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Pl cranetop.jpg
Basic information
Map type Payload
File name: pl_cranetop_b8
Version: Beta 8
Developer(s): Cybris
Link(s): Gamebanana
Map Info
No. of Stages: 3
Environment: Industrial/desert
Setting: Daytime, sunny
Map Items
Healthico.png Health Kits: Smallhealth.png ×5   •   Mediumhealth.png ×12   •   Largehealth.png ×3
Ammoico.png Ammo Boxes: Smallammo.png ×3   •   Mediumammo.png ×16   •   Largeammo.png ×5

Cranetop is a three-stage dynamic Payload map developed by Cybris. It is a remake of a Team Fortress Classic Hunted map of the same name from the same author, turned into a TF2 Payload map.

A major landmark of the first stage of the map is the eponymous giant crane. The BLU team must walk up the catwalks to the top and capture the control point. As it is being captured, the Payload is slowly lowered until it successfully reaches the tracks. Once fully captured, BLU can proceed with pushing the cart.

In the second stage, the BLU team must push the Payload through a tunnel which has opened from the previous stage. The RED team must stop the Payload, utilizing many walls and objects to hide behind for defense. There is a network of hallways, rooms, and pipes with multiple ways for either team to infiltrate enemy lines.

The final stage is a re-creation of the S.P.E.C.T.R.E. volcano lair and launch pad from the James Bond film You Only Live Twice. Continuing from stage two, the Payload comes out of the tunnel and is put onto a new cart. It is then transported in to the rocket launch station and attached to a magnet. The BLU team must walk up the launch pad and capture a control point to raise the Payload with the magnet. Upon raising the Payload completely, the BLU team wins, and the Payload explodes, killing anyone nearby.


Stage A, Checkpoint 1

Checkpoint 1 is at the base of the crane and the BLU team must lower it by capturing Control Point 1 at the top of the crane. Once the bomb cart reaches checkpoint 1 it can then proceed around the track.

Stage A, Checkpoint 2

Checkpoint 2 is around the side of a large building in the center of the stage.

Stage A, Checkpoint 3

Checkpoint 3 is at the backside of the RED spawn, which becomes BLU's spawn in Stage B.

Stage B

Stage B is down underground, consisting of long narrow hallways and overhead ventilation ducts.

Stage B, Checkpoint 1

Checkpoint 1 is at the bottom of a long narrow hallway leading down toward RED's base. In addition to the front entrance, BLU can attempt to flank RED by attacking through an alternate entrance back in Stage A.

Stage B, Checkpoint 2

Checkpoint 2 is after the second turn in the track and just before an alcove on the left of the track.

Stage B, Checkpoint 3

The final checkpoint is right in front of RED's spawn, which becomes BLU's spawn at Stage C.

Stage C

The final stage is still underground, however, the hallways and rooms are much more open than in Stage B.

Stage C, Checkpoint 1

The first checkpoint is in the middle of a large open room. When the bomb cart reaches that point it changes from a cart to riding a rail.


  • Since both spawns are accessible to the other team and there are many routes to each spawn, spawn camping is a common strategy for both teams on this map.
  • Sentry Gun placement is difficult in Stages A and C due to the openness of the areas, though a knowledgeable Engineer can find workable spots almost anywhere.
  • Atop the storage car in the alcove to the left of Checkpoint 2 on Stage B is a common place to see a Sentry Gun.
  • Since Stage A is so open with many routes of attack, Teleporters for BLU are practically useless. However, since the distance from spawn increases for Stages B and C, they become essential.
  • The roof of the large central building in Stage A is a great point to attack from so whichever team controls the roof typically controls the Stage.
  • Underneath the map are a network of tunnels. Use them to get to other parts of the map.

Update history

Beta 8
  • Fixed grayscale issue by deleting the color correction entity
  • Fixed monorail cart passing over ducked players
  • Fixed getting stuck on the large girders in stage 3
  • Fixed some bad displacements
  • Fixed getting stuck behind the barrels in the round room in stage 2
  • Fixed a hole in the upper floor of stage 3
  • Fixed the custom chalkboard texture showing up in other maps
  • Added small side rooms at stage 2 cap 2 to defuse that chokepoint
  • Added a small tunnel between stage 3 rocket room and the upstairs area
  • Added a bit more cover from Snipers in stage 3
  • Added a map list icon
  • Remade the stairs that lead to the rocket tower
  • Used a different cart switching method for stage 3
  • More performance improvements for stage 3

