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Bu makalenin ele aldığı konu: the official game mode. Görmek istediğiniz konu the community version of the game mode with the same name ise, buraya da bakınız: VS Saxton Hale Mode (custom mode).
Saxton Hale'a Karşı ne mi? Adı üstünde! Saxton Hale'a karşı savaşıyorsun! Ya da Saxton Hale olarak diğer oyunculara karşı savaşıyorsun. 23 tane düşmanla aynı anda yüzleşmeye hazır mısın? ‘Çünki onlar kesinlikle seninle yüzleşmeye hazır değiller!
— Publicity Blurb

Saxton Hale'a Karşı oyun modu topluluk tarafından oluşturulmuş ve Yaz 2023 Güncellemesiyle beraber oyuna eklenmiştir. Oyun Saxton Hale ile askerleri büyük bir arenada karşı karşıya getirir.


Raund başladığında rastgele bir oyuncu Saxton Hale olarak seçilir, diğer oyuncuların amacı ise yeni patron olan ve aynı zamanda oyun içinde duyurucu olan Gray Mann'in emri üzerine Saxton Hale'ı öldürmektir. Oyun oynanış bakımından Arena oyun moduna benzer; oyuncuların tek bir canı vardır ve öldürüldüklerinde tekrardan canlanamazlar. Raund ortasında sunucuya katılan oyuncular diğer raund başlayana kadar oyuna dahil olamazlar. Haritada korumalı canlanma alanları veya ikmal dolapları bulunmaz ama sağlık kitleri ve cephane kutuları haritanın farklı yerlerinde bulunabilir.

Hem Hale hem de diğer oyuncuların, oyun içinde birbirlerine karşı kullanabileceği birçok farklı güçleri mevcuttur. Saxton Hale diğer oyuncuları öldürdüğünde veya diğer oyuncular Saxton Hale'ı öldürmeye başarabilirlerse oyunu kazanırlar. Her oyunda aynı zamanda bir ana kontrol noktası bulunur ve oyun başladıktan itibaren 4 dakika sonra bu kontrol noktası ele geçirilmeye başlanabilir. Eğer Saxton Hale veya diğer oyuncular bu kontrol noktasını ele geçirirlerse de aynı şekilde oyunu kazabilirler. Saxton Hale'ın can sağlığı ekranın üst kısmında gözükür.

Saxton Hale ve Gray Mann karakterlerini Matthew Simmons seslendirmiştir.

Saxton Hale

As Saxton Hale, players have several different abilities to help take on the mercenaries. These abilities display most of their information on the HUD. A regular melee hit from Saxton does 195 damage (77 damage to buildings) and his health scales with the amount of players on RED he is fighting. Saxton Hale can use all-class taunts, several of which have unique animations on Saxton.

Saxton Hale has a set of attributes that persist throughout the round. By default, Hale has a 25% resistance against all damage sources and knockback forces,[1] and has a 3x damage multiplier for his only primary weapon.[2] Random critical hits are disabled on-wearer,[3] and Hale has an increased melee range and bound multiplier of 1.2x and 1.1x, respectively.[4]

Saxton Hale can stomp players, similarly to the Mantreads, dealing 195 damage to the player landed on.[5]

Saxton Hale cannot be impacted by fall damage,[6] nor can he be healed by a Medi Gun or through health kits.[7] Saxton has a 3x control point capture rate multiplier,[8] but is additionally not able to pick up flags from any team.[9]

Initiating the Flippin' Awesome or Skullcracker taunt as Saxton acts as a taunt kill against the mercenary it was used on. [10][11]

Additionally, the Rock, Paper, Scissors taunt can insta-kill Hale should he lose, no matter the amount of health he has. [12]

Saxton Hale movement starts at at 107% speed (322 Hammer units/s) when moving forward. Saxton's speed ramps up to (522 Hammer units/s) as he takes damage, reaching max speed at 25% of his health left.

Sweeping Charge

Saxton charges up his fist as he yells out in preparation for a rushing punch that knocks opponents away and slams them into walls for extra damage (default key: R). The charge can be held for as long as desired, making Saxton's fist glow blue and freezing him in place, even while in the air. The charge attack can be used to send Saxton in any direction that he is facing, allowing him to reach high places if needed. The charge attack is on a 10 second cooldown and does 55% of the target's total HP and falls off with distance. The charge attack also deals damage to Engineer buildings every tick that it is active. Saxton moves at about 467% speed (1400 HU/S) when using the Saxton Punch.

