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User Mainman Achievement Turbo Comp1.jpg
Basic information
Map type [[Achievement|Template:Dictionary/common strings/achievement]]
File name: achievement_turbov13
Version: 14
Developer(s): MrC556

The Turbo series of custom maps are primarily classed as 'Achievement Farms', helping players to complete most of the game's achievements in an efficient manner. Turbo, however, exceeds the usual expectations of an achievement map due to its comprehensive and anti-griefing map design, as well as its secondary goal of entertaining players, giving them mysteries to solve, clear and hidden teleportation points, and a wide array of unique objects, sounds and visual effects to discover and interact with. For these reasons, despite not being a 'traditional' gametype, Turbo is among the most popular custom maps in the game. Version 14 is currently in Open Beta.

The Plot

Fräuleinz & Gentlemen,
In the late phase of the war between the Builders Leauge United (BLU) and the Reliable Excavation Demolition (RED), both companies began to send their employees
into Achievement Farms for advanced education in the use of new tools of mass building and mass demolition. However, several employees which were sent to
Achievement Farm #23, also known as the Large Achievement Collider (or sometimes just called the Achievement Turbo Farm) have gone missing. There are some rumours
about weird experiments driving employees of RED and BLU insane. According to some employees, Hans Kent (aka. Supermedic) has been spotted flying through the achievement farm.

Your mission:

    * 1. Find out what happened to the missing employees of RED and BLU.
    * 2. Gain all achievements and test the new tools of mass building and mass demolition.
    * 3. Invent weapons of mass destruction.
    * 4. Find Hans Kent.

Structures, Locations and Secrets

Common Elements

  • The command "+use" is essential (or handy) for interacting with most of the map's unique objects, but it is not bound to any input key by default. There are billboards around the Main Area which teach players how to assign this ability to a keyboard key via the console.
  • Most of the Main Area is marked as a No-Build Zone, preventing Engineers from blocking key corridors and rooms with their buildings.
  • Jump Stations are bright green blocks with instructional boards above them, jutting from the wall they're attached to at a specific height above the ground. Scouts who stand beneath the block and rapidly press their jump key are able to double-jump much more rapidly than they could in normal conditions, which is useful for completing the 'Batter Up' achievement.
  • Teleport Pads & Doorways are the fastest means of travel around the map, and the only way to access the map's hidden areas. The only teleportation points with clear markings are the 5 pads in the Private Team Rooms (each with a sign telling you which Main Area room they will teleport you to), and the team-colored doorways found in half of the Main Area's corridors, which bring players to the Private Team Room of their team. Spawn protection prevents players from entering the Private Room of the other team.
  • Achievement Information Booths each display the icons, titles and descriptions of every achievement for one class, plus the reward items for reaching the achievement milestones. The number of boards grew with each major class-based update for TF2, with at least one new version of Turbo being released each time, until all 9 classes had been given their updates.
  • Intel Quick-Caps are sets of two podiums with a small distance between them, with one acting as a spawn point for one team's intelligence briefcase, and the other serving as a dropoff point for the same type of Intelligence. Turbo is not classed as a Capture the Flag map, so there is no limit to the number of Intelligence captures which can be made in one round despite the capture limit value in the server's configuration. It is not possible to bring Intelligence to a valid 'wrong' podium due to the placement of spawn protection zones, forcing the briefcase to be dropped.
  • Prefabricated Buildings are server-owned Engineer buildings which spawn in set locations when a player strikes/uses a particular button on the wall. Players can spawn one of the three normal tiers of a Sentry Gun or a collection of Dispensers for either team. Striking any of the spawner buttons in that area while buildings are still present will despawn whatever is there, then spawn the button's object(s).
  • Pain Stations are floor tiles which do steady, slow damage to players standing on them. This is useful for building an ÜberCharge, or in any situation requiring a controlled amount of health. Pain Stations are always located near heath sources for this reason.
  • Door Locks appear inside the Private Achievement Boxes, and are operated by bright red and green buttons near the box's only entrance. If "+use" is bound to a key, then pressing the key at the red button will bring down a metal shutter over the box's entrance, and a timer of 5 minutes will begin to count down. If the timer expires, the entrance will open automatically. The remaining time is indicated by a sliding billboard behind the box's Control Point, which moves the front board into position upon locking the door and gradually moves it back to its starting point (directly overlaying the secondary billboard) as the time runs out.
    • Pressing the red button while the door is locked resets the timer back to its maximum of 5 minutes.
    • Pressing the green button while the door is locked will unlock it.
  • Some of the map's secrets have internal timers that prevent them from being used too often, or random chances of activation to increase the difficultly of unlocking other secrets, or even random timers which activate a secret once they run out. For this reason, following a set of instructions to activate a secret is not guaranteed to work on the first attempt, and may require patience.

