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This article is for content released in the update. For the patch itself, see August 18, 2011 Patch.
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Younger TF2 fans might not understand the significance of the upcoming game Deus Ex: Human Revolution. For those of you who weren't around during gaming's golden age, it's the long-awaited sequel to the cult classic dystopian shooter Revolution X, starring and programmed by Aerosmith. You'll once again play as Brad "The Deuce" Whitford. Part human Aerosmith bass player. Part robot. ALL trouble.
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The Manno-Technology Bundle is a bundle of items released on August 18, 2011 Patch. The bundle contains eight items inspired by role-playing video game Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Purchasing the game through Steam before August 23, 2011 awarded the player all the items in Genuine quality. They were also made available through drop, craft, and Mann Co. Store purchase.



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Short Circuit Short Circuit
Widowmaker Widowmaker
Machina Machina
Diamondback Diamondback

Cosmetic items

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Purity Fist Purity Fist
Nanobalaclava Nanobalaclava
Company Man Company Man
Deus Specs Deus Specs

Unusual effects

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Series 2 Unusual effects
Cosmetic effects
Unusual Stormy Storm.png
Unusual Blizzardy Storm.png
Unusual Nuts n' Bolts.png
Unusual Orbiting Planets.png
Unusual Orbiting Fire.png
Unusual Bubbling.png
Stormy Storm Blizzardy Storm Nuts n' Bolts Orbiting Planets Orbiting Fire Bubbling
Unusual Smoking.png
Unusual Steaming.png
Smoking Steaming


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