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Udvalgt artikel (Engelsk) — Dispenser
A Dispenser is a building that can be constructed by an Engineer, providing health, ammo and metal to nearby teammates. Engineers rely heavily on metal from their Dispensers to construct and maintain their Sentry Guns and other buildings. Any player may replenish their supplies by simply standing next to the Dispenser.

Dispensers can prove to be invaluable in supporting a team when used effectively. As well as providing a steady health increase for teammates, Dispensers act as a portable ammo source, and can provide additional Metal for other Engineers to use. Dispensers will also attract many teammates to one area which can help to better forward an attack, particularly if the team is scattered and ungrouped.


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  • ...that the music from the Kazotsky Kick taunt can be heard in the CS:GO map Train, coming from a small radio inside the kitchen?
  • ...that the Clinical Trial is the only item set in the game that doesn't feature a cosmetic?
  • ...that the Soldier's Stash does not in any way, shape, or form promote smoking or gambling?

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