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Meet the Spy
Meet the Spy Titlecard
リリース日: May 19, 2009
再生時間: 3:20




Welcome to the Internets.

Meet the Spy was leaked on May 17, 2009 due to a YouTube bug which allowed iPhones to view videos marked as "Private." This inspired a series of posts on the official blog, and Valve awarded themselves a "Corporate Achievement" called "Welcome to the Internets," with the description "Fail to understand what Private means on YouTube."

In the officially released version, one of the alert panels reads "Leaked Video." It originally read "Lost Memory." Also, the Administrator only says "Intruder alert!" once instead of twice as in the official release.


  • On the title card, the white knife is the kill icon for the knife. However, it has a drop of liquid near the tip, which does not appear in the game.
  • The title card displays "COPYRIGHT LOLOLOL" on the bottom right corner, a recurring joke throughout the "Meet the Team" videos.
  • This video takes place at the same time as the WAR! Update comic does, but from the Administrator's perspective.[1]
  • The video takes place in a modified version of the map 2Fort, with most of the action occurring in BLU's Intelligence room.
  • In the Russian version, when the RED Spy destroys the BLU Engineer's Sentry Gun, the Engineer does not say "Sentry Down", unlike in other versions, the Medic and Sniper fights are silenced to an extent, when the BLU Spy swears there is no bleep.
  • The tracks "Right Behind You", "Petite Chou-Fleur", and "Intruder Alert" are featured in this video, after which they were patched into TF2's soundtrack.
  • The alarm bell and signal board at the beginning is an "Alarm-O-Tron 5000". These alerts are displayed below. The alerts in bold display the specific warnings which were activated and lit during the video.
Emergency On Cap Intruder Alert Is Fired BLU Demoman Depressed
All Clear RED Scout Exploding On Fire BLU Engineer About to Explode
Vaporized Team Update New Mission On Break BLU Sniper Is Drunk
In Surgery Needs a Ride RED Medic RED Heavy RED Pyro Defenestrated
Smells RED Sniper Drowned Behind You Is a Man Owns Base
Backstabbed Stole a Car BLU Spy Found Dracula Is a Woman BLU Soldier
Again Hit by Train RED Engineer Lost Briefcase RED Demoman Above You!
Is a Robot Look Out Sabotage Needs Ammo On Toilet Electrocuted
BLU Scout Has Evil Twin RED Spy RED Soldier Pushing Cart In Base
RED Spy BLU Medic Sleeping Wounded Needs Backup Exploded
Hungry Leaked Video BLU Heavy BLU Pyro Smothered Jarate
Has Briefcase Outside Base Needs Roommate Mangled Opened Briefcase Lost Dracula
  • The Alarm-O-Tron 5000 board also continues the question about the Pyro's identity. The alerts "Is a Man", "Is a Woman" and "Is a Robot" are on the board below the RED Pyro sign.
  • The Alarm-O-Tron 5000 board has a reference to Meet The Spy being leaked by Valve employees with the alert "Leaked Video".
  • The Alarm-O-Tron 5000 board makes an appearance in the map Double Cross in a locked-off room beside both Intelligence rooms.
  • The Alarm-O-Tron 5000 board lists the RED Spy twice.
  • When the Soldier is attempting to input the door code, the Scout is holding a Sandman instead of his standard Bat. When the video was released, Spies could not display unlockable weapons in-game.
  • Because the code to the door is 1-1-1-1, the 1 button on the number pad is noticeably more worn out than the other numbers.
  • When the Soldier, Scout and Heavy meet outside the Intelligence room, they appear to be at the entrance closest to the L-Shaft. When the group enters the Intelligence room, they do so through the opposite door.
  • On the cork board next to the filing cabinets, there is a photo of Saxton Hale, the CEO of Mann Co.
  • When the Scout pulls the knife out of Sniper's back, the safe handle and the tip of the blade clips through Sniper's back.
  • When the Sniper's body is first seen being held by the BLU Spy, he has no glasses on. They reappear during the Spy's phrase "You've seen what he's done to our colleagues".
  • Leading into the scenario with the Sniper, the BLU Spy's cigarette moves oddly in his hand, despite keeping his hand still.
    The Trophy Belt that appears during the fight with the RED Spy.
  • The Sniper wears the Trophy Belt. This was a teaser as hats had not been revealed when the video came out. This was one of the several hat teasers during this trailer, including the Heavy's Football Helmet, which is on top of a filing cabinet in the Intelligence room.
  • All three of the Sniper's items from the Sniper vs Spy Update make an appearance:
    • The Huntsman can be seen at 1:49 resting against the wall.
    • Three jars of Jarate can be seen at the same time resting atop the stack of crates.
    • The Kukri rests on a crate that contains the Razorback.
  • After the Sniper vs. Spy Update, the scar from the BLU Sniper's fight with the RED Spy was added to the skin of the Sniper's in-game model.
  • As the BLU Medic attacks the RED Spy with his Bone Saw, he yells "raus! raus!". That is German and means "[get] out! [get] out!". (Heard in-game as a Battle Cry response.)
  • When the RED Spy is dispatching and subsequently disguising as the BLU Medic, both of the Medi Gun backpacks are missing. However, as the Spy dons the Medic's glasses, the backpack has strangely appeared.
    • During this scene, a wooden crate from Half-Life 2 is visible in the background.
  • The RED Spy is shown to be able to slide a Sapper across the floor to disable the BLU Engineer's Sentry Gun. In-game, unless any mods are used, Sappers can only be placed within melee-range.
  • When the Soldier kills the BLU Spy, the Shotgun he uses makes the same firing sound the Spy's Revolver does, rather than the standard Shotgun firing sound.
  • The BLU Scout shows many hints to his identity, such as not knowing the door password, looking at the Sniper's back at 0:42 to see if his knife is still present, at 2:42 making sure no one is watching what he is about to do, when the Scout accidentally closes the Spy's knife on his hand, his finger is caught between the blunt edge of the blade and the handle, and would not have been cut.
  • When the RED Spy is killing the Heavy and Soldier, the Heavy and Soldier's grunts are timed almost perfectly with the ending flourish.
  • The French phrase spoken by the RED Spy at the end is "Ah, ma petit chou-fleur." which means approximately "Ah, my little cauliflower." (A correct sentence would be "Ah, mon petit chou-fleur.") In the video, the phrase is used as an endearment toward loved ones, although it's rarely used in French culture.


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