General's Formals

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The General's Formals
Soldier The Generals Formals Set.png
Basic Information
Used by: Soldier
Contributed by: Svdl
Released: June 23, 2011 Patch
(Über Update)
Items: Mantreads, Disciplinary Action, Armored Authority, Fancy Dress Uniform
Effect: None
The last word out of your sorry mouth will be 'sir', and it will be loud!
The Soldier on subordination

The General's Formals is a community-created item set for the Soldier.

The set includes the following items:

The General's Formals
Item icon World War Wednesday Bundle.png

No effect


Weapon Kill icon Ammo
Damage Range Notes / Special Abilities
Killicon mantreads.png Base: N/A

Crit: N/A

Pictogram plus.png -75% reduction in push force taken from damage

Pictogram plus.png Upon landing on a player, fall damage is transferred to that player

Pictogram plus.png Deals 3x falling damage to the player landed on

Pictogram plus.png 200% increased air control while blast jumping

Disciplinary Action
Disciplinary Action
Killicon disciplinary action.png N/A N/A Base: 49

Crit: 147

Pictogram plus.png On hit ally: boosts both players' speed for two seconds

Pictogram plus.png Has a longer range than the Shovel

Pictogram minus.png -25% damage penalty

Update history

June 23, 2011 Patch (Über Update)

  • The General's Formals was added to the game.