Saxton Punch!

Saxton starts a 30 second countdown from when he spawns, slowly charging up a devastating attack. When fully charged, this attack turns Saxton's left forearm bright red with critical hit sparks all over it. Saxton also gives an audio cue when the attack is ready, alerting the mercenaries. Upon striking an enemy with Saxton Punch, a shockwave is sent out, damaging every enemy around the target based on their proximity. Saxton Punch automatically applies to the next melee hit when available and does 326 damage before going on cooldown.

Mighty Slam

When Saxton becomes airborne, he has the ability to perform a ground pound, slamming himself back down to the ground with great force. This ability ignores knockback and is triggered by holding the crouch button while in the air (default key: Ctrl). Upon hitting the ground, a big shockwave is sent out in every direction from the point of impact, and every merc close to the landing site takes damaged based on their distance from the point of impact. This ability is on a cooldown for 15 seconds. During the cooldown, Saxton can still hold the crouch key in midair to fall faster, though it will not deal any damage until Mighty Slam is charged.

Brave Jump

Similar to Scout, Saxton has the ability to perform a double jump. Useful as a general mobility tool, this ability launches Saxton forward and upward with no cooldown, only requiring the player to touch the ground to be performed again.


As the mercenaries, players have a few abilities to aid in fending off Saxton. All classes have voice lines specific to Versus Saxton Hale, although all of the new lines are voiced by James McGuinn rather than their official voice actors. These trigger automatically under certain conditions.

Wall climbing

Every mercenary has the ability to scale surfaces with the use of a melee attack. Upon striking a wall or floor, the player is launched upwards to reach advantageous positions with ease.[13]

Last Mann Standing

When there are 3 mercenaries left, all surviving players deal mini-crit damage. When there is 1 mercenary left, the last surviving mercenary deals full critical hits.[14]

Gameplay changes

Some existing gameplay elements (such as classes, weapons, and buildings) have had changes of varying degrees:

Pictogram plus.png  The Force-A-Nature deals increased knockback, which applies within a range of up to 600 Hammer units.[15]
Pictogram plus.png  The Direct Hit and Reserve Shooter always deal mini-crits on Saxton Hale while he is in the air.[16]
Pictogram plus.png  The Market Gardener (while rocket jumping) and backstabs deal 2.5x increased damage.[17][18]
Pictogram plus.png  Telefrags deal 2x damage against Hale,[19] inflicting up to 2000 hit points.
Pictogram plus.png  Sentry Guns are awarded 1 assist for every 200 damage inflicted to Saxton Hale.[20]
Pictogram plus.png  Medics have a 30% damage resistance against Saxton Hale's attacks, but are knocked back with an extra 300 Hammer unit force.[21]
Pictogram plus.png  Medi Guns provide a 2x ÜberCharge rate bonus if an Ubersaw is equipped.[22]
Pictogram plus.png  The Ubersaw gives 50% ÜberCharge on hit.[23]
Pictogram plus.png  The Hitman's Heatmaker has an added 7x Focus multiplier for each hit.[24]
Pictogram plus.png  Spies take 50% less damage from Saxton Hale while cloaked.[25]
Pictogram plus.png  The Diamondback receives 2 critical hits every time Saxton Hale is backstabbed[26]
Pictogram plus.png  Melee weapons for all classes except the Spy deploy 25% faster, have guaranteed crits (except for Market Gardener and Holiday Punch), and have a 60% increased melee range in a 350 Hammer unit proximity between Hale and the player (the Disciplinary Action and Demoman's sword weapons are unaffected by this range increase).[27]
Pictogram plus.png  On-kill effects are now triggered by attacking Saxton Hale. Demoman sword weapons,[28][29] the Killing Gloves of Boxing,[30] the Warrior's Spirit,[31] and the Candy Cane[32] are triggered every hit. Spy knives trigger on every backstab,[33] the Bazaar Bargain triggers on every headshot,[34] and the Air Strike triggers on every 250 damage done to Saxton Hale.[35]
Pictogram info.png  Demoman's shields provide a one-hit immunity against Hale's primary attack; after absorbing an attack, the shield breaks and the player loses any effect from the shield, like the ability to charge.[36]
Pictogram info.png  Weapons and cosmetics utilizing Pyrovision are forcibly disabled in order to prevent Saxton Hale from playing Heavy voice lines.[37]
Pictogram minus.png  The Rocket Jumper and the Sticky Jumper have their bonus reserve ammo removed.[38][39]
Pictogram minus.png  The Scottish Resistance's stickies feature a 20% damage penalty.[40]
Pictogram minus.png  Demoman's sword weapons deal reduced knockback.[41]
Pictogram minus.png  All Miniguns deal 40% less damage.[42]
Pictogram minus.png  The Natascha has an 85% reduced chance of triggering the slowdown-on-hit ability.[43][44]
Pictogram minus.png  Sentry Guns have a 50% damage penalty.[45]
Pictogram minus.png  The Wrangler's damage reduction does not apply to attacks from Saxton Hale[46]
Pictogram minus.png  After backstabbing Saxton Hale, Spies cannot cloak or attack for 2 seconds.[47]


