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Doppler spawn view.png
Basic information
Map type Mann vs. Machine
File name: mvm_doppler_b12
Version: b12
Release date: September 8, 2018
Last updated: July 4, 2019
Developer(s): Blade x64
Map Info
Environment: Spytech Facility
Setting: Arctic, Midday
Map Items
Healthico.png Health Kits: Smallhealth.png ×2  •  Mediumhealth.png ×12  •  Largehealth.png ×2
Ammoico.png Ammo Boxes: Smallammo.png ×1   •   Mediumammo.png ×7   •   Largeammo.png ×7
Map Overview
Doppler overview.png
That was my point you were standin' on!
The Demoman, defending Doppler's gates.

Doppler is a community-created Mann vs. Machine map made and released by Blade x64. The map has players defending an office-like, underground spytech and radar facility that is obscured by otherwise virtually untouched, snow-covered forests.

Similarly to the official Mann vs. Machine map Mannhattan, this map includes two gate areas, labelled Gate A and Gate B, that invading gatebots will attempt to capture like Control Points whilst ignoring the bomb. Additionally, tanks do not spawn on this map.

This map uniquely prevents players from accessing large areas of the map until after the first few waves of robots within a mission have been defeated. During the first wave of any mission played on this map, players are confined to the spytech facility area of the map, with robots spawning from two passages near the final gate, Gate B. When the first wave of a mission has been completed, players are granted access to a larger, more exterior portion of the map and must attack the robots as they spawn near the first gate, Gate A, while defending Gate B. Upon completing the second wave of a mission on this map, players are given full access to the remainder of the map, but must defend both Gates A and B against robots which, from the third wave onward, spawn exclusively from the forest area of the map until one of the gates have been captured.

This map contains 5 custom missions: the Intermediate mission Shortwave, the Advanced missions Force Restart, Endothermic Espionage and Delta Drop, and the Expert mission Nuclear Winter. Additionally, this map is compatible with every officially-released Mannhattan mission.


The map is split into three distinct regions that are gradually revealed to players as the first waves within a mission are completed.


The outdoors, forested areas of the map are the farthest away from the bomb hatch and consist of flat, icy, and rocky fields with several large boulders and towering rocks dispersed throughout them. For the first two waves of any mission played on this map, players are completely prohibited from accessing this area.

  • Hilltops: Robots will spawn from two paths from atop the hills that compose the edge of the forest region in this map. Robots that spawn in these hilltops are typically giant robots (including giant gatebots) or support bots that will attempt to attack players more.
  • Cave: Located below some of the hilltops is a cave with an additional passageway which robots will spawn from. Robots that spawn in this cave passageway are typically gatebots or other support robots that can swiftly or easily get to Gate A in order to capture it.

Submarine Bay

The submarine bay is a region in between the spytech facility and the forest that consists of a straight path from the spytech facility that leads to a bridge, and an additional path that leads underneath the bridge, with both paths eventually reaching a seemingly nonoperational submarine bay.

  • Gate A: The first gate area within the map, located near the suspended submarine. This gate must be captured before the next and final gate area, Gate B, can be captured. On the second wave of any mission played on this map, this gate is automatically unlocked. This gate is split into two areas that robots will spawn from:
    • Gate 1: The significantly larger of the two gates composing of Gate A. Robots spawning from this gate are typically the main forces of the waves they are included in, with giant robots, Sentry Busters, and most non-support robots spawning from this gate.
    • Gate 2: The smaller of the two gates composing of Gate A. Robots spawning from this gate are typically support bots whose paths, which typically steer clear of the straightforward main paths that robots which spawn from the larger gate tend to take, cause the bots to typically attempt to sneak by players instead of necessarily directly attacking them.
  • Submarine: Near Gate A is a miniature submarine suspended by two hooks, which can serve as a sufficient location for an Engineer to place his buildings upon or behind, or as a general means of shielding oneself from robot attacks. This submarine may prove especially useful when Gate A has been captured by the robots.
  • Upgrade Station: Behind a wall near the submarine bay is an additional Upgrade Station which can be mainly used to purchase upgrades from within the submarine bay without having to move back to spawn. This Upgrade Station cannot be accessed in between waves.