Main Area

Map of the Main Area in v13, as seen on the walls of the Spawn Room.

Spawn Room

Isometric shot of the Spawn Room.
  • Players are spawned in an open room, facing towards the enemy team, spawning in single file along one room edge.
    • Players who wish to escape the room quickly should move backwards after spawning, moving behind a series of metal shutters with spawn protection surrounding them.
    • "Open" spawning allows for a lot of damage or kills to be made in a short amount of time. This is ideal if one team is comprised of static bots, since players on achievement maps generally do not wish to be killed without being asked permission.
  • RED spawns on top of a BLU-owned Capture Point with an extremely long capture time. The capture timer resets every 20 seconds, making it impossible for RED to claim it.
  • At the head of the room is a large shuttered doorway, leading to the Main Hall.
  • To the sides of the room are lines of individual metal shutters, behind which are the Private Team Rooms.

Private Team Rooms

  • These areas have a spawn protection field around them, to prevent the enemy team from entering.
  • Just outside of the rooms are Heal Points on the wall, which grant health to players standing near them. They do not overheal.
    • Even players who backpedal straight out of the Spawn Room might take some damage before getting behind the shutters. The heal points are placed here in case a player is using the shutters as cover from the enemy team's attack.
  • The rooms are both partially divided by a glass wall. Behind this wall are 5 marked Teleporter Pads, a Resupply Locker, a Pain Station, a Jump Station and an Intelligence Quick-Cap. This area is also a buildable area for Engineers. The teleport pads lead to the following locations:
    • The Main Hall.
    • The corridor between the Intel Room and Medic's Pain Station.
    • The corridor between Prefabricated Buildings and the room for Class-Assisted Achievements.
    • The corridor between Achievement Boxes A & B.
    • The corridor between Achievement Boxes C & D (or their former location, if playing the "v13fix" version of the map).

Main Hall

The Main Hall, Ground Floor of an Achievement Box, RED's Private Team Room and the Soccer Field.
  • The Main Hall contains one Control Point and a full set of Achievement Information Booths, separated by ramps on opposite walls.
  • There are four doorways, each leading to to one of the primary corridors in the Main Area, bar one (Achievement Boxes C & D).
  • The room has no visible ceiling, and the walls can be scaled with explosives. It's possible to stand on top of the Southern wall, where you can get in touch with your amphibious thoughts...

West Primary Corridor

  • Has doorways to the Main Hall, Intel Room and Medic's Pain Station.

Intel Room

  • This area is actually three interconnected rooms, comprised of a corridor (containing Teleport Doorways) and two square rooms with two pairs of Intel Quick-Caps each. The rooms only differ by the team color of their Intelligence.

Medic's Pain Station

  • 70% of the floor in this room is Pain Station tiles, separated by lines of Medium Health Kits. There are also Resupply Lockers on either side of the room's main door.
  • The room has no visible ceiling, and the walls can be scaled with explosives. It's possible to land on the viewing booth and the small balcony attached to it.
    • Overseeing the room from the viewing booth is the War Veteran Medic, who's slightly shaken by his medication. He bears a striking resemblance to Hans Kent, but we all know that Hans Kent doesn't wear glasses...

East Primary Corridor

  • Has doorways to the Main Hall, Prefabricated Buildings and Class-Assisted Achievements. Also contains a Resupply Locker.
    • When teleporting to this location from the Private Team Rooms, strafe left to avoid taking fall damage.

Prefabricated Buildings

  • This area is actually three rooms, comprised of a corridor (containing Teleport Doorways) connected to two square rooms with glass 'mazes' and Prefabricated Buildings buttons. Each room is intended for spawning buildings of one team color.

Class-Assisted Achievements

The Class-Assisted Achievements room, the Top Floor of an Achievement Box, the Achievement Box A & B Corridor, and the Engineer's Shack.
  • This room provides various environmental conditions which certain achievements demand. As well as being a buildable area for Engineers, the room contains one trench of water, one floating water cuboid, a Jump Station, and a set of ramps and ledges which can be used to take minimal falling damage.
  • The room has no visible ceiling, and the walls can be scaled with explosives. One corner near the top of the room has several green rectangles embedded in the wall; these mark the locations of some invisible platforms. While Soldiers and Demomen can simply blast to the top, Scouts will have to navigate the platforms with their double jump, and Engineers will need to build at least one Dispenser and Teleporter Exit to reach the top of the wall.
    • Overlooking the room is the Cyborg Engineer, who has a mechanical body and fleshy right hand that was discarded by a Gunslinger Engineer. If you reach his workspace, then you can check his intercom for saved messages and be introduced to his imaginary friend, Mr P. Cupcakes.