Ana madde: Topluluk Versus Saxton Hale Stratejisi


Ayrıca bakınız: List of maps

Versus Saxton Hale maps carry the vsh_ prefix; community maps are identified with an italic font.

İsim Resim Dosya adı
Distillery Vsh distillery.png vsh_distillery
Nucleus VSH Vsh nucleus.png vsh_nucleus
Skirmish Vsh skirmish.png vsh_skirmish
Tiny Rock Vsh tinyrock.png vsh_tinyrock

Update history

12 Temmuz 2023 Yaması #1 (Summer 2023 Update)
  • Added maps: VSH Distillery, VSH Nucleus, VSH Skirmish, and VSH Tiny Rock.

20 Temmuz 2023 Yaması #1

  • Updated vsh_distillery, vsh_tinyrock, vsh_nucleus, vsh_skirmish
    • TF_Bots now function in Versus Saxton Hale.
    • Fixed first-person spectators not seeing Hale's arms glow when he uses his abilities.
    • Fixed players dropping Player Destruction pickups.
    • Fixed Hale sometimes holding Necro Smasher or Sandvich.
    • Fixed Hale's "Dispenser Down..." line playing for any type of building destroyed.
    • By community request, added Pyro VSH lines, performed by James McGuinn.
    • Updated VSH voice lines for Spy.
    • "Behind you" and "Above you" now play exclusively for the player the line is addressed to.
    • Reduced the frequency of Hale's on-kill lines with more than 20 players currently alive.
    • Mad Milk recharge rate returned to stock value.
    • Demoman's Swords now deal less knockback than other melee weapons.
    • Demoman's Shields will now break when absorbing a Hale punch.
    • Fixed a bug relating to sending a class-restricted duel to Hale during Setup.

20 Temmuz 2023 Yaması #2

  • Enabled Versus Saxton Hale (Community) support for Valve matchmaking servers.

25 Temmuz 2023 Yaması

  • Fixed VSH and other player-destruction gamemodes leaking their HUDs into one another.
  • Fixed Saxton Hale's weapons showing up as being carried by an incorrect/invalid player in VSH.
  • Fixed Saxton Hale's weapons sometimes showing up as invalid in VSH.
  • Fixed a crash that can occur when changing from VSH to another map.
  • Fixed a crash that can occur related to MP3s on VSH maps.
  • Updated vsh_distillery, vsh_tinyrock, vsh_nucleus, vsh_skirmish
    • The script no longer forces mp_winlimit and mp_maxrounds to 0.
    • Community servers now can expand the Script by creating a new file at scripts/vscripts/vsh_addons/main.nut.
    • Community servers now can select the next Hale via SetNextBossByEntity, SetNextBossByEntityIndex and SetNextBossByUserId functions.
    • The Diamondback now gains 2 guaranteed crits upon backstab.
    • Hale's attacks now pierce through damage absorption of the Wrangler shield.
    • Hale will now receive an instructional notification if they haven't performed a Brave Jump during the first 30 seconds of a round.
    • Fixed bugs related to Your Eternal Reward's on-backstab disguise.
    • Fixed Festive Eyelander not gaining heads on-hit.
    • (Hopefully) Fixed Hale sometimes appearing to hold the Necro Smasher or the Sandvich.
    • (Hopefully) Fixed some players being unable to punch as Hale ("A-posing").
    • Fixed Hale disappearing when the game tries (and fails) to gib him.
    • Both sides dying simultaneously now counts as Stalemate.

Unused content

  • Saxton Hale's model includes two unused bodygroups, one that hides his hat (which in turn shows his hair), while the other hides the Australium Macropus buckle on his shorts.


  • No voice lines are present for identifying Saxton Hale as a disguised Spy; attempting to identify Hale as one instead triggers a generic response.


Saxton Hale Taunts

See also


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