Aggiornamento Cecchino contro Spia

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Questo articolo riguarda il contenuto rilasciato con l'aggiornamento. Per la patch vedi Patch del 21 maggio 2009.
Sniper vs Spy titlecard.png
Avete incontrato l’Esploratore, il Soldato, il Demolitore, il Grosso, l’Ingegnere e il Cecchino. Poi, per qualche ragione, un tramezzino. Ma ora è tempo di incontrare il più furtivo, scaltro, riservato ed elegante membro di tutta la squadra di TF... ...di nuovo...
Blog Ufficiale di TF2

L'Aggiornamento Cecchino vs. Spia è stato il quinto aggiornamento principale di Team Fortress 2 ed il primo a contenere materiale per due classi.

Inizialmente al centro dell'aggiornamento vi era la classe del Cecchino: un annuncio dato il quarto giorno, tuttavia, rivelò che anche la Spia avrebbe ricevuto nuovi oggetti. Le due classi hanno ricevuto tre Armi nuove, nonché i relativi risultati.

L'aggiornamento è stato annunciato il 1 aprile 2009 e rilasciato con la Patch del 21 maggio 2009.


L'Aggiornamento Cecchino contro Spia è stato originariamente annunciato il 12 maggio 2009 in un post «G'day» sul Blog Ufficiale di TF2.

Durante i due giorni del fine settimana gli annunci si sono interrotti, per poi riprendere il 18 maggio.

Materiale Aggiunto


Huntsman Arco da Cacciatore
Razorback Razorback
Jarate Giarate
Ambassador Ambasciatore
Dead Ringer Cipollotto Letale
Cloak and Dagger Orologio Mimetico


Batter's Helmet Elmetto da Battitore
Soldier's Stash Elmetto Militare
Pyro's Beanie Cappellino da Piro
Demoman's Fro Afro
Football Helmet Casco da football
Mining Light Luce da minatore
Prussian Pickelhaube Elmo Prussiano
Trophy Belt Cintura Trofeo
Fancy Fedora Borsalino Elegante


Nome Immagine Modalità di gioco Nome del file
Pipeline Pipeline.jpg Corsa dei carrelli
RED Bombcart.pngBLU Bombcart.png
Sawmill (Arena) Sawmill.PNG Arena
Nucleus (Arena) Arenanucleus.jpg Arena
Hoodoo Plhoodoo.jpg Carrello
Hoodoo Bombcart.png

Pre-announcement references

While officially announced on May 2nd, 2009, Valve had hinted prior to the release.

"Jarate: The Jar-Based Karate" Flyer

Jarate: The Jar Based Karate

On April 1, 2009, Valve published a post on the Official Blog, A sneak preview of the next class update!, showing an order form for the Sniper's new weapon, Jarate. However, due to the date of the posting, April Fool's Day, many believed the advertisement to be a joke.

Sniper Update Confirmation

The next day, April 2, 2009, Valve published yet another post on the Official Blog, Wave goodbye to yer head, wanker, which confirmed that the Sniper was indeed the next class to be receiving an update. The post also hinted at 2 other updates, one that would be completed before the Sniper Updates release, and another that include some new content for all classes. These were later revealed to be the Spy update and the addition of hats respectively.

Sniper Primary Weapon Exploration

On May 5, 2009, Valve made a post titled You better hold onto your head, mate which explored the reasoning as to how the Snipers new primary weapon came about. It discussed that one of the main reasons for the unlock was due to players feeling hatred towards Snipers, as they were the cause of many deaths that were outside their area of engagement. The article concluded stating that the Snipers new unlock would promote the Sniper to move in closer to his enemies to give them a fighting chance.


  • The Sniper vs. Spy Update also brought about the implementation of the item drop system. For a brief period, the new Sniper and Spy weapons were only obtainable through random drops, regardless of how many achievements had been completed. This was changed back just over a week later with the Patch del 29 maggio 2009, which brought back the Milestone System in addition to the item drop system.
  • Sawmill (Arena) was the first map for Team Fortress 2 created and released by Valve that contained an atmospheric effect with the introduction of ambient rain. Along with Pipeline, it was also one of the first official maps to take place at night.
  • A BLU Spy periodically appeared behind the RED Sniper in the Day 3 post of the Sniper Update, before the joint Spy Update was ultimately revealed.
  • By counting all of the Announcement days, the weekend delay and the bonus day, the Sniper vs. Spy Update is the longest major update to Team Fortress 2.
  • The Camera Beard can be seen before it was released, listed on the catalog on Day 4, with writing from the Spy calling it "ridiculous".

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