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This article is for content released in the update. For the patch itself, see July 10, 2013 Patch.
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Over the last week we've taken you through some of our thinking around maps, weapons and items. We thought you might find it interesting if we walked you through the process we use to ship an update to TF2.

There we go, update shipped.

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The Summer Event Update was the in-game release of several items that were selected by Valve for outstanding quality through the Steam Workshop and resubmitted using new item importing system, along with the fixing of several exploits and bugs present in existing maps and the tweak to several weapons. Released with the July 10, 2013 Patch, the update added a total of 64 new Cosmetic items which were available via opening Crates with their special Summer Cooler Keys, and 2 new maps, Standin, and Process.



Leaderboard class scout.png
Bigg Mann on Campus Bigg Mann on Campus
Caffeine Cooler Caffeine Cooler
Cool Cat Cardigan Cool Cat Cardigan
Delinquent's Down Vest Delinquent's Down Vest
Greased Lightning Greased Lightning
Half-Pipe Hurdler Half-Pipe Hurdler
Leaderboard class soldier.png
Brawling Buccaneer Brawling Buccaneer
Caribbean Conqueror Caribbean Conqueror
Colonial Clogs Colonial Clogs
Compatriot Compatriot
Founding Father Founding Father
Hornblower Hornblower
Lieutenant Bites Lieutenant Bites
Rebel Rouser Rebel Rouser
Shogun's Shoulder Guard Shogun's Shoulder Guard
Valley Forge Valley Forge
Whirly Warrior Whirly Warrior
Leaderboard class pyro.png
Backpack Broiler Backpack Broiler
Burning Bandana Burning Bandana
El Muchacho El Muchacho
Hive Minder Hive Minder
Pampered Pyro Pampered Pyro
Soot Suit Soot Suit
Leaderboard class demoman.png
Black Watch Black Watch
Gaelic Garb Gaelic Garb
Gaelic Golf Bag Gaelic Golf Bag
Glasgow Great Helm Glasgow Great Helm
Stormin' Norman Stormin' Norman
Tartan Spartan Tartan Spartan
Whiskey Bib Whiskey Bib
Leaderboard class heavy.png
Bear Necessities Bear Necessities
Bolshevik Biker Bolshevik Biker
Borscht Belt Borscht Belt
Heavy-Weight Champ Heavy-Weight Champ
Gabe Glasses Gabe Glasses
Katyusha Katyusha
Red Army Robin Red Army Robin
Tsarboosh Tsarboosh
Leaderboard class engineer.png
Dry Gulch Gulp Dry Gulch Gulp
Flared Frontiersman Flared Frontiersman
Pardner's Pompadour Pardner's Pompadour
Trash Toter Trash Toter
Leaderboard class medic.png
Baron von Havenaplane Baron von Havenaplane
Das Fantzipantzen Das Fantzipantzen
Das Feelinbeterbager Das Feelinbeterbager
Das Hazmattenhatten Das Hazmattenhatten
Das Naggenvatcher Das Naggenvatcher
Das Maddendoktor Das Maddendoktor
Das Metalmeatencasen Das Metalmeatencasen
Das Gutenkutteharen Das Gutenkutteharen
Das Ubersternmann Das Ubersternmann
Leaderboard class sniper.png
Birdman of Australiacatraz Birdman of Australiacatraz
Cobber Chameleon Cobber Chameleon
Falconer Falconer
Wet Works Wet Works
Leaderboard class spy.png
After Dark After Dark
Belgian Detective Belgian Detective
Blood Banker Blood Banker
Harmburg Harmburg
Rogue's Brogues Rogue's Brogues
TF2 crosshair orange.png
All Classes
Graybanns Graybanns
Federal Casemaker Federal Casemaker
Macho Mann Macho Mann
Virtual Viewfinder Virtual Viewfinder
Notes  Not available for the Pyro.

