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Overlook main.jpg
Basic information
Map type Capture the Flag
File name: ctf_overlook
Version: Beta 1
Release date: January 13, 2010
Last updated: May 8, 2010
Developer(s): Anton "DaBeatzProject" Lecock
Link(s): TF2maps.com
Map Info
Environment: Desert
Setting: Dusk
Map Items
Healthico.png Health Kits: Smallhealth.png ×6   •   Mediumhealth.png ×4
Ammoico.png Ammo Boxes: Smallammo.png ×4   •   Mediumammo.png ×6
Map Overview
Overlook overview.png

Overlook is a community-made Capture the Flag map created for TF2Maps.net's Competitive CTF Contest. It placed 10th overall with 57 points. This map is similar to 2Fort because of the way that the battlements and the bridge are designed.


Outdoor locations

  • Bridge: The bridge connecting RED's and BLU's bases in the center of the map. The bridge has a security checkpoint on each end of the bridge. Inside the security checkpoints, there is a small window that can give Snipers a bit of coverage and a line of sight into RED's base. Along with the window there is a drop down that leads to a room with a small ammo pack and a small Health pack, along opening leading under the bridge. On the backs of the security checkpoints, there is a small electrical box that can be double-jumped onto, which allows Scouts to get onto the roof of the building. There are two light posts on the sides of the bridge that can be jumped on top of by Scouts and rocket/sticky jumpers.
  • Side Entrance: The underpass of the bridge leads to RED's and BLU's side entrances located at the edge of the map. Inside these entrances there is a L-shaped ramp leading to the Intelligence room. Under the ramp there is a medium ammo pack and a medium Health kit. At the top lading of the ramp there are two open windows with a sight line into the teams security checkpoint.
  • Battlements: After crossing the bridge, there are battlements running across the way to the back entrance yard. The battlements have coverage on the right side facing the middle bridge and a small shack on the left. The battlements can be accessed by a dirt ramp behind the battlements which leads into the shack. It can also be accessed by a room on the right side of the battlements and by double jumping on top of a parked truck in front of the battlements as the Scout. These battlements give Snipers sight lines to the other enemy's battlements, the enemy's side entrance, and into the enemy's security checkpoint. Under the battlements there is a medium ammo pack and a small Health kit.
  • Back Entrance Yard: The back entrance yard is located behind the battlements and gives access to two entrances leading to the Intelligence room. This area is heavily trafficked by both teams, so it is an ideal place for Engineers to set up. In the far entrance of the yard, there is a room with a medium ammo pack and a medium Health pack.

Indoor locations

  • Intelligence room: The Intelligence room is in the very center of either team's base. The team's spawn is located right next to the Intelligence room, so stealing the enemy's Intelligence can be tricky. This room can be accessed by going through the side entrance, the back entrances, or the vents. The Intelligence is located in the center of the room on top of a desk. In this room, there is a small ammo pack and a small Health kit.
  • Vents: The vents are small passageways linking the Intelligence room, the side entrances, and the battlements together. Classes that can jump high (such as Scouts and rocket-jumping Soldiers) are the only classes that can make it to the battlements through the vents because, in the vents, there is a small drop down that cannot be accessed through crouch-jumping.

Update history

Jan. 13 2010 - A1
  • Initial release

Jan. 16 2010 - A2

  • Rebuilt the whole spawn+Intelligence area, added sewers leading to bases.

Jan. ?? 2010 - A3

  • Whoops. Never really released.

Jan. 24 2010 - A4

  • Added spawn exit, made Intelligence room smaller, small tweaks to sewers, changed bridge.

Jan. 28 2010 - A5

  • Detailed red spawn, changed Intelligence area, changed sky+lighting, tweaked the sewers, changed bridge.

Jan. ?? 2010 - A6

  • Whoops. Never really released.

Feb. 08 2010 - A7

  • Deleted sewers, made intelroom's roof higher, several small changes overal, changed sky+lighting.

Mar. 08 2010 - A8

  • Changed route from mid to Intelligence area, tweaked gamemode, various fixes.

Apr. 01 2010 - A9

  • Reworked Intelligence areas, spawns, .. Only mid remained the same.

Apr. ?? 2010 - A10

  • Failed version, never really tested.

May 08 2010 - B1

  • BETA ONE!! This says all!


  • None of the main buildings' roofs can be jumped on top of.
  • Some parts of the map on top of the battlements can be seen through.
  • Most props are darker than they normally are.
  • Engineers on this map can be overpowered because of the map's relatively small size.