Private Achievement Boxes

  • Every Achievement Box has an identical layout, are buildable areas, and contain the following elements:
    • Ground Floor: Door Lock, Control Point, Achievement Information Booths.
    • Middle Floor: Water Trench, Resupply Cabinet, Jump Station, Pain Station, Health & Ammo Kits.
    • Top Floor: Prefabricated Buildings buttons, Glass Walls.

Achievement Boxes A & B Corridor

  • This corridor provides access to the first two Private Achievement Boxes, the Main Hall, and the Garden Corridor. It also contains two pairs of Teleporter Doors.

Garden Corridor

  • This scenic divider between the two Achievement Box Corridors looks out onto The Garden (only a secret in terms of how you get into it) and Borat's Point.
    • The Pyro will occasionally pop out of the open ceiling vent and surprise whoever is in the corridor.
    • Borat's Point is an admin-only area which requires either Noclip or manual teleportation commands to access. Capturing the point ends the round, which means every aspect of the map is reset if a new round immediately follows.
      • There are also two buttons in this area with special admin functions. Each of them enables or disables a map feature, namely the Pyro's House Jukebox and access to Pyro's House itself.

Achievement Boxes C & D Corridor

  • This corridor provides access to the other two Private Achievement Boxes, as well as the Garden Corridor. It also contains two pairs of Teleporter Doors.
    • The sections of corridor immediately outside Achievement Boxes C & D can only be reached by using the Teleport Pad in the Private Team Rooms.
    • If playing on the "v13fix" version of the map, Achievement Boxes C & D, the Teleporter Doors and most of the corridor itself will be absent, leaving just a small, square room featuring the Gentlemen Portrait.
    • Those who knew The Gentleman say he was a hollow sort of man, and that his large Portrait manages to retain that feeling. Perhaps someone in The Garden knows more? If they're not willing to talk, you could always try probing their mind...

Other Main Area Secrets

  • The Engineer's Shack is nestled behind the walls of the Main Hall, Medic's Pain Station, and the Class-Assisted Achievements room. Gaining entry requires pressing one of the secret switches hidden in the shack's vicinity. If it's the correct switch, then the Engineer will welcome players inside and teleport them to Pyro's House. If it's the wrong switch, then players are teleported to the Fake Engineer Shack instead.
    • Even if you can't make it back from a journey to the Fake Engineer Shack, you can leave something behind for future generations to use, something which prevents them from repeating your mistake.
    • The Engineer has recently hired Mr N. to act as a bouncer for the shack. He's not always fast enough to reach the door when it opens, but when he does, it can be a rather surprising experience for the guests.
  • The Medics that can be seen from the Prefabricated Buildings rooms don't appear to be qualified Medics at all! They must be Fake Doctors, from Fake Street, Fake.S.A.!
    • It's not wise to follow their path; many men have tried, and all but a few have succumbed to the purgatory that is the Evil Force surrounding them.

Pyro's House

The front of Pyro's House, the Library, the Disco and Pyro's Bedroom.
  • There are two built-in methods of teleporting to Pyro's House, but both of them drop the player at the front of the premises, outside the front door. The "+use" command has to be used on the intercom next to the door, which will alert Pyro to his guests and trigger the door release.
  • The interior and roof of Pyro's House is laid out as follows:
    • Ground Floor: Resupply Locker, Door to Swimming Pool, Pyro's House Jukebox, Library, Stairs to Upper Floor.
      • The Pyro's House Jukebox is a long line of green buttons, one red button and one blue button, all on a wall above a pair of computer consoles. "+use" on any of the buttons will cause every player on the map to have one of the ten "gamestartup.mp3" played directly from their audio output, as if they were hearing it on the Main Menu upon first launching the game.
        • If the player has replaced any of their "gamestartup" music files, that player will hear their replacement music instead of the default when corresponding buttons are pressed.
    • Upper Floor: Dining Room, Kitchen, Balcony, Stairs to Rooftop.
    • Rooftop: Pyro's Garden, Pyro's Bedroom.
  • The Swimming Pool area is mostly open wasteland, with the pool itself situated near the middle of the area. The pool has a Diving Board and a set of Pool Toys.
    • The Diving Board gives upward propulsion to any airborne player or object at its far end.
    • The Pool Toys are objects from Half-Life 2, found in the "Source Models" file which all Source-based games have access to.
    • Certain objects will teleport to the Balcony if they fall into the Swimming Pool. Aren't they supposed to like the water?
  • The Satelite Dish Building is to the left of the Swimming Pool, with one corridor running straight through its Ground Floor to provide a quick way between the Swimming Pool and the Sports Courts.
    • The Upper Floor has a tiny "Admins-Only" room which overlooks most of the Pyro's House area; it can only be entered with noclip, manual teleportation, or entering the correct code on the Door Keypad.
  • There are two Sports Courts behind the Satelite Dish Building:
    • The field closest to Pyro's House is the Soccer Field, which has a custom ball to smack around, plus automatic score-keeping and ball retrieval. The field automatically replenishes health to anybody standing on it.
    • The field farther away from Pyro's House is the Tennis Court, intended for small-scale games of Pyro Tennis. There are Resupply Cabinets underneath all parts of the court.

