Final Destination 2015

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Final Destination 2015
Final Destination 2015 Preview.jpg
Basic information
File name: coop_finaldestination_2015
Release date: June 29, 2015
Last updated: June 29, 2015
Developer(s): Dr.LilRobot
Link(s): Steam Workshop
Map Overview
Final Destination 2015 overview.png

Final Destination 2015 is a map created by Dr.LilRobot for Team Fortress 2 based off the game Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U. The map is based off of the Final Destination stage at the end of Classic Mode, in which you must fight the bosses of Smash Bros: Master Hand, Crazy Hand, the mysterious Master Core, and its five different forms.


In Final Destination 2015, the player/s will have to fight the Smash Bros bosses Master Hand, Crazy Hand, and, depending on the difficulty they choose, the Master Core within them. After making their selections, players are teleported to the stage itself, with the bosses in place. The stage is small with only one medium ammo kit on the side for support. If fighting both hands, once enough damage has been done to the hands, Crazy Hand will disappear and Master Hand will transform into Master Core. Victory is achieved once all the bosses have been eliminated.


Master Hand

Master Hand and Crazy Hand

Master Hand has the following attacks:

  • Master Hand fires lasers from his fingertips.
  • Master Hand snaps his fingers, damaging anyone near the snap.
  • Master Hand fires into the air like a rocket and swoops in from the skybox.
  • Master Hand flaps rapidly, creating a gust of wind to try to push players off the stage.
  • Master Hand makes a wide swipe across the stage.

Crazy Hand

Crazy Hand has the following attacks:

  • Crazy Hand raises up and punches down on the player, followed up by two more quick punches.
  • Crazy Hand fires lasers from his fingertips.
  • Crazy Hand creates a series of magenta rods in which he sticks into the ground one-by-one at intervals along the stage. Players who touch the rods will take damage.
  • Similar to Master Hand, Crazy Hand fires into the air like a rocket and swoops in from the skybox.
  • Crazy Hand runs his fingers across the stage like a plow.

Master Core

Once enough damage to the hands has been inflicted, Master Hand will transform into Master Core, a swarm like being. The boss's transformations will vary depending on the difficulty chosen.

Master Giant

Master Giant

The swarm forms a giant cyclops like creatures that towers above the stage.

Master Giant has the following attacks:

  • Spawns two additional arms with glowing hands. These hands will pound the side of the stage then retract back into the Giant. It will then head slam the center of the stage.
  • Moves its arm quickly across the stage. The movement itself does nothing, but a split second later a slash will appear across the center of the stage, dealing damage.
  • The Giant's head will start glowing, summoning large electric orbs that move towards it.
  • The Giant will scream, creating a massive shockwave that pushes players away from the center of the stage, potentially knocking them off. The attack itself causes no damage however.

Master Beast

Master Beast

The swarms forms a beastlike monster with a scorpion like tail.

Master Beast has the following attacks:

  • Jumps to the side off the stage, then back trying to bite the player, similarly to Master Hand's background punch and plane attacks.
  • Leaps high into the air, then comes back down with a body slam. It will land on either edge of the stage, causing the whole stage to briefly tilt downwards sharply.
  • Spawns spikes on its back, then shoot spikes at the location where the player is standing.
  • The Beast will begin to spark, then generate lightning around it. Any player caught near the Beast when this happens will take damage.

Master Edges

Master Edges

The Swarm flies into the center of the stage, and assumes the form of multiple flying swords.

Master Edges has the following attacks:

  • Launches four projectiles, two at a time, which boomerang back to Master Edges.
  • The swords space themselves to surround the whole stage. The four smaller swords will slash across the stage in a set pattern, then after a brief pause, the large sword will track the player and slam downward.
  • Emits a brief flash of light, then performs a single large simultaneous slash with all 5 blades.

Master Shadow

Master Shadow

The Master Shadow takes the form of a Scout equipped with a stock Scattergun and begin to shoot the players. In this form, the Shadow has the same health as the average Scout, so move fast and you can kill him quick.

Master Fortress

Master Fortress from the outside.

Master Fortress is an entire stage that appears over the main stage where player must search for and destroy a total of 4 heart-like weak points to proceed. Throughout the Fortress are shadowy versions of enemies from Nintendo games such as Geemers from the Metroid series, Lethiniums from the Kid Icarus series, and more shadow versions of Scouts.

Final Core

Once all the previous forms have been defeated, the final core will be revealed. All that is left is to destroy the core, which can be done by attacking it a little. Once destroyed, it will fly above the stage and explode. If the players do not attack the final core then after a while the core will suck all the players near it and self destruct.


  • Currently, the game will crash when loading the map if the player doesn't have the Model quality setting to High.


  • There are several different Smash Bros style trophies all over the map that reference a character.
    • For Dr. LilRobot's credit and in the Game Over area there is a Smash Bros trophy of Callie from the game Splatoon.


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