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Ctf panamint a180023.jpg
Basic information
Map type Capture the Flag
File name: ctf_panamint_a18
Version: Alpha 18
Release date: June 2, 2009
Last updated: January 4, 2010
Developer(s): Hans
Map Info
No. of Stages: 2
Environment: Desert
Setting: Daylight, sunny

Panamint is an Attack/Defend Capture the Flag map created as an entry for the A/D CTF and Payload Race Contest. The map won 6th place in the contest.

Update history

A18 (01/04/2010):
  • Panamint turned into a collab between Mr. Hanz and grazr
  • Remade S1 and S2 partly, deleted S3 because it wasn't that good (We will still use Rexy's custom models in the new S3)