Action Items

A Random Summer Cooler Key Gift A Random Summer Cooler Key Gift
Pile of Summer Cooler Key Gifts Pile of Summer Cooler Key Gifts


Red Summer 2013 Cooler Key Red Summer 2013 Cooler Key
Orange Summer 2013 Cooler Key Orange Summer 2013 Cooler Key
Yellow Summer 2013 Cooler Key Yellow Summer 2013 Cooler Key
Green Summer 2013 Cooler Key Green Summer 2013 Cooler Key
Aqua Summer 2013 Cooler Key Aqua Summer 2013 Cooler Key
Blue Summer 2013 Cooler Key Blue Summer 2013 Cooler Key
Brown Summer 2013 Cooler Key Brown Summer 2013 Cooler Key
Black Summer 2013 Cooler Key Black Summer 2013 Cooler Key


Name Picture Game mode File name
Process Cp process middle point.jpeg Control Point
Standin Cp standin B.jpg Control Point

Tweaked Item Sets

Class Item set Changes
Leaderboard class scout.png Scout Special Delivery
ShortstopMad MilkHoly MackerelMilkman
Pictogram minus.png Removed: +25 max health on wearer.
Pictogram plus.png Added: Leave a Calling Card on your victims.
Leaderboard class soldier.png Soldier The Tank Buster
Black BoxBattalion's BackupGrenadier's Softcap
Pictogram minus.png Removed: +20% Sentry damage resistance on wearer.
Pictogram plus.png Added: Leave a Calling Card on your victims.
Leaderboard class pyro.png Pyro The Gas Jockey's Gear
Pictogram minus.png Removed: +10% faster move speed on wearer.
Pictogram minus.png Removed: +10% bullet damage vulnerability on wearer.
Pictogram plus.png Added: Leave a Calling Card on your victims.
Leaderboard class sniper.png Sniper The Croc-o-Style Kit
Sydney SleeperDarwin's Danger ShieldBushwackaOl' Snaggletooth
Pictogram minus.png Removed: The wearer cannot be killed by headshots.
Pictogram plus.png Added: Leave a Calling Card on your victims.
Leaderboard class spy.png Spy Saharan Spy
L'EtrangerYour Eternal RewardFamiliar Fez
Pictogram minus.png Removed: Reduced decloak sound volume.
Pictogram minus.png Removed: 0.5 sec longer Cloak blink time.
Pictogram plus.png Added: Extra effects when taunting.