Beta 7

  • Fixed grayscale display on map restart after stage 3 BLU win
  • Fixed the cart moving backwards too fast
  • Allowed more time for the server to change carts to eliminate the floating bomb bug
  • Moved stage 2 last cp a bit. Should be easier to capture now
  • Added entrances to stage 2 last cp room from the air vent area
  • Deleted the electric transformer room in stage 3 because the route was redundant
  • Deleted a redundant entrace to stage 3 from the BLU side
  • Slightly shortened the stage 3 mining tunnel
  • Added a bit of cover to RED spawn 3 so not everyone gets sniped when exiting the spawn room
  • Changed the area under the rocket room a bit, providing some space to hide Spies or Teleporters
  • For visual feedback the monorail cart is now destroyed when the crane picks up the bomb
  • Lots of performance improvements for the last room

Beta 6 --

  • Rotated the rocket tower and shortened stage 3 track
  • Enlarged the fenced area in the volcano
  • Re-added steps to the upper ramp in stage 3 rocket dome
  • Reconstructed the upper stage 3 right side room with more cover
  • Added a room and two small tunnels to stage 3, deleted dropdown vent
  • Added another CP to stage 3 - it's fake (8 is max), but works mostly like a real one
  • Added more cover to stage 3 volcano dome side entrances
  • Moved the BLU blackboard so that it actually gets read
  • Fixed a faulty one-way door and added "Dead end" signs in stage 3
  • Fixed getting stuck on the cart at the switch to the monorail
  • Fixed invisible stairs being solid in stage 2 sewers
  • Fixed faulty stairs in stage 1 wooden warehouse
  • Fixed a small spot from where you could jump over the RED spawn wall
  • Converted some func_details to displacements or world brushes to free entities

Beta 5

  • Brutally reduced the number of entities to avoid "ED_Alloc: no free edicts"

Beta 4

  • Added a third stage
  • Added a mission briefing with text and screenshots
  • Added in-game instructions on crane operation via chalk boards
  • Lowered spawn times except on last CPs of the stages
  • Redesigned and enlarged back entrance room and back door to stage 2
  • Enlarged small steps in the entrance hall at CP 6
  • Enlarged small sewers at stage 2 RED spawn and added more signage
  • Enlarged RED spawn exit area on stage 1 and added some detail and a wall
  • Slightly moved stage 1 tracks so players can get between the cart and RED spawn
  • Added even more clips to doors, stairs and railings
  • Fixed getting stuck below the warehouse
  • Fixed dead end sewer pipes not being black
  • Fixed more occurrences of getting stuck when being pushed by the Payload
  • Changed some stairs to props
  • Made a number of optical changes

Beta 3

  • Fixed Engineers being able to block spawn exits with Teleporters
  • Fixed cart going past CP A3 without capping
  • Fixed bomb not disappearing when it explodes
  • Fixed BLU spawn class-changing zone not extending to doors
  • Added more clips to doors
  • Added cubemaps for the office area
  • Added another plank to the bend
  • Added glow to most lights
  • Made sewer pipes easier to enter
  • Moved a blue arrow sign that was slightly misleading
  • Made a number of optical changes

Beta 2

  • Fixed cubemap problem by uploading the correct file this time ;-)
  • Added Hydro-style arrows
  • Added railings to the crane ramps
  • Reduced respawn times
  • Added some cover to the tunnel leading underground
  • Moved spawn points away from the door in stage 2 RED spawn
  • Added health and ammo to the small watchtower
  • Closed redundant wooden warehouse access
  • Added a board to the crate stack at the big bend
  • Moved CP A3 so that no one can get pushed through the blast door
  • Added more clips to prevent sticky door frames
  • Added a trigger_push under the Payload touchdown zone
  • The crane fence now disappears on capture
  • Fixed players getting stuck on the Payload
  • Fixed stickies not bouncing off the Payload
  • Fixed stickies not bouncing off the setup doors
  • Fixed cameras not looking at the correct CP
  • Fixed being able to stand on the fence at the large watchtower
  • Fixed being able to sticky jump on top of the milk building
  • Fixed visualizer textures
  • Fixed incorrect CP names
  • Compiled with HDR and built HDR cubemaps
  • Made the lights brighter
  • Made a number of optical changes

Beta 1

  • First release