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This article is for content released in the update. For the patch itself, see June 19, 2008 Patch.
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The Pyro
See also: Pyromania Update

The Pyro Update was the second major content update for Team Fortress 2.

The Pyro class was the focus of this update. In addition to three new weapons, the latent Hadouken taunt was upgraded to become the first Kill taunt. The update also added compression blast to the Stock Flamethrower, an ability that would become a core technique for the class.

Two community-made maps, Fastlane and Turbine, were made official and included in the update, along with a link to the Valve Developer Community site. Meet the Sniper was also introduced in a similar manner to Meet the Scout. Additionally, many improvements and fixes were included.

The update was released in the June 19, 2008 Patch.



Main article: List of maps
Name Picture Game mode File name
Turbine CTF Turbine Center.png Capture the Flag
Intel red idle.png
Fastlane Fastlane1.png Control Point


Main article: Weapons
Backburner Backburner
Flare Gun Flare Gun
Axtinguisher Axtinguisher

Tweaked Classes

Class Changes
Leaderboard class soldier.png
Pictogram minus.png Changed: Removed Soldier's 40% damage reduction from his own rockets. Does not affect rocket jumps.
Leaderboard class pyro.png
Pictogram plus.png Added: Added alt-fire compression blast to the basic Flame Thrower.
Pictogram plus.png Removed: Removed Flamethrower's damage falloff. (was falling off to 25% by the end)

Update progress

The Pyro Update was the first update that utilized the technique of slowly revealing content over a period of time before release. A store promotional message, released 13 days before the update, first hinted at the coming changes as well as announcing Meet the Sniper. The page contained a link leading to the concept art for the Axtinguisher.

Upon the release of Meet the Sniper, the Flare Gun was teased in the final frames of the video as the Sniper killed a Pyro wielding the weapon. A further post on the then newly created blog explained the concept behind the Flare Gun. All three weapons were then revealed in their entirety, in a similar fashion to the Gold Rush Update. On the following day the 35 achievements were revealed.

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