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This article is for content released in the update. For the patch itself, see May 5, 2011 Patch.
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Steven Spielberg. Robert Scorcese. Socrates. The guy who made those Old Spice commercials. What do these names have in common? They are the four best filmmakers in the world. And they all got there the same way: by competing in a filmmaking competition we're just now announcing.
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The Replay Update was a major content update for Team Fortress 2 released on May 5, 2011 Patch.

The main feature of the Replay Update is the eponymous Replay tool, which allows a player to record their most recent life. The player can subsequently edit their replays to their heart's content and upload them to YouTube. In addition to the tool, a total of 13 new items were added to the game: A weapon, eleven cosmetic items, and a special taunt.



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The Replay tool enables players to record their current life by pressing F6; if waiting to respawn, pressing F6 instead saves the replay of the previous life. The clips can then be edited, rendered, and submitted to YouTube, all from within the game itself.


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Saxxy Saxxy
Notes Actually added in the June 8, 2011 Patch.

Cosmetic items

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Furious Fukaamigasa Furious Fukaamigasa
Connoisseur's Cap Connoisseur's Cap
Hottie's Hoodie Hottie's Hoodie
Large Luchadore Large Luchadore
Ol' Geezer Ol' Geezer
Western Wear Western Wear
Doctor's Sack Doctor's Sack
Crocleather Slouch Crocleather Slouch
Villain's Veil Villain's Veil
Leaderboard class soldier.png Soldier
Leaderboard class heavy.png Heavy
Leaderboard class medic.png Medic
Team Captain Team Captain
Frontline Field Recorder Frontline Field Recorder


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Director's Vision Director's Vision

Early crafting reward

Although not officially announced, the Replay Update also introduced a reward for early crafters of newly released items. The first one hundred players to craft a new item would have the item's crafted number attached to the end of its name. Beyond the 100th craft, the attached numbers do not appear in-game, but still show up in external backpack viewers due to the edition number being a new function within the backpack API.


Tf2arrcamera.png Replay achievements

That's a Wrap
That's a Wrap
Save your very first replay.

We Can Fix It In Post
We Can Fix It In Post
While watching a replay, press space bar to enter the editor.

Time For Your Close-Up, Mr. Hale
Time For Your Close-Up, Mr. Hale
Render a replay into a movie.

Star of My Own Show
Star of My Own Show
Spend some time editing a replay.

Reward: Director's Vision

Home Movie
Home Movie
Achieve 100 YouTube™ views for your movie.

Local Cinema Star
Local Cinema Star
Achieve 1000 YouTube™ views for your movie.

Reward: Frontline Field Recorder

Indie Film Sensation
Indie Film Sensation
Achieve 10,000 YouTube™ views for your movie.

Achieve 100,000 YouTube™ views for your movie.

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