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  • 2 Ağustos 2019 - TF2 Resmi Bloğu güncellendi. Kutu Depresyonu Güncellemesi 2019 Bazı kutulardan kesin olarak olağan dışı şapka çıkmasına neden olan hata düzeltildi. Valve bu durumu ve çantaya etki edecek olan güncellemeleri paylaştı.
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Geçmiş Olaylar

  • 24 Ağustos, 2016 - TF2 Resmî Blogu güncellendi. Bugün 20 Olduk! Bugün resmi olarak Team Fortress'ın 20. doğum günü! Parti Şapkanız ve neşenizi göstermek için ücretsiz Gürültücünüz için TF2'ya giriş yapın. Bugün bizim favori oyunumuzun doğum günü olması dışında, bugün başka birininde doğüm günü olabilir. Sizin olabilir, bizim olabilir. Demeye çalıştığımız şey bugün aktör Steve Guttenberg'inde doğum günü. Nice senelere Steve!
  • 15 Ağustos, 2016 - TF2 Resmî Blogu güncellendi. Kazananızla Tanışın : PYRO! 5 Haftalık yakmalar mermiler, fakt çoğunlukla yakmalardan sonra Pyro, Meat vs Match'in galibi olarak açıklandı! Sonuç olarak yakın bir güncellemede denge değişiklikleri, yeni silah ve kozmetiklerle dolu sınıf paketinin ilk sahibi o olacak. Katılan herkese tebrikler ve teşekkürler!
  • 14 Haziran 2011 - Spiral Knights promosyon eşyası! Spiral Knights oyunu için "Mission Accomplished" başarımını kazanırsanız, Soldier sınıfı için yeni bir eşya elde edeceksiniz: Helezonik Miğfer. Spiral Knights oyununun ücretsiz olduğundan bahsetmiş miydik?
  • May 23, 2011 - TF2 Official Blog updated. Battle Voting Continues! When Valve closed the submission deadline last Thursday, they had received tens of thousands of videos submitted for the Saxxy Awards! But now, the Saxxys approach the end of the Battle Voting, on May 26th, so vote while you can! The most voted videos will then be selected by Valve, allowing the community to vote one more time to decide who'll take the Saxxy. Until then, keep on voting!
  • May 5, 2011 - TF2 Official Blog updated. The Replay Update. Valve releases the next major TF2 update. Introducing the Replay Update! Now it's even easier than ever before to make exciting videos of your greatest losses and most humiliating victories. Demonstrate your movie directing skills by entering to win a Saxxy Award, with over twenty categories to choose from. And in case that wasn't enough, there's a new comic to read and ten new hats to wear. Have fun, and good luck to all who enter the contest!
  • April 14, 2011 - TF2 Official Blog updated. The Hatless Update Despite the sayings and even the threats, the TF2 Team proves TF2 is no one-trick pony and releases the Hatless Update, an update with zero new hats! Introducing the coaching and voting systems, training for more classes, class-specific duels, dynamic model loading, server-Steam ID association, bot improvements, voice chat improvements and even paint improvements, plus several item tweaks and a new map: KOTH_Badlands! Enjoy the update, but watch your back, because Spy-Bot is feeling more devious than ever.
  • April 8, 2011 - TF2 Official Blog updated. Charity Results The TF2 Team raised $430,543.65 with all the donations from the Japan Charity Bundle, and would like to thank the TF Community for their generous acts! The Unusual Hat Club also raised more $3,000 for Japan through their Hats for Help campaign. Thank you everyone who took part in this charity!
  • March 29, 2011 - TF2 Official Blog updated. Hats For Help Sales from the Japan Charity Bundle have raised over $300,000 so far in support of the American Red Cross's disaster relief efforts in Japan. This is fantastic news, and a testament to the generosity and awesomeness of the Team Fortress 2 community. Well done, and keep up the great efforts! And just as a reminder, the Japan Charity Bundle will be available in the Mann Co. Store until April 6.
