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Walkway overview.png
Basic Information
Map type: Training Mode
File name: tr_walkway_rc2
Version: rc2
Developer(s): Washipato
{GCN} wisey
Link(s): tf2maps.net
Map Info
Environment: Indoor, industrial/desert
Setting: Day
Hazards: Sentries, Abomination,
Elevators (crushing)
Map Items
Healthico.png Health Kits:
Largehealth.png ×5
Ammoico.png Ammo Boxes:
Largeammo.png ×6
Map Overview
Walkway overview.png
Run home to mama!
The Heavy, controlling the bots

Walkway is a community-made training map. It features AI bots that spawn and walk along the long walkway that runs down the whole map. There are various different options, toggled by shooting in-game buttons, that can customize the playfield to the player's taste. It is useful for headshot training, practicing jumps, and general practice. Other than just offering training help, it is an outstanding choice of map for testing out custom items and their functions, due to the versatile settings of bots.


Control room

The control room, adjacent to where the player spawns, is the nerve center of tr_walkway. It has many controls that will affect the behavior of the bots running along the walkway. These buttons affect everything a bot can do from jumping to strafing, whether or not to fire and more. These buttons can be activated by hitting them with any available weapon.


The walkway is a long strip with hills and a few overhanging catwalks which lead to a pit at the end. The bots on this map will run along this strip (all at the same speed) behaving according to whichever buttons the player has activated in the control room. Alongside the buttons in the control room, there are various controls in the walkway itself.

Sentry room

The sentry room is designed to help a player practice destroying sentry nests and Engineers that might be repairing them. This room has its own dedicated control room that allows for the placement of Engineer buildings, Engineers, and obstacles such as walls. The control room also has buttons to control such actions as having a placed Engineer automatically melee (repair buildings) or heal automatically.



RC2 Changelog

  • Added sentry room
  • Added texture to all buttons
  • Added trajectory selection to the launch-pad
  • Added function to make bot crouch permanently or randomly
  • Added option to spawn different ammount of bots (16, 14, 12, 10, 8, 5, 3, 1 or 0)
  • Added option for servers to choose the maximum ammounts of bots and lock it
  • Added tr_help command to get a list of all avaiable commands
  • Added retractable platform
  • Added window to the first part of the walkway and modified the skybox
  • Added fade distance to lots of props on the main room
  • Added "small step" option to the hill elevation
  • Added option to spawn individual classes for bots
  • Added position selection for the deploy system
  • Added a 100 HP regeneration per second when resupply is enabled
  • Added ammo and health boxes in the top level of the building
  • Added a random option to "Strafe movement" for the bots
  • Added counters to count how many bots were deployed and killed by the player
  • Added option to spawn bots directly on the launch-pad
  • Added option to choose the deploy position of the bots
  • Added a new option to damage bots by 75 damage instead of 124
  • Added 2 new easter eggs
  • Now hoovy and one of the new easter eggs reacts after the player kills a certain ammount of bots
  • Made all metters buttons in addition to the old plus-minus buttons
  • Added "panic mode"
  • Added reset button
  • Added attack options to make bots fire slowly and another to make them fire randomly
  • Added crouch to dodge options
  • Added new texture for the teleport buttons
  • Increased "Aim down" angle for making air blast jump practice easier
  • Changed how the lifts work. The lift to the roof will now stay at the ramp's height and wont

move until a player is on it. If someone goes to the lower floor, the lift will go there and wait for the player. The building lift will only go out when someone is on it.

  • Increased minimum distance to show the help text of the buttons
  • Headshot correction change: If you spawn a different bots wave after spawning "Bots

for headshot training", the bots will aim forward again

  • Removed yellow button aka custom button. Nobody used it as far as we know and it confused people
  • Removed option to turn off "throw bots to the wall"
  • Made the random deploy system slightly more random
  • Made the first easter egg easier and more intuitive to get
  • Changed the position of all cfgs, now they are packed inside the bsp
  • The map doesn't load a map.cfg anymore
  • Added two new cfgs to the map. "help" for the tr_help command and "cvars" for tr_loadcvars command
  • Textured lots of hidden, but rendered, brush faces to nodraw
  • Replaced the brush buttons with props
  • Fixed tr_teleport for clients joining a server
  • Fixed launch-pad power selection not working properly
  • Fixed a case in the launch-pad with random power where the bots would do a small hop
  • Fixed stutter on the ramp
  • Fixed explosives don't working properly on the ramp (it was a bug introduced by valve with the

changes to the explosion radius, fixed by them in an update. This bug is not present in _rc anymore)

  • Fixed rare case where sv_cheats disabled itself. Now its very hard to disable it, this is to

protect the player's stats (sv_cheats will be enabled every time a player respawns)

  • Fixed door on the start of the walkway blocking the control room
  • Fixed rare bug where the random deploy system broke itself
  • Removed collision from some props without vphysics model
  • Major mechanics changes in the deploy, spawn, hill system and all toggle options in the map

RC1 Changelog

  • Map release



Due to the way the map's bots are programmed, there are a number of bugs and altered behavior.

  • After the June 2, 2015 Patch, the line sv_allow_point_servercommand always must be entered in the console for bots and the other map events to work properly.
    • A quick way of doing this would be to make a "tr_walkway_rc2.cfg" file with this command in it so it is run automatically every time the map is loaded.
  • The Pyro spawn button has a broken model.
  • All bots move at the same speed, regardless of their class, due to being pushed by a func_conveyor brush that only affects BLU team.
  • Bullet hitboxes may not match the bot's current animation (i.e. they may be in the standing position while the bot is walking forward). This can affect the ability to perform headshots.
    • A specific button is included in the spawn room to spawn bots for headshot training. It rotates bots so that their head will better approximate the location of the hitbox.
  • Bots stop moving if they walk on top of a teleporter.
    • Trying to use a teleporter while a bot is standing on the exit will destroy the exit instead of completing the telefrag.
  • Stunned bots continue to move unimpeded (due to the func_conveyor brush pushing them).
  • If bots are compression blasted on an incline while moving, they will stop in place until air blasted again.
  • The button for spawning Heavies is not working properly.
    • This is most likely a script error, as adding an AI Heavy bot requires the command "tf_bot_add HeavyWeapons", while a normal bot is spawned by "bot -class Heavy"


  • The TF2 Official Blog made mention to Walkway in the November 18, 2009 blog post.
  • Walkway houses a number of Easter eggs.
    • A bot spawner button can be found hidden in the rafter walkways, named "Release Endangered Species". When hit, the button changes all bots spawned to Spycrabs.
    • Another bot spawner button can be found hidden near the Sentry Gun room, named "Spawn Abomination". When hit, an enormous Pyro, called "ThePyroOverlord" will appear outside of the front windows and use the Hadouken taunt, killing all players and bots in the map.
    • If you get to 200 kills, a special door at the end of the track will open, leading to a room with three to four Level 3 BLU Sentry Guns. If the player can get through that room, an enormous friendly bot which can be any class named "Hoovy", will appear at a window (Hoovy spawns in the skybox).
      • If you try to spawn "Hoovy" before you open the gate with noclip, some text will say "Go back, we know you didn't earn those kills". If you go to the barrier to spawn the friendly bot, some text will say "Hoovy wants those 200 kills".


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