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Suijin main.jpg
Información básica
Tipo de mapa: Rey de la Colina
Nombre del archivo: koth_suijin
Lanzamiento: Parche del 2 de julio de 2015
(Actualización Gun Mettle)
Desarrollado por: Freyja
Kevin «Ravidge» Brook
Maxime «Mimas Torres» Dupuis
Información del mapa
Entorno: Japanese cliffside
Escenario: Daylight, sunny
Peligros: Pitfall
Aguas profundas: No
Objetos del mapa
Healthico.png Botiquines: Smallhealth.png ×2  •  Mediumhealth.png ×5
Ammoico.png Cajas de munición: Smallammo.png ×4   •   Mediumammo.png ×7   •  
Largeammo.png ×1
Sello de Mapa
Item icon Map Stamp - Suijin.png

Suijin es un mapa de arena situado en un acantilado japonés creado en honor a Suijin, el dios del agua en la mitología japonesa. Originalmente era un mapa personalizado, Suijin fue agregado en los servidores oficiales de Valve durante la Actualización Gun Mettle.

El mapa se centra en el tejado. Uno de los lemas que surgió mientras se creaba el mapa era "clip only if have to," so things like the far off islands, the roof tops, hiding spots are free game. Este mapa cuenta con un nuevo tema totalmente desarrollado para él.

Suijin fue el primer mapa creado con el pack de contenido japonés.

Una porción del dinero hecho por la venta del Pase de la Campaña Gun Mettle para la campaña de Gun Mettle fue dirigida a los autores de este mapa.

Temporizador de puntos de control

Punto de Control Multiplicador Segundos
#Arena_cap ×1
24 ,000
16 ,000
13 ,091
11 ,520

Registro de cambios

Registro de cambios:


  • Made the banners on the walls in the pagoda nonsolid to prevent being caught on them.
  • Fixed a case of zfighting.
  • Fixed a case of floating rocks.
  • Clipped the peak of the roof outside spawn.


  • ¡Se ha publicado la versión 1!
  • Fixed broken cap point.
  • Fixed texture seam on skybox waterfalls.
  • Clipped some beams.
  • Lowered the pitch of the gongs.
  • Bamboo!


  • Further optimisation
  • Redid the 3D skybox
  • Did some extra detailing to the cap room, changed the detailing (especially OOB) on red side versus blue side.
  • Various other bugfixes.


  • Thousands of bugfixes;
    • fixed nodraw surfaces
    • fixed weird clipping in a few places
    • fixed light bleeds
    • fixed waterfall particles
    • fixed various zfighting issues
    • brighened some areas
    • fixed lightmap and displacement seams
    • fixed places you can get stuck
    • fixed magical katanas
    • fixed some weird clipping on the terraced path.
  • Extended fence on the cliff to make it clear that it's clipped
  • Some optimisation, a litle improvement in FPS (up to 40% in some areas), but probably the best I can do.


  • Full artpass, however
    • 3d sky needs more work
    • waterfall particles broke for some reason
    • optimisation needed
    • some lighting bugs
  • Made the pagoda square

Edición a8 桜:

  • Made the platform out the back of the cliffside building a little bigger.
  • More caustics.
  • Brightened the cliffside building.
  • Brightened the area under the waterfall.


  • Unclipped the far stone pillar, I see no reason why it should be clipped as getting out there is putting you at a disadvantage and consistency is better than clipping.


  • Swapped the small health in the cliff building with the medium health.
  • Nobuilded rooves due to popular opinion.
  • Players are blocked from leaving spawn until round start.
  • More detailing.
  • Remade the cliffside building.


  • Modelled bridges.
  • Added a railing to the platform with the medium health - doesn't actually protect anything, but hopefully is a visual notifier to the fact that the platform is there.
  • Some displacing and some detailing, and some displaced detailing.
  • Caustics!


  • Made the back waterfall and area under the boardwalk passable, just so there are no arbitary clipping.
  • Nobuilded the area below the waterfall.
  • Changed the back building so that players cannot hide behind the point of the roof.
  • Sunk the point a little.
  • Added small health to the cliff building.
  • Welcome camera and a spectator point.


  • Removed the fence that blocked the sightline down the back of the map, replaced it with some rocks that block the route instead.
  • Prettied up some bridges.
  • Added areaportals to all the buildings.
  • Repositioned the rocks near the inland ramp to the rooves so that the ramp is far more visible.


  • Some more ammo.
  • Switched the medium health and medium ammo below, hopefully indirectly nerfing the height of the map.
  • Added another waterfall, because waterfalls are cool.
  • Modelled Torii's.


  • Changed the rock near the back of the map so it doesn't hide the ramp up to the roof as much.
  • Removed force from kill trigger.
  • Stairs are clipped!
  • Fixed the place where you could get stuck.
  • Blocked a sight gap.
  • Added a fence to block one of the longest sightlines.
  • Added a rock on the rock formations over the gorge that allows other classes to jump back up towards the long building (albeit slowly.)


  • Clipped the windows in the cliffside building.

a1: Se ha publicado.


  • Suijin (水神 en japonés) significa "dios del agua" en japonés.