Pyro's House Secrets

  • There are three Radios dotted around the Pyro House area. They each have a unique piece of music that play upon their activation, which can be heard by nearby players.
  • Players who are Well-Read can find the following secrets:
    • The Anti-Mass Spectrometer.
    • Chernobyl's Remorse.
    • Disco del "Inferno".
      • Why don't you invite some of your friends for a good night out? What's the quickest way to contact them?
      • This area has its own Jukebox, but it only broadcasts sound to nearby players instead of the entire server.
    • The MEC Silo.
  • Whoever finds and touches That Which Is Filled With Stars will open the way to:
    • The Cloning Lab.
    • The Ion Cannon.

Development History

Unreleased & Minor Versions

  • Version 13 had numerous Alpha and Beta editions, released rapidly and exclusively on the GamingDeluxe achievement server for very short periods of time. The number of Closed Alpha editions isn't publicly known, but there were at least 7 Open Beta versions that everyone could try.
  • "v13hal" was supposed to release before or during the Scream Fortress event, being a Halloween-themed tweak of Version 13 with new secrets. The author could not complete the map before the intended deadline, and has thus postponed its release.

Version Differences, Bugs & Compatibility Issues

Old Versions

Version 12

Cloned Companion Cubes, gathered in a pile on the Balcony of Pyro's House.
  • In the Main Hall, there was an indiscreet 'chute' attached to one wall, which a Demoman could launch a Grenade into. Doing this would unlock the secret of the Gentleman's Portrait, but since the chute was removed, the unlock method has been changed.
  • The West Primary Corridor had a structure called the Freight Teleporter, which was capable of teleporting non-player objects to the Pyro's House. The object it was meant to be used on still exists in the Main Hall, but with the Freight Teleporter gone there is only one remaining (sensible) method of bringing it to its intended destination.
    • Pyro's Bedroom used to contain a Weighted Companion Cube, which could be cloned if it was brought to the Freight Teleporter. If an hour or more was spent repeating this process, then the entire balcony of Pyro's House could be filled with Companion Cubes, causing the server and all connected players to lag if they were all moving and/or colliding. Continuing the process could exceed the game's entity limit and cause players and the server to crash. The Companion Cube and Freight Teleporter were removed after Version 12.
  • The Class-Assisted Achievements room had a Pain Station underneath its first ramp.
  • The corridor which runs between Achievement Boxes C & D was formerly the most popular spot on the map for griefing (besides the Spawn Room), due to having a lot of player traffic and having easy access to Resupply Cabinets. This is why most of the corridor became teleport-only in Version 13.
  • Private Achievement Boxes have a slightly different layout, but still contain the same objects.
  • The blue button on the Pyro's House Jukebox played the "Spy Snort Song" when pressed.
  • The top floor of Pyro's House has a completely different arrangement and structure.
  • The Satelite Dish Building doesn't exist; there is only the corridor which runs between the Swimming Pool and the Sports Courts.

Current Version

  • Versions 13 and 14 have such a high volume of content that they come dangerously close to the game's entity limit, which becomes critical when there are many players on the map at once. The problem was due to Valve reducing the entity limit for TF2 after Version 13's release, and the tendency for servers running the map to have 32 player slots.
    • "v13fix" was created to address the stability issue, which it managed by removing Achievement Boxes C & D entirely, along with most of the corridor connected to them. This version also tweaks the internal timers of certain secrets, and the changed were carried over into the betas of Version 14.


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