Granary (Arena)

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Granary (Arena)
Basic Information
Map type: Arena
File name: arena_granary
Released: August 19, 2008 Patch
(Heavy Update)
Variants: Control Point
Developer(s): Valve
Map Info
Environment: Farmland
Setting: Daylight, sunny
Map Items
Ammoico.png Ammo Boxes: Mediumammo.png ×4
Map Photos
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Map Overview
Granary (Arena) overview.png

Granary is an Arena map, and is a modified version of the Control Point variant of Granary.

Granary, along with Lumberyard, Ravine, Well, and Badlands, was released with the Heavy Update as the one of the first official Arena maps for Team Fortress 2. Similar to other modified arena maps, Granary (Arena) is generally the central control point area of its Control Point version.

Introduction Video


Capture Point

The yard is a nearly identical copy of Granary's middle point.

  • Point: The point rests on an slightly elevated platform, surrounded by crates.
  • Catwalks: Connected from each team's garage are two metal catwalks which rest upon the far walls across from the point.
  • Crates: Surrounding the point are stacked large metal crates which can be jumped up to by Soldiers\Demomen or jumped to from the catwalks.

Spawn Areas

For the Arena version of Granary, what would usually be the yards outside Point 2 have been replaced with spawn areas.

  • Garage: Exiting right from spawn leads to the garage, which contains the main entrance to mid and a set of ramps which lead up to the catwalks.
  • Choke: Exiting left from spawn leads to a smaller entrance to mid, commonly known as choke for its tight area. This entrance exits out behind the crates.
  • Ledge: Immediately left of each spawn, there is a ledge that it is possible to stickyjump or rocket jump onto, above where the sign is located.


Main article: Community Granary (Arena) strategy

Control Point Timing

Control Point Multiplier Seconds
Capture point ×1
36 .000
24 .000
19 .636
17 .280

Update history

August 19, 2008 Patch (Heavy Update)

  • Added Granary (Arena) to the game.

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