Sixties Sidekick

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Sixties Sidekick
Sixties Sidekick.png
Basic Information
Used by: Scout
Contributed by: GT500> JZeeba 今まで...
Released: December 4, 2015 Patch
Items: Sidekick's Side Slick, Bat Backup, Crook Combatant
Effect: None
Hey, knucklehead, I'm talking ta you!
The Scout to a miscreant

The Sixties Sidekick is a community created item set created for the Scout consisting of a shirt, haircut, and glove replacement based on the design of Robin from the 1966-68 Batman television series, starring Adam West and Burt Ward.

This set was contributed to the Steam Workshop.

Sixties Sidekick
Item icon Sidekick's Side Slick.png

No effect

This includes the items listed below:

Update history

December 4, 2015 Patch

  • The Sixties Sidekick was added to the game.


  • This set along with the other entries in the Arkham Knight contest is based off the superhero Batman and his many villains. This set is based upon his long-running sidekick and companion, Robin. In this case, the set's design is based on the first Robin under Batman's tutelage, Dick Grayson.