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Meet the Pyro
Meet the Pyro Titlecard
リリース日: 2012年6月27日
再生時間: 2分32秒


In March 2010, Robin Walker revealed in an interview with the KritzKast Podcast that Meet the Pyro will let people see the world through the Pyro's eyes.[1]

In a blog post[2] telling about upcoming events in the game, the TF2 team confirmed Meet the Pyro would be released sometime in 2012, and also released a shot of the video.

In an interview on's "Bonus Round" during March 2012, Erik Wolpaw announced that Valve had recently finished the production of Meet the Pyro and that it would be released "soon", along with something else.[3]

A short clip of Meet the Pyro was teased in Valve's video "Perpetual Testing Initiative", showing the part of the video teased in the first released picture. [4]

On the Team Fortress website, this was posted this on June 22, 2012: "Mmmmph mmmmph, mmmmm mmmmmp mmmmmph. Mmmmmph mpm! Mmmmmph mph mm! Hm mmmmmph, hmmmmph mm mmmmmph mmmmmph!". This later was translated as Morse code into "Monday", which was the day Pyromania started. [5]

"Meet the Pyro"の概要


  • The title card displays "COPYRIGHT LOLOLOL" on the bottom right corner, a recurring joke throughout the Meet the Team videos.
  • The matchbox on the title card has a picture of the Balloonicorn on it, foreshadowing the one seen later in the video.
  • To coincide with the release of the last Meet the Team video, Valve released a beta of the Source Filmmaker, the tool used to produce all the movies.
  • The song played when viewing the world through the Pyro's eyes is called Do You Believe in Magic by The Lovin' Spoonful. As the Pyro is walking away from the burning town, the Pyro can be heard whistling the song.
  • The music heard during the Pyro's massacre of the BLU team was added as a main menu track, called Dreams of Cruelty.
  • The Pyro picks up the Lollichop in the same way he taunts with it in-game.
  • The Demoman is wearing the old "dynamite stick" class emblem.
  • The unicorn seen through Pyro's eyes was added to the Valve Store as an inflatable balloon under the name "Inflatable Balloonicorn", and as an in-game item.
  • According to the closed captions on the official video, the RED Scout says, "He's not here, is she?" following Valve's long running joke of not revealing the Pyro's gender.
  • This video was uploaded twice to the official Team Fortress 2 channel. The second version can only be accessed via Adult Swim's website.
    • In the second version, the RED Spy's cigarette is unlit.
  • Even though the Pyro used his Fire Axe to lock the Medic within the shed (and presumably lost it as he set the shed on fire), the same Fire Axe can be shown stuck in the Heavy's head at the end of the movie.
  • Near the end of the film as the camera pulls out, an Axtinguisher can be seen, along with the normal Fire Axe, implying that Pyro was carrying two axes.
    • Even though the Sniper is seen getting burned by the Pyro, his hand is severed by the Axtinguisher at 2:16.
  • At about 1:06 in the video, a floating dog can be seen wearing Alyx's belt from Half-Life 2.


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