullets no longer go through the chain fence wall at the ramp connecting lower and upper.

Unused content

"Pick your fight!" poster.
  • There are three unused rooms in Mercenary Park:
    • To the left of the first Control Point and behind the fence, there is a mostly empty, dimly lit room with two floors and a dropdown between the two.
    • Directly underneath the second Control Point is a partially lit area that has walls lined with cages and cylindrical containers.
    • On the lower right-most path leading to the first Control Point, there is a small empty room behind a wall with a single light illuminating it.
  • Additionally, there are several unused models and textures in the game files:
    • This includes a speedboat, older variants of the atrium and alligator models, blue and yellow corroded metal, a low-quality white yeti cell, a poster which reads "pick your fight!", different sign letters that together read "Yeti Island", and other miscellaneous content.
      • One such unused model is a guard tower with a turret gun model mounted to it with improper texturing. The turret model is the model that the "turretguns" texture is for. This was meant to be TF2's spawnroom turret before the idea was cut.


  • Just above the first point is a clip brush that does not extend to the ceiling, allowing for players who can reach the invisible perch to output damage while being almost entirely hidden from view.
    • It is not possible to build on this perch.
  • On the third point, it is possible for certain classes to jump on a certain part of the metal bars above.[4]
  • When in Pyroland, certain doorways turn visually solid. The player is still able to walk and shoot through these doorways as normal.
  • Engineers can build Sentry Guns and Dispensers in the first RED spawn.


  • The name Mercenary Park references the 1993 film Jurassic Park.
    • Similarly, both plots revolve around the parks containing dangerous experimental animals for the public, which eventually escape.
  • The park's helicopter has several unique characteristics of the Sikorsky H-34 (albeit of much shortened length), which saw extensive naval and jungle service in the Vietnam war.


Features and Signs
Unused content


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