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This article is for content released in the update. For the patch itself, see December 21, 2016 Patch.
In the classic Smissmas story "The Gift of the Magi", a girl sells all of her hair to a hair warehouse to buy her boyfriend a watch chain, but in a shocking twist, he looks at his watch and remembers she's bald and it's time to break up with her. That's when the Magi show up, and it is a BLOODBATH.

The point is, giving people gifts can bite you in the ass. Too much potential for twist endings. So this Smissmas, why not sit back, scroll down, and leave the gift-giving to us.
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The Smissmas 2016 update was a major update for Team Fortress 2 released on December 21st, 2016. It featured the in-game release of several items that were selected by Valve for outstanding quality through the Steam Workshop, submitted using the item importing system. The update added a total of 19 new Cosmetic items and 4 taunts.



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Electric Twanger Electric Twanger
Snowwing Snowwing
Flammable Favor Flammable Favor
Pyro the Flamedeer Pyro the Flamedeer
Sweet Smissmas Sweater Sweet Smissmas Sweater
Bomb Beanie Bomb Beanie
Bomber Knight Bomber Knight
Elf Esteem Elf Esteem
Packable Provisions Packable Provisions
Santarchimedes Santarchimedes
Brain-Warming Wear Brain-Warming Wear
Socked and Loaded Socked and Loaded
Handy Canes Handy Canes
Reader's Choice Reader's Choice
Head Prize Head Prize
Snowmann Snowmann
Woolen Warmer Woolen Warmer

Workshop Wonderland 2016

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Special Snowflake 2016 Special Snowflake 2016
Gift of Giving 2016 Gift of Giving 2016

Festive weapons

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Festive Sandman Festive Sandman
Festive Shovel Festive Shovel
Festive Fire Axe Festive Fire Axe
Festive Scottish Resistance Festive Scottish Resistance
Festive Natascha Festive Natascha
Festive Jag Festive Jag
Festive Kritzkrieg Festive Kritzkrieg
Festive Quick-Fix Festive Quick-Fix
Festive Kukri Festive Kukri
Festive Spy-cicle Festive Spy-cicle

Festive Pistol Festive Pistol


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Scotsmann's Stagger Scotsmann's Stagger
Boiling Point Boiling Point
Table Tantrum Table Tantrum
Didgeridrongo Didgeridrongo


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Unlocked Winter 2016 Cosmetic Case Unlocked Winter 2016 Cosmetic Case Contains a community made item from the Winter 2016 Cosmetics Collection.


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