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We have you surrounded, at least from this side!
The Soldier

In Territorial Control, the objective is to take over the entire map by capturing 'territories'. A Territorial Control map is split into several different territories, each possessing a Control Point. One territory on each end of the map represents one of the team's bases; the others are split equally between the teams. Each round in a Territorial Control match consists of a point-versus-point skirmish between adjacent territories. The configuration to be played is chosen randomly each round, with the condition that each team be in control of one of the points. Once the round begins, each team tries to seize the opposing point while preventing the enemy from doing the same to theirs. When a team seizes the enemy's Control Point, they win the round and seize the territory. The match then continues with another configuration based on the new territorial controls. If a team is down to their base point, the next round will pit the base against an adjacent territory. The offending team must now capture the enemy team's base while the other defends it. If the attacking team seizes the base, that team wins the game, and a new game will begin with the territories reset.

Rounds always last for eight minutes. Normally, Standard Control Point rules apply, meaning if time expires with neither point seized, sudden death will ensue. When a base is being attacked, Attack/Defend rules apply instead; the defending team will automatically re-seize the attacking team's point if time expires before the enemy can seize the base. Overtime is also in effect and will activate when time expires with a control point capture in progress.


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Territorial Control maps

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Territorial control maps carry the tc_ prefix.

Name Picture File name
Hydro TF2 Hydro Map.jpg tc_hydro

Update history

October 10, 2007 (Initial Game Release)

  • Added Territorial Control mode.
  • Added map: Hydro.

April 25, 2016 Patch