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Backpack Warhawk Rocket Launcher Factory New.png

Warhawk Rocket Launcher
Elite Grade Rocket Launcher (Factory New)

Ain't that a cute little gun?
The Engineer unboxing a floral-painted Pistol

Decorated is an item quality assigned to weapons with special grade factors of design, varying levels of exterior wear, and possibly a Strange counter and/or Unusual effect. Decorated weapons were introduced in the Gun Mettle Update.

Decorated weapons have what is essentially a cosmetic "skin", similar to Australium weapons. However, instead of Australium plating, Decorated quality weapons possess a layer of paint applied in a pattern, based on the Weapon Collection the particular weapon is found in. Decorated patterns differ in scale and rotation weapon to weapon, with portions of these patterns being randomized when the weapon is first awarded. As such, it is very rare to have two Decorated weapons with the exact same pattern.

A Decorated weapon's quality is classified under one of 6 levels of rarity, referred to as "Grades", with a separate ranking for exterior damage (referred to as "Wear") that applies to all grades.

Decorated weapons can be obtained through various methods, including random drops following the completion of contracts, unboxing specific weapon cases, or generation through a War Paint. Decorated weapons and War Paints obtained from cases also have a chance of being Strange, a rarer chance of being Unusual, and a very rare chance to be both. Strange variants add a visible "Stat Clock" to the side of the weapon, which count kills (or ÜberCharges in the case of the Medi Guns).

Civilian Grade weapons (which are not found in Strange quality normally) can also have a Stat Clock applied to them using a Civilian Grade Stat Clock tool.

Decorated weapons are purely cosmetic, and have no effect on gameplay.

Following the December 22, 2015 Patch, all Decorated items can now be festivized with the Festivizer tool.

When mouse-hovering over a Decorated weapon in the backpack, a detailed window appears displaying a rotating 3D model of the weapon. This window also displays the weapon's grade and level of exterior wear, as well as a list of weapons found within the weapon's respective collection, with a check mark next to any that the player already owns. Choosing to inspect a Decorated weapon through this menu opens a larger window where the player can manually rotate the weapon model to see it from all angles.

In-game, the title text of Decorated weapons uses the associated color of their grade.

While in the Steam inventory, during trading, and on the Steam Community Market, the hexadecimal color code for Decorated weapons is #FAFAFA regardless of grade.


Main article: Grade

Decorated weapons come in 6 grades. This value is intrinsic to the specific Decorated weapon and serves as an indicator of rarity. Therefore, it is not possible for an Elite Grade Barn Burner to exist, nor a Freelance Grade Sand Cannon, as both have the rarity of Mercenary and Elite, respectively.

The list of current weapon grades is provided below, with each grade having a specific text color associated with them in the loadout screen.

Color Name Example
#B0C3D9 Civilian Grade Scattergun
#5E98D9 Freelance Grade Stickybomb Launcher
#4B69FF Mercenary Grade Minigun
#8847FF Commando Grade Flame Thrower
#D32CE6 Assassin Grade Sniper Rifle
#EB4B4B Elite Grade Rocket Launcher


Decorated weapons also possess one of five different levels of exterior wear. Wear is indicated in brackets after the weapon's grade, i.e Mercenary Grade SMG (Well-Worn).

Unlike grades, all levels of exterior wear can apply to any Decorated weapon, so it is possible to have a Battle Scarred Elite grade weapon and Factory New Civilian grade weapon. Wear describes the weapon's appearance, corresponding to a level of exterior "use".

These levels of wear, in order of least worn to most worn, are:

  • Factory New
  • Minimal Wear
  • Field-Tested
  • Well-Worn
  • Battle Scarred

At the highest grade, the weapon looks brand new, with little prior use. Following a gradual decrease in wear level, scratches and eventually blood spatters begin to appear, and their sizes increase as wear grade decreases. They are randomized along with skin placement on each weapon. The weapon's paint eventually becomes extremely battered and chipped at the lowest level of wear.

Note that the game generates a backpack icon for the version of the decorated weapon the player owns, while the Steam Community Market utilizes a shared backpack icon for each weapon with a particular exterior wear.

Gun Mettle Collections

Weapon skins feature randomly positioned patterns. Only one of the possible placements is shown below.

The Teufort Collection

The weapons that belong in the Teufort collection

The Teufort Collection is one of two weapon skin collections available from completing Gun Mettle contracts. It is a collection of weapon skins based on the various textures found in 2Fort, such as wooden planks, metal plate, and dirt ground. As of October 20, 2017, the Bovine Blazemaker, Civic Duty, Civil Servant, and Smalltown Bringdown skins has been rereleased through the War Paint system introduced in the Jungle Inferno Update.

