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Jiggle bones are a feature of the Source Engine that allow a skeleton model to bounce or wiggle realistically with the object it is attached to. The effect is calculated and rendered in real time, giving a more realistic depiction of the way the part would move. Jiggle bones are used frequently on several items in Team Fortress 2 to add to their appearance.

Items that use Jiggle bones

The Hustler's Hallmark's jiggle bones.



A distorted Holy Mackerel.
  • Almost all models with jiggle bones are prone to twist and distort themselves in impossible ways during certain parts of the game, such as when a class is running or taunting.
    • There can also be issues with the jiggle bones appearing to be stuck at their furthest position during movement, which can make them seem to vibrate.
  • When weapons with jiggle bones are equipped on the left-hand, they do not animate properly and skip frames while jiggling.


  • Jigglebones will be automatically frozen below a given framerate (20 FPS by default), set by cl_jiggle_bone_framerate_cutoff.

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