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Pl sludgepit event.png
Basic Information
Map type: Payload
File name: pl_sludgepit_event
Released: October 5, 2022 Patch
(Scream Fortress XIV)
Developer(s): SirPontus
Michał "AsG_Alligator" Byczko
Walter "Waffe" Grönholm
Alex "Rexy" Kreeger
Map Info
Environment: Halloween
Setting: Nighttime, overcast
Hazards: Pumpkin bombs, Ghosts,
Skeletons, Pitfalls
Map Items
Healthico.png Health Kits: Smallhealth.png ×10  •  Mediumhealth.png ×13  •  
Largehealth.png ×1
Ammoico.png Ammo Boxes: Smallammo.png ×4   •   Mediumammo.png ×12   •  
Largeammo.png ×5
TF2 crosshair.png Special: Gargoyle Ghost.png   •   Pumpkin.png
Map Photos
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Map Overview
Ghoulpit overview.png
Map Stamp
Item icon Map Stamp - Ghoulpit.png
Supporters Leaderboard
Merasmus has taken over the nearby power plant and in turn cursed all the radioactive waste with ancient Sumerian curses that summon skeletons. Meanwhile BLU is tasked to send Redmond's soul to hell using a vacuum.
Ghoulpit publicity blurb

Ghoulpit is a community-created Payload map added in the Scream Fortress 2022 update. It is a Halloween version of the custom map Sludgepit.

In Ghoulpit, BLU is tasked to push a voodoo-vacuum cart with Redmond's soul inside of it to RED's last point to send him to Hell.

Ghoulpit was contributed to the Steam Workshop.


Note: If you are having trouble with finding the locations listed here, see the Helpful overview section to see their exact position marked on the map.

Checkpoint A

Time added if captured: 4 minutes

  • BLU Spawn: BLU's first spawn has four exits: One from a high side and three from a low side by the cart. The singular exit allows more cover and higher ground to defend against the enemy. A ghost travels out of a portal at the back of BLU spawn.
  • The Plateau: The area by the far left exit leads to a wide open flat clearing overlooking point A and the Payload with one miniature tunnel underneath, making it a good spot for Sniper sightlines or for pincer maneuvers. In the tunnel another ghost spawns once Checkpoint A has been capped.
  • Point A Funnel: This section of path is mildly narrow, with a few pumpkin bombs placed closely along the track. Several buildings by the right side of the track can be entered, leading to higher ground to attack/defend from. Capping spawns a handful of green skeletons.

Checkpoint B

Time added if captured: 4 minutes

  • RED spawn 1: RED's first spawn is a cramped shed with only one door and one resupply locker on the far end inside.
  • BLU spawn 2: Once BLU caps mid, RED's spawn is pushed back and BLU now respawns in a different, smaller shed located on the other side of the Barn.
  • The Field: This area is connected to RED's first spawn door, and is the second biggest clearing, allowing for more long range engagements.
  • Mid Barn: This red wooden building is the midway point of the map that houses Point B, containing several openings from all four sides and second-floor balconies in which to ambush BLU. Capping B spawns several extra skeletons.
  • The Bend: After Point B, The next section of track is a long backwards "C" shaped length out in the open. More hills and higher up wooden vantage points run along the length of track. Once Point B gets capped another ghost spawns behind the small shack.

Checkpoint C

Time added if captured: 5 minutes

  • The Helipad: This flat metal cosmetic zone is a small pocket of the map providing more cover and sight for any defense, with quick access leading back into the underpass building connected to it. Close to the helipad another ghost spawns when point C is capped.
  • Building Underpass: Point C is tucked inside a small building with many bends and ramps. If capped, this room is quick to be overrun with the highest amount of medium sized skeletons.
  • Greenhouse: A small wood and glass house is placed by the Payload hole. Its size allows for both teams to slip past and plentiful cover for skirmishes.
  • Final point: Overlooking the end of the track is RED's second spawn, connected to an overlooking balcony for more highly aggressive push-back by RED.

Helpful overview

Ghoulpit's locations
9.Final Point


Main article: Community Ghoulpit strategy

Update history

October 5, 2022 Patch (Scream Fortress XIV)
  • Added Ghoulpit to the game.

October 11, 2022 Patch #1

  • Removed spells due to an exploit where players could get out of the map.
  • Added cubemaps to fix weird visuals on metallic props.
  • Removed assets leftover from the non-Halloween version of the map.

October 18, 2022 Patch

  • Fixed skeletons/ghosts being able to spawn again if the cart backs up over a checkpoint.
  • Added an extra resupply locker in BLU's first spawn.
  • Added a few more Mann brothers voice lines and fixed the map description.
  • Added Soul Gargoyle pickups.
  • Replaced a few skeleton spawns and reduced amount of skeletons that spawn on each cap.
  • Made the map a bit spookier.


  • On Checkpoint B, standing inside the full ammo pack room causes visual errors on the surrounding walls, allowing players to see through the world. Players seemingly vanish if stood on opposite ends of the same room.