The Craftsmann Collection

The weapons that belong in the Craftsmann collection

The Craftsmann Collection is the second weapon skin collection available from completing Gun Mettle contracts. It is a collection of skins focusing on a DIY-like project, having most guns painted in a way that makes them seem made from household materials and/or fabrics. The team color variants mostly apply to materials with a plaid pattern. As of October 20, 2017, the Plaid Potshotter and Iron Wood skins have been rereleased through the War Paint system introduced in the Jungle Inferno Update.

The Concealed Killer Collection

The weapons that belong in the Concealed Killer collection

The Concealed Killer Collection is one of two weapon skin collections only available through opening weapon cases obtained during the Gun Mettle Campaign. To obtain a weapon with this skin, players must unbox a Concealed Killer Weapons Case using a Gun Mettle Key. This collection focuses on military-style camouflage skins of various colors and patterns. As of October 20, 2017, the Backwoods Boomstick, Woodland Warrior, Masked Mender, Carpet Bomber, Woodsy Widowmaker, Night Owl, Wrapped Reviver and Forest Fire skins have been rereleased through the War Paint system introduced in the Jungle Inferno Update.

The Powerhouse Collection

The weapons that belong in the Powerhouse collection

The Powerhouse Collection is the second weapon skin collection only available though Gun Mettle Campaign weapon cases. To obtain a weapon with this skin, players must open a Powerhouse Weapons Case with a Gun Mettle Key. The primary focus of this collection is bright patterns, resembling electricity and power station logos, some of which are related to the map Powerhouse. As of October 20, 2017, the Dead Reckoner skin has been rereleased through the War Paint system introduced in the Jungle Inferno Update.

Tough Break Collections

Weapon skins feature randomly positioned patterns and randomly generated stickers. Only one of the possible placements is shown below.

Uniquely, this is the only skin collection which contains skins that boosts the Phong shading of several or most parts of the weapon in order to make them glossier and more appealing (such as majority of the Gentlemanne's Collection and the Corsair variants in the Warbird Collection), making them currently the only publicly-obtainable weapons with increased Phong shading, with the exception of certain Community quality weapons.

The Harvest Collection

The Harvest Collection is one of two weapon skin collections available through completing Tough Break contracts. Half of the possible skins from this collection are based on autumn colors and patterns, such as leaves, pumpkins, and trees. The other half of the skins take on a more "spooky" or Halloween-based style. The Boneyard skins in particular have a unique aesthetic, as lower grades cause the bone-colored parts of the weapon to wear off, revealing bloody "bone marrow" instead of showing the gun's stock texture under it. As of October 20, 2017, the Macabre Web, Nutcracker, and Autumn skins have been rereleased through the War Paint system introduced in the Jungle Inferno Update.

The Gentlemanne's Collection

The Gentlemanne's Collection is the second weapon skin collection available through completing Tough Break contracts. The skins from this collection take on a fancy, ornate, or expensive-looking approach. The "High Roller's" set in particular focuses on a casino or gambling theme. The "Coffin Nail" set is based upon cigarettes; uniquely, as the weapon's wear decreases, glowing "burn" marks appear on the skin's muzzle as if the weapon was a cigarette gradually being "smoked".

The Pyroland Collection

The Pyroland Collection is one of two Tough Break collections available only through opening weapons cases. To obtain a weapon from this collection, one must open a Pyroland Weapons Case with a Tough Break Key. Weapons from this collection focus on patterns and designs found in Pyroland, such as rainbows and cats, along with contrasting "lava" skins representing the Pyro's viewpoint out of Pyroland.

The Warbird Collection

The Warbird Collection is the second Tough Break collection available only through opening weapons cases. Weapons from this collection can be obtained by opening a Warbird Weapons Case with a Tough Break Key. These weapons bear motifs from the air arms of the countries that fought in World War II, including those of the USAAF and Luftwaffe.

War Paint Collections

Decorated items released after the Jungle Inferno Update use War Paints rather than predetermined weapon and "skin" combinations. These can be applied to 44 different weapons.

Jungle Jackpot Collection

Infernal Reward Collection

Decorated War Hero Collection

Contract Campaigner Collection

Saxton Select Collection

Mann Co. Events Collection

Winter 2017 Collection

Scream Fortress X Collection

Winter 2019 Collection

Scream Fortress XII Collection

Winter 2020 Collection

Scream Fortress XIII Collection

Scream Fortress XIV Collection

Summer 2023 Collection

Unused content

  • According to the game's files, there is an unused grade labeled as Immortal.

