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Orange X redspawn controlpoint2.jpg
Basic information
Map type Control Point
File name: cp_orange_x
Version: Final/Stable
Developer(s): WhiteWolf_X
Link(s): (archive)
Map Info
Environment: Devtextures
Setting: Daylight, sunny
Pyrovision: No
Map Overview
Orange X overview.png

Orange_X is a community-made Symmetrical Control Point map released in 2007. It consists of a base for each team, an open second Control Point for each team, and a central Point located on a tower in the middle. Unlike other Symmetrical Control Point maps, Orange_X doesn't set a limited time for the teams to win; the control points may remain either captured or not for as long as the map lasts.

Most Orange maps are known for their lack of textures and/or lack of obstacles, along with Control Points that have exceptionally long cap times, which encourages players to simply fight in a "deathmatch" style setting.


Many different variations and revisions of Orange exist, including versions with more props and/or textures, different theming, slightly different layouts or spawn room modifications, different lighting/time of day, or different weather, such as snow or rain.

There are at least 70 currently known variations of Orange, including, in alphabetical order:

  • cp_ghs_western_x
  • cp_orange_50f_tower
  • cp_orange_5bo_v7
  • cp_orange_asylum
  • cp_orange_basement_mbm
  • cp_orange_bonk_v9c
  • cp_orange_exe
  • cp_orange_final
  • cp_orange_gamerland_classic
  • cp_orange_hg_v8
  • cp_orange_holidays_2015
  • cp_orange_holidays_night_2015
  • cp_orange_l
  • cp_orange_longway_e
  • cp_orange_minecraft_2013
  • cp_orange_minecraft_2015
  • cp_orange_minecraft_night_2013
  • cp_orange_minecraft_night_2015
  • cp_orange_n
  • cp_orange_NsR_X_Tower_beta2
  • cp_orange_se
  • cp_orange_sg
  • cp_orange_skiver_v5
  • cp_orange_skyward
  • cp_orange_storm
  • cp_orange_super_fort_beta2
  • cp_orange_towers
  • cp_orange_towers_2
  • cp_orange_usk
  • cp_orange_usk_xmas
  • cp_orange_vote_2016c
  • cp_orange_vx4_b13
  • cp_orange_western
  • cp_orange_wow_2013
  • cp_orange_wow_2015
  • cp_orange_x666
  • cp_orange_x-treme
  • cp_orange_x_[lolz]_v18
  • cp_orange_x_7
  • cp_orange_x_koth_alpha5
  • cp_orange_x_oreon
  • cp_orange_x3
  • cp_orange_x3_[lolz]_v3
  • cp_orange_x3_christmas
  • cp_orange_x3_exe
  • cp_orange_x3_dc7_v2
  • cp_orange_x3_ddr
  • cp_orange_x3_fix
  • cp_orange_x3_fuS
  • cp_orange_x3_island_meax
  • cp_orange_x3_minecraft_june
  • cp_orange_x3_mug
  • cp_orange_x3_natural
  • cp_orange_x3_night_2015
  • cp_orange_x3_se2_fix5a
  • cp_orange_x3_skial
  • cp_orange_x3_top
  • cp_orange_x4
  • cp_orange_x4_snow
  • cp_orange_x4_viper
  • cp_orange_x5
  • cp_orange_x5_fixed
  • cp_orange_xmas
  • cp_orange_xmas_2013
  • cp_orange_z3
  • cp_orange_z4
  • cp_orange_z7
  • cp_orange2_b3_1
  • cp_orangemas_z4
  • cp_orangemas_z7
  • cp_oranges_rc1


Each Control Point has a different name printed in the HUD, by order from RED's first Control Point to BLU's first Control Point (Control Point 1 to Control Point 5)


  • Players can get out of the map by jumping above the spawns.
  • Ragdolls don't collide with some props.
  • Control Points' metallic bases don't reflect their current ownership once getting a first owner if the map was loaded for first time or after a map's reload.
  • The sun's position doesn't match with the map's lighting origin.
  • Players can enter the enemy spawn.


  • cp_orange_x is a "Control Point" remake of dod_orange, originally made by BSL for Day of Defeat.
  • A wolf sculpture can be seen inside and behind the spawns; it represents the avatar of the map's author, WhiteWolf_X.
  • cp_orange_x3 is the most known and popular variation of Orange_X. It is also, in most cases, the used map to create other map variations.