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Ctf fusion b1.jpg
Basic information
Map type Capture the Flag
Version: Beta 2
Last updated: May 8, 2010
Developer(s): Kevin "Ravidge" Brook
Link(s): TF2Maps.net
Map Info
Environment: Industrial
Setting: Daylight, snowy
Map Overview
Fusion overview.png

Fusion is a community-made Capture the Flag map created for the TF2Maps.net's Competitive CTF Contest. It won third place, finishing behind Wildfire and Deliverance. It employs a variation on CTF in which the enemy Intelligence is captured at the friendly Intelligence. The Intelligence has a 15-second return time.


The Middle

The main battleground of the map; there is no way around it and you are forced to move through this area to travel between bases. It's wide and open, features an iconic railway bridge overhead with a large brick support placed in the middle of the area. There are two small buildings to each side of the middle which provides both health and ammo. Each base has 3 exits into the middle.

The Base

The bases are very loosely defined in Fusion, and most of the fighting takes place outdoors. Some of the key areas in each base are:

  • Intelligence room: Unlike what you would expect, the Intelligence is very easy to access. It is located between the spawn room and the center building.
  • Center building: A heavily trafficked area that connects the base to the middle. Contains a medium health kit which is very valuable to both attackers and defenders. There are small staircases inside that you can use to gain a small but significant height advantage.
  • Flank: The indoor side route that goes around the center building and leads to a drop down (one-way) exit, and another larger exit on the catwalks leading to the Intelligence room's roof.
  • Pipes: The route on the opposite side of the flank, a small hill with a bunch of pipes running above it. The hill serves as a natural divider between the middle and the base.
  • Slope: The section between the pipes and the spawn room.
  • Spawn room: Has two separate exits, one leading to the Intelligence room, the other faces the slope and pipes.


  • The large, open middle allows for rocket and sticky jumping.
  • Protect your Intelligence carrier at all times, as dropping the enemy Intelligence inside your own base allows enemy ambushers to score a quick capture.
  • Offensive play is rewarded over defensive style. If you can score inside the enemy base when assaulting with the Intelligence, you will be able to pick up the enemy Intelligence again as it respawns in their Intelligence room.



a1: initial release.

a2: New everything. Too much to count, the layout is roughly the same though.

a3: COLD AND ICE! Health and ammo updates, Intelsystem update (now plays sounds even to dead players), Map Looks a whole *lot better.

a4: Removed Touch-return. Lowered returntime to 30 sec. minor changes to clipping and health.

a5: minor quickfixes. Some new texturework, loads of snow overlays.

a6: new base structure, new mid layout. Lowered returntime to 15 sec. Dropdown redone. Lighter snowfall.

a7: ???

b1: detailing, custom props added. Flagged the snow as a weather effect.

b2: Optimization. closed the narrow passage in the bases. Restructured the indoor side passage. Closed the upper exit in the middle building.


  • The early versions of Fusion featured a touch-return mechanic on the Intelligences.

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