Unusual Effects

Unusual Decorated weapons have a particle effect attached to parts of the weapon. Depending on the Unusual effect and weapon, the position of the particle effect can vary; for example, Isotope tends to only cover the tip of the weapon's muzzle (unless the weapon is small, such as on a Pistol or Revolver, where it covers most of the weapon), while Hot and Cool tend to travel along the whole weapon, making it more visible on larger weapons (like the Rocket Launcher).

Gun Mettle Update Unusual effects
Weapon effects
Unusual Hot.png
Unusual Isotope.png
Unusual Cool.png
Unusual Energy Orb.png
Hot Isotope Cool Energy Orb
Removed from all Unusual pools


A BLU Decorated Coffin Nail Grenade Launcher missing part of its texture.
  • Upon respawning, Unusual effects can sometimes become positioned in front of the player's screen, blocking their view. This can be fixed by switching weapons.
  • All team-colored Tough Break Collection weapons lack the description "Team Colored Decorated Weapon".
  • Unusual effects on Revolvers and Knives will disappear in first-person upon disguising, and will not reappear until the user is undisguised and performs a weapon switch.[1]
    • Similarly, Unusual effects on weapons will disappear if the player switches from the Mutated Milk to an Unusual weapon. The effects reappear once the player switches to and from any other weapon.[2]
  • Holding a Decorated weapon and then using certain taunts that use props (for example: the Luxury Lounge) makes the prop use the weapon's texture.
    • This also causes certain parts of the taunt to disappear for other players (for example: the Fresh Brewed Victory cup and the bag of coffee beans).
  • Occasionally, parts of a Decorated weapon's War Paint appear as a missing texture in first-person view. The texture returns to normal upon swapping teams.


  • The patterns and exterior qualities of Decorated weapons do not appear when running the game with dxlevel -80 or dxlevel -81. Instead of showing the decorations, they only appear as their stock counterpart. When running the game in these DirectX levels, the descriptions of Decorated weapons change, adding the extra string: "You are in DirectX 8, decorated weapons are incompatible and will show as stock".
    • Upon checkout at the Mann Co. Store, having a Gun Mettle Campaign Pass in the cart causes the game to show a message warning the player that Decorated weapons do not work on DirectX 8.
    • The reflection details featured in some Decorated weapons still show under DirectX 8, but not the pattern and exteriors.

Update history

July 2, 2015 Patch #1 (Gun Mettle Update)
  • Added 4 weapon collections: Teufort Collection, Craftsmann Collection, Concealed Killer Collection and Powerhouse Collection.
  • [Undocumented] Added Decorated quality.

July 2, 2015 Patch

  • Fixed skinned weapons appearing differently after being traded or listed on the Steam Community Market. Affected items have been reverted to their original (permanent) appearance.

July 6, 2015 Patch

July 8, 2015 Patch #1

July 15, 2015 Patch #1

  • Fixed an issue with Unusual Revolvers where the unusual effect would sometimes not disappear when the Spy would feign death, disguise, cloak, etc.
  • Fixed skinned weapons not rendering properly for customers on older shader model 2.0 hardware.

July 23, 2015 Patch #1

  • Fixed Stat Clock models not cloaking with the Spy.

September 24, 2015 Patch

  • Fixed a case where the Stat Clock model would float in the air while the player was taunting.

December 17, 2015 Patch (Tough Break Update)

  • Added 4 weapon collections: Harvest Collection, Gentlemanne's Collection, Pyroland Collection and Warbird Collection.

December 22, 2015 Patch

  • Fixed decorated weapons not getting the crit-boost material effect.

October 20, 2017 Patch (Jungle Inferno Update)

  • [Undocumented] Removed the Energy Orb Unusual effect from all decorated cases.

January 4, 2018 Patch #2

March 1, 2023 Patch #1

  • Fixed Stat Clock cancelling out ÜberCharge and self-illuminating materials on weapons using War Paints. (community fix from makaroffilya)
  • Fixed not seeing the correct inspect image for the Red Rock Roscoe after previewing another paintkit item.

March 20, 2023 Patch

  • Fixed self-illumination effect for the High Roller's Rocket Launcher and the High Roller's Medi Gun. (community fix from makaroffilya)

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  1. Disguise unusual bug
  2. Mutated Milk Unusual bug