Spytech Facility

The spytech facility area of the map is the closest region to where the player spawn is located and the location of the bomb hatch. This region consists of several levels, many of which have see-through glass floors that give players the ability to observe what is happening underneath them while remaining safe from damage below them.

  • Gate B: The final gate area within the map, located on the bottom floor of the spytech facility area. Gate A must be captured by the robots before this gate can. On the first wave of any mission played on this map, this gate is automatically unlocked. This gate is split into two areas that robots will spawn from:
    • Upper Gate: The higher of the two gates composing of Gate B and the location of the capture zone for both. Robots spawning from this gate will take more direct, shorter paths to get to the bomb hatch.
    • Lower Gate: The lower of the two gates composing of Gate B. Robots spawning from this gate will take more indirect, longer paths to get to the bomb hatch.
  • Ventilation system: The ventilation system can be used by players to boost themselves from a lower level of the spytech facility area to a higher level, or vice versa, by taking one of several passages within the vents located on every level of the area. Each passage has an ammo pack and health kit of varying sizes located somewhere near it.


July 4, 2019[1]
  • Improved player navigation and control

September 25, 2018

  • Fixed Dragon's Fury and Huntsman projectiles not projectiling around B gates.
  • Upped vertical push force of vents.

September 15, 2018

  • Probably fixed the Dragon's Fury.
  • Upped push force in upper vent.
  • Added nav connection so bots can get on top of outside rock.
  • Analyzed nav with brushes disabled so bots can see.
  • Upgraded health packs near hatch.
  • "Ze Goggles" -> "Medic Goggles"

September 14, 2018

  • Moved final hatch forward 64 units.
  • Fixed missing railing clip.
  • Removed nobuild from upper exterior rocks.
  • Minor Ładny.
  • Fixed missing bot_giant tags. (Force Restart mission)
  • Kritz Medics are no longer poor and Irish. (Force Restart mission)
  • W1 - Replaced final kritz Demo cluster with flying swordsmen. (Force Restart mission)
  • W2 - Granted final Heavy some Über Medics. (Force Restart mission)
  • W4 - Removed giant Scouts. (Force Restart mission)
  • W4 - Reduced final giant Heavy/Medic clusters from 3 to 2.... (Force Restart mission)

September 10, 2018

  • Fixed engineer bot sentry spots not being enabled for the first section.
  • Simplified advanced wave. (Force Restart mission)


  • This map, along with its missions Shortwave and Force Restart, was implemented as part of Potato's Custom MvM Servers' community Mann vs. Machine campaign event, Operation Canteen Crasher.
  • A glowing Saxxy can be found on a desk in a windowed-out office within the spytech facility portion of the map.
  • There are two inaccessible doors directly to the right of the player spawn which appear to lead to a very long hallway with two more doors at the end of it. Going through the two doors at the end of the hallway by noclipping through them or viewing inside of them as a Spectator reveals a red room full of unhinged "Top Secret" doors.
    • Additionally, several decals can be found on one of the walls in the room, which appear to be custom robot icons for a Kritzkrieg Medic, Direct Hit Soldier, Enforcer Spy, and Australium Ambassador Spy. These icons appear identical to some of the custom robot icons used in the Shortwave and Force Restart missions on this map as a part of Operation Canteen Crasher.
  • The map name "Doppler" is in reference to the Doppler weather radars widely used by meteorologists to track precipitation and predict where it will fall to over time.
    • The map name "Doppler" may also be a reference to the Doppler effect, which states that the frequency of a wavelength increases or decreases as an observer and the source of the wave move closer or farther from each other
    • Additionally, the mission name "Shortwave" is a term used to refer to waves of a certain frequency and size that are typically used for radio broadcasting and long-distance communications, while the mission name "Force Restart" refers to a computing process where users remove power from the hardware of a machine entirely and start the machine up again to resolve potential software issues within it.


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