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Ctf wildfire rc.jpg
Basic information
Map type Capture the Flag
Version: Release Candidate
Release date: January 12, 2010
Last updated: March 21, 2010
Developer(s): Patrick "MangyCarface" Mulholland
Link(s): TF2Maps.net
Map Overview
Wildfire overview.png

Wildfire is a Capture the Flag map focusing on strong combat arenas broken up by arches to prevent unfair sticky escapes. Wildfire is set in a small industrial center surrounded by a crackling forest fire. It features two unconventional Capture the Flag mechanics, capture-at-flag and touch return. Players capture the enemy flag by bringing it to their team's flag instead of a capture zone, and dropped flags can be returned to base by touching it.

Wildfire was created for the TF2Maps.net Competitive CTF Contest. It won first place, finishing above Deliverance and Fusion.


  • Spire: A tall spire, similar to Badlands, in each base, on top of which the flag spawns.
  • House: A small house next to the spire with health and ammo.
  • The Dish: The lower level of the middle of the map, a large dish similar to Hydro
  • Bridge: A bridge over the dish, with a medium health
  • Sewer: Sewers running from the dish to each base
  • Ramp Room: A small room that connects the sewers to each base with a series of ramps


  • Soldiers and Demomen can jump to the top of the spire to easily take the Intelligence.
  • The small building near each team's Intelligence offers Engineers a prime place for Sentry Gun placement.
  • A lack of long sightlines make Snipers wielding rifles hard to use effectively on this map. Instead, equip the Huntsman and Jarate for more close range capability.

Update history

  • Release


  • 20s return time
  • Touch-to-return
  • Flag falls in CZs instant-return
  • Geometry changes to middle routes
  • Fixed displacement seams
  • Added new visblockage to above far route
  • Fixed time-ending bug
  • Added small catwalk to cave path onto road


  • Intelligence location moved to pits
  • Bridge redesigned
  • Upper route to warehouses removed
  • Cap zone location moved to previous upper route
  • Detailing applied
  • Clipping fixed
  • Route added from previous Intelligence location to spire


  • Flags (for now at least) placed on top of spire rather than inside tunnel
  • Tunnels sealed off, too gimmicky
  • Extra lighting added to mid
  • Tire tracks replaced
  • lol hotfix


  • Capture zones parented to flags
  • Ravidge's Intelligence entity system implemented ty ty ty
  • Various brush changes
  • Catwalks onto bridge
  • Ramp back into spawn added


  • Top "quick cap" route removed
  • Bridge clipping improved
  • Route onto bridge towers removed
  • Detailing changes- new dirt color ty to Ravidge
  • Lighting improved
  • Displacement fixes
  • Path near bend in road lowered, smoothed out
  • Clipping fixes everywhere
  • Optimization!
  • Fire glare removed


  • Exterior detail completed
  • Bridge reworked into brushwork for better clipping
  • Ambience(sic), embers added
  • Health packs removed and consolidated
  • Fences added to bend in road for cover before attack and to reduce sightlines
  • Catwalks onto bridges rerouted into buildings for Medic cover
  • 3d Skybox added
  • Minor changes to basements to improve flow
  • Various clipping, brushwork enhancements


  • Beta release
  • Interior detail completed
  • Major optimization reworks
  • Bridge reworked to support the idea of it being the central lane of fire, rather than the three tiers of fighting the girders had been supporting
  • Detail polish added
  • New 2d skybox added
  • Lighting manipulated
  • Hut structure added within flood control room
  • Various other small changes