Tweaked Weapons

Class Weapon Changes
Leaderboard class scout.png Scout Crit-a-Cola Pictogram minus.png Removed: Damage taken mini-crits
Pictogram plus.png Added: Damage taken increased 25%
Shortstop Pictogram plus.png Added: 20% bonus healing while deployed
Pictogram plus.png Added: 80% vulnerability increase to all push forces while deployed
Winger Pictogram plus.png Added: +25% Jump Height bonus when active
Leaderboard class soldier.png Soldier Battalion's Backup Pictogram plus.png Added: +15% Sentry damage resistance to all teammates while banner effect is active
Pictogram comment.png Changed: Rage is now generated from damage dealt instead of damage received
Black Box Pictogram comment.png Changed: Explosion sound
Beggar's Bazooka Pictogram comment.png Changed: Misfired Rockets now remove one loaded rocket from the clip
Pictogram comment.png Fixed: An exploit that allowed players to hold a set fixed number of rockets
Concheror Pictogram plus.png Added: Buffed players now receive a speed boost in addition to its previous effect
Pictogram comment.png Changed: Rage is now only generated from damage dealt
Cow Mangler 5000 Pictogram minus.png Removed: -10% damage attribute
Pictogram minus.png Removed: 5% slower reload attribute
Pictogram minus.png Reduced: Clip size from 5 to 4
Pictogram plus.png Added: "Sets players on fire" description text
Pictogram plus.png Added: New particles and sound
Escape Plan Pictogram plus.png Added: Wearer receives the Marked-For-Death effect when deployed, and for a short period afterwards
Liberty Launcher Pictogram minus.png Removed: 25% reduced clip size penalty
Pictogram plus.png Added: 25% reduced damage penalty
Original Pictogram comment.png Changed: Explosion sound
Leaderboard class pyro.png Pyro Phlogistinator Pictogram comment.png Fixed: "Mmmph" progress resetting after touching a resupply cabinet
Powerjack Pictogram plus.png Added: 15% increase move speed while deployed
Pictogram minus.png Removed: +20% melee vulnerability when active
Pictogram plus.png Added: 20% damage vulnerability to all sources
Leaderboard class demoman.png Demoman Chargin' Targe Pictogram plus.png Added: Afterburn immunity
Loose Cannon Pictogram plus.png Added: Double donk damage now mini-crits
Pictogram minus.png Reduced: charge time to 1 second
Pictogram comment.png Changed: Range no longer affects direct cannonball impact damage
Pictogram plus.png Added: Added: Double-Donk sound and particle effects
Leaderboard class heavy.png Heavy Buffalo Steak Sandvich Pictogram minus.png Removed: Damage taken is mini-crits
Pictogram plus.png Added: Damage taken increased 25%
Dalokohs Bar Pictogram plus.png Increased: Health restored per-bite from 15 to 25
Leaderboard class engineer.png Engineer Gunslinger Pictogram minus.png Changed: Mini-Sentry Guns do not heal during construction
Rescue Ranger Pictogram plus.png Added: Minor increase in damage per bolt
Pictogram plus.png Increased: Building healing from 50 to 75 per bolt
Short Circuit Pictogram plus.png Added: Ammo cost of firing reduced to -18 metal when an attack destroys a projectile
Pictogram plus.png Increased: Firing speed by +25%
Pictogram plus.png Added: Ammo cost increased to -36 metal when an attack does not destroy a projectile or hit a player
Pictogram comment.png Changed: The weapon's muzzle now emits a spark effect when fired
Pictogram comment.png Fixed: Attack arcing to nearby teammates as if they were enemies
Wrangler Pictogram comment.png Reduced: Accuracy of manually-controlled sentry at long range
Pictogram comment.png Changed: Protective shield now fades 1 second after the owning Engineer dies
Leaderboard class medic.png Medic Crusader's Crossbow Pictogram comment.png Changed: Arrow projectile to a large syringe
Pictogram plus.png Added: New trail effects
Pictogram comment.png Changed: Smoothed out reload animation (DPS unchanged)
Pictogram comment.png Fixed: Being able to heal players that are using items that block healing.
Quick-Fix Pictogram plus.png Added: 50% Overheal
Pictogram comment.png Changed: Über now affects the Medic when there's no heal target
Pictogram comment.png Changed: Shotguns with pushback no longer affect players under the effect of Quick-Fix’s Über
Vaccinator Pictogram plus.png Added: Über now fully absorbs crit damage for the selected damage type
Pictogram plus.png Added: Depletes Übercharge based on the amount of damage prevented
Leaderboard class sniper.png Sniper Bazaar Bargain Pictogram comment.png Changed: Capped the max charge rate to 200%
Pictogram comment.png Fixed: Starting charge rate being -40% instead of -20%
Cozy Camper Pictogram minus.png Removed: Movement penalty
Pictogram plus.png Added: Damage taken increased by 20%
Darwin's Danger Shield Pictogram plus.png Added: Bullet damage taken reduced by 15%
Pictogram plus.png Added: Explosive damage taken increased by 20%
Leaderboard class spy.png Spy Dead Ringer Pictogram comment.png Changed: When under the effect of Feign Death, damage taken decreases the duration of the effect
L'Etranger Pictogram plus.png Added: 40% increased Cloak duration
Spy-cicle Pictogram comment.png Fixed: A bug that would cause the charge meter to not reset when the Spy was killed

Pre-announcement references

Posts in the Official Site started at July 5, 2013; with subsequent posts reporting data about the update every following day.

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