  • February 14, 2011 - TF2 Official Blog updated. It's Monday. Valve posts Benjamuffin's song about Tom Bui again (third time) as they sing about the latest updates in the TF2 community. First, United Kingdom Community Servers is holding a Knockout Cup. Next, ESL announces a 1v1 Scout Cup, with the signups still open for all of you scatterbrained speedniks. Finally, a mysterious individual known as SlienceMaster shows off a real life hat. But wait, you ask. How is it possible that someone made a hat in real life? By basing it off of a preexisting hat, of course.
  • December 27, 2010 - Team Fortress 2 is chosen as PCGamer UK's Online Game of the Year, 3 years after release! Well done Valve! Keep up the awesome stuff that keeps us coming back!
  • December 17, 2010 - TF2 Official Blog updated. Aye! Me bottle o'scrumpy! Anon! The Australian Christmas update is here! A ton of new items have been added to the game, as well as a new game mode! Three more Polycount packs have been put in game, including "The Medi-eval Medic," "The Hibernating Bear," and "The Expert's Ordnance"! Keys have been added for the Festive crates! New game mode: Medieval Mode, where you can use nothing but ye olde weapons! And you can donate to mappers you like, and get a hat in exchange! Wow! Aren't you glad we all live in the Wonderful World of Oz?
  • November 5, 2010 - TF2 Official Blog updated. TF2 Maintenance - November 9 - 1pm PST. The TF2 team updates us on item system downtime on Tuesday, November 9th [1] from 1pm PST and an hour and a half on, leaving Backpacks, Loadouts, Trading, the Mann Co. Store and Crafting unavailable for the period. Additionally, all API users should note that item IDs are moving during the same maintenance block. Conveniently provided is a Steam Users' Forums thread with updates.
  • October 14, 2010 - TF2 Official Blog updated. Sandwich and I are coming for you! Valve announces the winners of the Art Pass Contest, as well as some honorable mentions. Congrats to YM and 3DNJ for winning! Special mentions to Acegikmo, Gooba, honeymustard, and TerabyteST for their excellent work. Valve also links to an ESEA S6 highlight reel.
  • August 24, 2010 - TF2 Official Blog updated. The healing is not as rewarding as the hurting! A contest where YOU write hat descriptions, with the winning entries appearing in-game? AND a new TF2 cross-promotion for buying Worms:Reloaded? Wow! It gets you a hat and holy hands grenades! Plus, Valve takes some competitive scene notes.
  • July 19th 2010 - Do you like hats? Do you like free games? Do you like blasting away waves of alien parasites with your friends? Do you REALLY like hats?? Then check out Alien Swarm, a free game from Valve that comes with a TF2 hat-bearing achievement! Don't you LOVE hats???
  • June 30th 2010 - TF2 Official Blog updated. Listen! Calm before the storm: Check out the entries for the Polycount Contest! Also commemorates the TF2 Wiki at its newer, more official, less confrontational home.
  • June 9th 2010 - TF2 Official Blog updated. Tomorrow.. Big things happening at Valve. Things like the release of TF2 on Mac, 10th June 2010.
  • May 20th 2010 - More Contribute! items added. 10 new hats, 2 new weapons, and 1 new misc. item. Congrats guys.
  • December 17th 2009 - TF2 Official Blog updated three times - VI Day Declared, Soldier wins the War on the Demomen, claiming the new Gunboats item as his own - Two new maps revealed, Gorge and Doublecross - The War Update goes live, have fun!

April Fool's Day Events

  • April 1, 2011 - Introducing, the first annual Australium April Update, adding a new weapon and playable class! First up, forget the Holy Mackerel, and come check out the newest TF2 weapon, the cow. Originally hailing from 2fort, the cow is ready for battle, inflicting bleeding and milk upon your enemies. Also added is the first ever playable character addition, the Demopan! Equipped with his trusty Stout Shako and Frying Pan, this trading expert can interrupt team communications with trade requests. Enjoy the update!