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It is good day to be giant man!
The Heavy on being B.M.O.C

The B.M.O.C. is a promotional cosmetic item for all classes. It is a team-colored Santa hat, with a white wool trimming at the bottom and a dangling white pom-pom at the top of the hat.

This item could only be randomly obtained as a prize from The Great Gift Pile during the Steam Holiday Sale 2011, via crafting 7 Holiday Coal, or for earning achievements for the event.

Painted variants

Main article: Paint Can
Mouseover cells to preview the images on a dark background. Click on the images to enlarge them.
Single colors
Painted B.M.O.C. E6E6E6.png Painted B.M.O.C. D8BED8.png Painted B.M.O.C. C5AF91.png Painted B.M.O.C. 7E7E7E.png
An Extraordinary Abundance of Tinge Color No. 216-190-216 Peculiarly Drab Tincture Aged Moustache Grey
Painted B.M.O.C. 141414.png Painted B.M.O.C. 2D2D24.png Painted B.M.O.C. 694D3A.png Painted B.M.O.C. 7C6C57.png
A Distinctive Lack of Hue After Eight Radigan Conagher Brown Ye Olde Rustic Colour
Painted B.M.O.C. A57545.png Painted B.M.O.C. CF7336.png Painted B.M.O.C. E7B53B.png Painted B.M.O.C. F0E68C.png
Muskelmannbraun Mann Co. Orange Australium Gold The Color of a Gentlemann's Business Pants
Painted B.M.O.C. E9967A.png Painted B.M.O.C. FF69B4.png Painted B.M.O.C. 7D4071.png Painted B.M.O.C. 51384A.png
Dark Salmon Injustice Pink as Hell A Deep Commitment to Purple Noble Hatter's Violet
Painted B.M.O.C. 2F4F4F.png Painted B.M.O.C. 424F3B.png Painted B.M.O.C. 808000.png Painted B.M.O.C. 729E42.png
A Color Similar to Slate Zepheniah's Greed Drably Olive Indubitably Green
Painted B.M.O.C. 32CD32.png Painted B.M.O.C. BCDDB3.png
The Bitter Taste of Defeat and Lime A Mann's Mint
Team colors
Painted B.M.O.C. A89A8C.png Painted B.M.O.C. 839FA3.png Painted B.M.O.C. 3B1F23.png Painted B.M.O.C. 18233D.png
Waterlogged Lab Coat (RED) Waterlogged Lab Coat (BLU) Balaclavas Are Forever (RED) Balaclavas Are Forever (BLU)
Painted B.M.O.C. B8383B.png Painted B.M.O.C. 5885A2.png Painted B.M.O.C. 483838.png Painted B.M.O.C. 384248.png
Team Spirit (RED) Team Spirit (BLU) Operator's Overalls (RED) Operator's Overalls (BLU)
Painted B.M.O.C. 803020.png Painted B.M.O.C. 256D8D.png Painted B.M.O.C. 654740.png Painted B.M.O.C. 28394D.png
The Value of Teamwork (RED) The Value of Teamwork (BLU) An Air of Debonair (RED) An Air of Debonair (BLU)
Painted B.M.O.C. C36C2D.png Painted B.M.O.C. B88035.png RED B.M.O.C..png BLU B.M.O.C..png
Cream Spirit (RED) Cream Spirit (BLU) Unpainted (RED) Unpainted (BLU)

Update history

December 15, 2011 Patch #1 (Australian Christmas 2011)

  • The B.M.O.C. was added to the game.

September 17, 2014 Patch

  • Added the Limited attribute to the B.M.O.C.


  • Using the Team Spirit paint on this item provides absolutely no visual difference in-game on either team. This happens because the exact same color values are used for both the paint and the default "unpainted" color for the item.


  • B.M.O.C. stands for "Big Man of Christmas", referring to Santa Claus; it is a play on the term "Big Man on Campus", meaning a highly respected individual. The initials also coincide with the description of Fast Learner, whose description is also a play on the term.


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