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A paddle pool, a few gallons of gasoline, and a lighter.. what could go wrong? Add one lucky ducky and you’ve got yourself a proper pool party!
Pool Party publicity blurb

The Pool Party is a community-created special taunt for the Pyro.

When the player selects it from the taunt menu, the Pyro inflates a small team-colored kiddie pool, containing a yellow rubber ducky. The Pyro pours a container of gasoline into the pool, sits down in the pool's center, and pushes the rubber ducky back and forth, laughing excitedly every other push. The taunt continues until canceled by the player, in which case the Pyro exits the pool and destroys it by dropping a cigarette lighter into the center.

The Pool Party was contributed to the Steam Workshop.


Update history

December 8, 2014 Patch #1 (End of the Line Update)

  • The Pool Party was added to the game.

December 9, 2014 Patch

  • Fixed the Taunt: Pool Party item to fix a problem with the pool not scaling smoothly.


  • The RED Pyro, while wearing a scuba diving mask and arm floaties, can be seen through the BLU Soldier's binoculars using this taunt at the beginning of the End of the Line video, although the inflatable pool is much larger.